SPIRITUAL MEANING OF SEEING A FROG.....In your Compound at Night






When a frog shows up frequently in your life, there is a spiritual reason why that is happening.  I am not dealing with dreams of frog today.  I am dealing with people seeing frogs, an animal that lives in swampy waters in their compound at night.


Frogs are unclean animals in the sight of God. It's among the crawling animals that people find disgusting to even look at, but whenever you see a frog in the compound, listen to me, there is a reason why you are seeing it.


Frogs are active at night.  They are used by witchcraft or dark powers to warn their victims of an impending attack, clearly determined against them.  They are amphibious animals that live in the water and sometimes on the land close to a swampy place.  Marine witches use the frog more than other powers of darkness.


There are many reasons why a frog will jump to your compound at night and position itself where you will see it.  Sometimes, people even step on it before they realize it's a frog.  If you see a frog in your compound at night, pay attention to this message and pray the prayers listed at the end and God will deliver you from the devil.




Frogs are amphibious animals that begin their lives in the water as eggs and then tadpoles and when they are fully developed they live on both the land and water, especially the swampy or moody waters. Seeing frogs signifies the presence of environmental powers that arrest and destroy people's virtues and blessings. 


A frog coming up to your house is telling you that a strongman or woman is holding your glory captive.  If you know that you have a sworn enemy in the house or environment, then when you see the frog, pray against it and pray against their planned attack against you that night.  It is telling you there is a battle to fight.


Seeing frogs may mean that you have some unfriendly friends who are already attacking your progress in life.  It indicates betrayal from a trusted friend or relative, including spouses.  Infidelity and Emotional unfaithfulness are betrayal behaviours.  It could also foretell ongoing marital betrayal or one that is close to happening.


Seeing a frog means there is someone you trust, close to you that is not happy with your progress and destiny fulfilment.  It is a sign that your life is under a strongman or woman, who is determined to put your 'progress on hold' and if possible destroy it.


It could also mean that things may get very difficult for you if you don't pray.  It could also mean that your life is under constant monitoring by the powers of darkness and if the person reviews his or her dream life.  The person will notice that things revealed to him in the dream will not come to pass.  The person will experience what is called anti-progress dreams.  Armed robbers steal from you in the dream, losing your shoes, books and even bibles in the dream.


The frog is an evil messenger


It is a sign that the person is under a hard curse of 'thou shall not excel' from witchcraft and marine powers' around.  It is a sign that the witch or wizard you had a problem with has handed your case file to the coven, to deal with the person.  That means that instead of the woman or man is the person attacking you, it is the coven where he/she belongs that is collectively fighting you.


Seeing a frog at night is an indication that the battle before you is a strong and long-drawn battle.  One that you need to be close to God, be His lover and servant in order to overcome them.  It means the agent you offended has reported you to their coven and they are now, monitoring your activities to see how they will hinder the person's progress.


When you see a frog in your compound, it could also mean that strange powers in the environment have gathered to frustrate the person's progress. This is a strong demonic battle organized to stop the person from rising to prominence in that house or environment.  They will monitor the person's star and use strange voices to direct and manipulate the person into failure.


Life of stagnancy and failure


When you are always seeing frogs at night in your compound, watching your life and business, you will discover stagnation and backwardness. It portends a life of struggle caused by marine witchcraft powers around you.  The power troubling you is not far from where you live.  


Seeing a frog in your compound means that you are facing a very wicked group of witches and marine powers, working together to hinder your finances and turn the person into a beggar.  


People who see frogs often hardly succeed in anything they lay their hands to do without consistent prayer and fasting.   it is a sign you are in the bondage of a witchcraft power, who may have caged the person in different areas of life to hinder him or her.  If that is your story, you should know also that they are monitoring every move you make to make sure that you do not break from their strangulation.


If you see frogs often, know that you have a spiritual battle to fight, don't deceive yourself.  It could also mean that you have an important heavenly assignment for which a strong demonic agent has been assigned against you, to hinder and stop you from fulfilling the assignment. 


