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This brief message is looking at the steps we may take to become God's favourite children. There is serious hunger in heaven for men and women God can use, people who can stand in the gap for the will of God to be established on earth.  

God is seeking for teachable people who have mortified their flesh, killed the motions of sin in their lives.  This is why God goes around to search the heart of men, to see where their trust is, whether in men or other gods. He searches the heart of men to see those who trust in Him to show Himself strong in their lives.

Whenever you decide to draw nearer to God in truth and spirit, the Spirit of God will pick you up and begin to speak to you and give you deep revelations that will change your perception of life.  He will give you advance information of things to come, so it will not be a shock to you when those things happen.

We all know that when you are the favourite child of your mother at home, you will get preferential treatment in anything your mother is sharing.  The same thing happens in the office when you are the favourite of your boss, you are sure of regular promotion and other pecks.  

But, if you are rude to your boss, disobedient to him; if you ignore his instructions at will, even if you are the brightest staff in his unit, he will prefer to promote people less intelligent than you, who are obedient to him.

God has Favorite Children

As it is for human beings, so it is for our God.  God has favourite children, whose prayers are answered quickly. Those who have decided that it is God's glory or nothing.  They know that good job, marriage and children are not the only things in life, but to please the creator is honourable.

They set their mind on God, living soberly and actively working in the kingdom of God.  Studying the Word of God and meditating on it daily and allow the word to have its way in their life.  In the midst of difficulty, they will not complain or murmur, neither will they allow the wicked treatment they receive from people cause them to start seeking revenge and become unequally yoked with unbelievers.

God's favourite children do not live recklessly, they do not ignore the doctrines of heaven for their pleasure sake.  They reach-out to win souls and spend their resources for the same purpose.  They are prayer addicts and live a generous life.  They do not disobey the word of God or ignore the instructions of the Holy Spirit.  Friends, there are people like that everywhere in the world, so don't think what I am saying is hard to achieve.

If you decide today to move closer to God, and for instance, you decide to pray every day for two hours, study the Word for two hours and make ensure you are consistent in doing so, you will move closer to God.  If you decide you want to hear the voice of the Lord on a regular basis, it is possible.  

Whosoever seeks God early finds Him, and whoever draws near to Him, God will draw near to that person.  There are things you can do when you want to become a favourite of the Almighty God. 

Who can be a Favorite of God

To be the favourite of God will place some serious demand on your life, which you should consider very well before you start so that you will not put your hands on the plough and turn back again.  Jesus says such people are not worthy of the kingdom.  So count the cost of the life of obedience to the Lord, and make up your mind that it is His glory in your life or nothing.

His favourites are people who say 'Yes Lord to every word and instruction of the Lord to them, whether they are convenient or not'.  They are people who have decided to put their whole life and trust in the Lord to do His will and to be fruitful.  In the bible, we can remember men like King David and Ananais.  

God spotted the son of Jesse, whose heart was panting for God, to do His will even while he was taking care of his father flocks of animals in the bush.  He had not seen wealth, power or good life that obedience brings, but his heart was after God, right in that bush where he was, God saw him and picked him out for preferential treatment.

We also see a disciple called Ananias in Acts 9:10-19, whom the Lord spoke to go and minister to Saul in Damascus.  The Lord called to him in a vision, "Ananias!"  "Yes, Lord," he answered.  

The Lord told him, "Go to the house of Judas on Straight Street and ask for a man from Tarsus named Saul, for he is praying.  In a vision, he has seen a man named Ananias come and place his hands on him to restore his sight." 

God has His disciples everywhere, who fear Him and follow His instructions.  so, Ananias went to the house and entered it. Placing his hands on Saul, he said, "Brother Saul, the Lord-Jesus, who appeared to you on the road as you were coming here — has sent me so that you may see again and be filled with the Holy Spirit."  Immediately, something like scales fell from Saul's eyes, and he could see again. He got up and was baptized, and after taking some food, he regained his strength.  

Ananias delivered the message of God in clear terms, telling Saul that it was Jesus Christ that met him on the way that sent him to pray for him; that his sight be restored and he is filled with the Holy Spirit. That is how God's favourites deliver their message, without including 'self' in anything they do.

God favourite children have killed pride and all its associated behaviours like 'I did this, I did that, Once I touched him, he was healed etc.  Every praise arising from his good works goes to the Lord.  This is why all the ministers that allow people to ascribe anything to them are joking.

God's Expectation

The Almighty God will expect you to work on your life, your weaknesses and be strong in faith.  If you want to become God favourite, He will put upon you, a serious demand for obedience and faith.  You will not measure yourself with others, nor do things that other people do.  You have to crucify your body and be humble as a vessel of honour.  

God expects 100% honesty from you.  You cannot tell lies to your fellow man or to God.  Neither will you deceive people for any benefit.  Those who want to be favourites of God will have to forget many things and behaviours that people of this world do.  

The world can afford to boast of their success and achievements, strategies and wealth, but you dare not do any such thing. They try to cut corners and do things that God hates in order to get what they want, but you cannot follow them.  They are good at announcing themselves, but you cannot do all that.

God expects a life of crucification, where you grow in the things of the spirit from glory to glory.  As you are growing in the spirit, you are growing in wisdom and its application.  Others will push themselves, but God's favourites do not push themselves.  

Others may be careless with the opposite sex, but you cannot follow them.  Others may steal and seduce people, you cannot do like them.  You must be far from all kinds of sexual perversion because if you do otherwise, all the heavenly visions will vanish from your eyes.

Others can steal from their employers, but you cannot do it, because the hand that steal cannot raise the dead.  If you want to be God's favourite, the Holy Spirit will not allow you to aggressively pursue wealth as though life depends only on what a man possessed.  

God wants to supply your needs from his hidden treasure.  He is the Provider, and His name is the Comforter, healer and deliverer.  He knows how to provide your daily needs.  He provided for the nation of Israel for 40 years.  If your desire is to become God's favourite, others may be hypocrites, but you cannot be one.

what will you do?
1. Become God's friend, give your heart to Jesus and get baptized in the Holy Ghost
2. Repent from every known sin
3. Trust in the Lord with all your heart
4. Kill your flesh, so you are not controlled by the flesh
5. You need to be a bible addict, meditate on it daily
6. You need to a prayer addict also, a prayer warrior
7. You must become broken.  A broken believer says 'Yes Lord' to the voice and instructions of God.


God gives glory to all who are washed in the blood and available to do His will.  His glory carries His light that darkness cannot comprehend.  If you are His favourite, He put His glory upon you, His mark of 'Touch not' upon your life.

When the glory of God is upon you, doors will open on their own accord for you, and where so many people suffer to get something, you will not need to suffer to get the same thing.  When the glory of God is upon you, no witch can successfully block your way or put you in bondage.  When you are God's favourite, His mercy speaks for you.

The benefits of being a favourite of God and the glory that follows far outweigh the sufferings you will go through, so I plead with you today to give your heart to Jesus and be ready to serve Him.  I pray the Lord will give the grace to experience His glory in Jesus name!


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