THREE KEYS FOR DIVINE PROVISION........How to access them



When it comes to provision and success in life, there are three keys that can deliver anything and everything a man needs from the Almighty God, according to His word.  

Everything we need has been provided for at the cross, and the principles for drawing them down are written in the Word of God, so if we understand the spiritual principles to receive from God, we will enjoy unlimited supplies and our joy will radiate for all to see.

I need you to know that the devil does not want a single Christian to be rich because he knows that any money in the hands of a Christian will be used to promote the gospel.  This is why there is a battle in the marketplace, with unbelievers and agents of Satan doing anything to get rich.  The only option for the believer to get rich is through the Spirit of God, by working diligently hard to excel in what they do and by prayer.

The grace of God to possess our possessions depends on your skills and expertise.  If you acquire knowledge and excel, God will promote your efforts, but if you have no skills, and have nothing you are doing, prosperity will be hard.  God blesses the works of your hands, especially the good ones.

When you have mastered working hard diligently, you need faith to access the blessings of God.  Faith here means that though your services are excellent, you will still pray for God's blessing upon them.  When issues come up, and though you know what to do, you still ask for God's direction and instruction.

By faith through Jesus Christ, we have access to the blessings of God in every area of life. No one is disadvantaged, for God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith (Romans 12:3), but it is up to us to develop and grow our faith in God and stand on our faith demand what belongs to us and patiently wait and receive it.

The three keys for divine provision are:
1. The Word of God and faith
2. Diligent hard work
3. Prayer

Spiritual principles are important, but we should never put our faith in the principles alone, we should put our trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, and not necessarily on fulfilling spiritual laws.

The Word of God

In the beginning, was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God (John 1:1).  The scriptures say the worlds were framed by the Word of God according to Hebrews 11:3, for God calleth those things which be not as though they were (Romans 4:17). 

The word of God is the first key we need to receive anything from God.  I mean faith in the word of God.  You have to know the Word first, belief in it and then act on it.  Having faith in God without knowing His word and what it promises you will be fruitless because God acts on His Word.  We should set our hearts upon the word of God. 

The Word of God is incorruptible seed and the entire kingdom of God depends on it.  The Word will always produce what it promises and, trying to live a Christian life without the Word dominating you will limit every aspect of your life.
So then, we get the faith to receive specific things from God by hearing and meditating on the Word relating to those needs we have. faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God according to Romans 10:17.  But  If the scriptures on what we need are in our hearts, we can start praying, otherwise, we have to find them, meditate and memorize them before we begin to pray.  

The Word is your number one key to victory and success in life, so start now.  Study and meditate on it.  Anytime we are not seeing the kind of results we expect, I suggest we look inwards and ask questions like: Is the word dominating us?  Are we obeying and applying the Word? Where is our faith resting - on men, our talent and skills or in God?  If we will be consistent in all these, surely, we will enjoy good success.

Beloved, when Jesus was in the world, He spent His first 30 years learning, studying and teaching the Word of God.  He did not bother about doing miracles or commanding things to happen.  He knew the Holy Ghost had not descended upon Him, He stayed on the Word and mastered it, though He was God in human flesh.

Diligent Hard work

Hard work is not negotiable for success, and working hard diligently means operating with the spirit of excellence.  Every child of God knows that He is the God of wisdom and excellence, and so God will never encourage mediocrity. Believers who want God to support their business should strive for excellence, and provide goods and services that solve problems.  

God is a problem solver, and He uses human beings to solve the problems of man. This is why unbelieving experts and producers prosper.  They are fulfiling God plans for mankind - helping to solve problems facing men.

Believers who want to succeed must WORK HARDER and pray harder and provide problem-solving goods and services.  Any believer who can do what I am saying will see the glory of God and there is no devil anywhere that can stop him.

A farmer produces food for people and when the farmer has a bumper harvest and reduces his prices, there is always joy in the heart of his customers, who go home to thank God for the food items they bought at reasonable prices.  This is very pleasing to God, that we provide things to people that make them happy and to thank God 

When your customers are happy with the goods and services you provide, the Lord will in turn increase you.  He will give you the grace to do more.  God loves multiplication and farmers and businessmen should see their business as a seed from God and manage it properly.  Remember the Parable of the Talent in Mathew 25: 14-29, where the servants who got talents from their Master were called them to account for the talents they received.  

The servants that gained 100% return on their talents were commended and rewarded, to the extent that "Everyone that has, was given more and they had abundance, but from him that have not, even the little he has was taken away from him and given to he that has - Mathew 25:29.  As it is done for kingdom business, so it is done for kingdom businessmen and women.

Praying without Season

Those who will succeed in life as Christians must be able to do one thing the devil cannot do, that is praying to God.  The house of God is called the house of prayer by Jesus Christ Himself, so you the believer must be a prayer addict and prayer warrior. 

You will learn the act of praying because a lot of things depend on your ability to pray and present matters to God clearly.  Have you ever wondered why the Lord says we should pray always and without season?  It is because until you speak the word in your heart, it is not active yet.  

Prayer draws down the hand of God to intervene in difficult matters.  In Isaiah  41:21, the Lord asks us to produce our cause to Him.  He says we should bring our strong reasons why we need something, so we can reason together. If you don't know how to present your cause, how will you be blessed?

You also have to understand how to pray the prayer of authority.  This is where you exercise your authority as a child of God, over the devil and his agents.  This is a situation when you lose and bind the devil and you know it is settled in heaven.  Why?  It is written that "Whatever you bind on earth is bound in heaven, and whatever you lose here is also loosed in heaven".  

Many people hate righteous people because his lifestyle condemns them.  When you are living right, you must know how to pray and take authority over the devil.  The reason is simply that agents of darkness around you will surely test your spiritual power when they notice you are different.

When they fire an arrow at you and you don't know the word to speak and how to command their arrows to backfire at them, the person will become their victim.  What happens when you don't know how to bind and lose?  The devil will harass and torment the person, God forbid.

Why we should pray

I need you to settle one thing for sure, and that is that Believers pray continuously.  The righteous are in fervent prayers daily for all the good reasons They pray for the will of God to be done in the Church and on earth, for the salvation of men, their family and the nation.

Prayer of authority is Word declaration.  It is speaking directly to the mountain confronting your life.  It could be the mountain of failure, joblessness, no business, late marriage etc.  As we speak to demons and command them to go, so we are expected to command mountains to move yonder.  But, if you don't know how to command the mountain, what will you do?  

A Christian who cannot pray can hardly maintain his blessing and great possessions.  The ability to pray is helped by holy living, obeying the word of God and applying the word daily.  So, we should master how to pray the different types of prayers.  You must know the rules of engagement and how to put your enemies to flight, this is your heritage in the Lord also.

These are the reasons why many successful Christian businessmen and women are active prayer warriors and caregivers in the church of God.  They are covenant believers who willingly support the work of God in their local churches.  

What  to Do
God is rich in everything and all we need is provided in the Word.  What Christians need is to get hold of the Word, receive and understand it in our hearts and put the word to work in our lives.  This can only happen when we spend time in the word of God.

When we study the Word at home, we should be excited about the truth and embrace them, when we go to church, our attitude to the word of God should be the same so that the word will get inside our hearts and stay there, otherwise, the wicked one will steal it from the heart.

The Word is the springboard for all things in the Kingdom, so when we meditate on it day and night, we receive 'Light' to live right.  We also receive life for the Word of God is spirit and life, to the end that our life and whatever we do prospers - Joshua 1:8.

If you have not given your heart to Jesus Christ, do so now.  Don't wait another day.


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