Their primary aim is to stop the person from fulfilling destiny, and their first area of attack is the person's finances.  They will try to stop the person's work or job and business, then continually monitor to close every door of employment and business opportunities coming to the person.  They will try to punish the person though they are eating and laughing with him/her.  


When there is no job and nothing is working, frustration will set in, followed by insults from people around.  The irony of this wickedness it is usually visited on hard-working people with divine assignment from God.  The agents the enemy uses against such people are very close friends and relatives.  This is why a Believer must be prayerful to know who your friends are spiritual.  The battle will not start until the person is ready to fulfil his destiny as it is written concerning them.  Then, they will rise to resist and stop him/her.


if you want to be free, then see the sign as a wake-up call to confront the enemies of your destiny.  It is a sign telling you that a close person is on a mission to stop your divine assignment, so, you have to diligently review things around you and the people close to you and ask God for direction and help.


The day you started seeing the frog is not the day the battle started, NO!  The enemy is already in the camp of your life, and they have put you in different bondages already when you were spiritually ignorant.  The coming of a frog is to warn the person that he is not going anywhere, God forbid it for you.  

The good news is that Jesus Christ is alive, and with God, all things are possible.  Spiritual battles are fought with faith in your heart and word of God in your mouth, and actions of faith.


When you see a frog often, know for sure that, there is a serious battle to be fought.  It is also a battle you should never lose to the enemy because losing the battle may mean not fulfilling your destiny.  It may also mean remaining in one position for life with the attendant poverty and failure.  Seeing a frog is calling you to a life of holiness, persistent prayer and fasting and a battle mentality to enforce the word of God over the enemy.


The Meaning of seeing a frog at home


1. If you see frogs often in your house, know that marine powers around have spiritually programmed you into one spot.  This will result in stagnancy in life, delay and failure.


2. You will discover you are struggling to overcome a problem or several problems caused by the powers of darkness witchcraft and marine spirits caused.


3. The appearance of a frog in your dream can also explain to you that you have been dealing with unfriendly friends and keeping bad company. People that are not truthful with you.  They are your friends and loved ones during the day, but at night they are your enemies.  It means you are not a witch or wizard, but your close friends and relatives, and sometimes your spouse are, and you don't know.


4. Another thing seeing a frog signify is that you have revealed a sensitive secret about your life to an unfriendly friend, and they are now using that information to attack your life and progress.  Some months ago, a brother heard the Lord telling him that he has revealed a secret to someone, who is now trying to use it against him.  The Lord warned him not to reveal such matters to people again.  


While he was praying for God to tell him the secret he exposed, he came back home one night and low there was a big frog standing right in his way. That night, forces of darkness fought him in many directions in his dream, to the extent that he kept a vigil immediately he woke up till the daybreak.  

Later in the day, the Lord revealed to him the information they are using against him.  It could also mean that the enemy has programmed you in the spirit to give them information that will be used against you.  Please don't give any sensitive information to anyone from that day.


5. When you see a frog at night, pray against the animal directly, and command the frog to catch fire and their planned attack to backfire to them. because it is a sign that a strong attack has been determined against you that night.  It may be a dream attack to steal from you, afflict the person or spiritually kill the person.


6. When you see frogs often, it is an indication of slow progress and difficult life, even in the midst of plenty.  It means that you have little or no helper, no trusted friend.  The forces of darkness fighting the person will push him to speak out when he is alone.  Instead of thinking about his problems quietly and within himself, they will manipulate him or her to speak out, as though someone is asking a question.  This is a monitoring spirit extracting information about the person's plans for the enemy.


How To Deal With The Appearance Of Frogs


1. The solution is holiness and fervent prayer.  The battle is not the type that you address with one-off deliverance prayer or maybe a three days dry fasting.  It requires closeness to God, you can receive revelations from the Holy Spirit and instructions on what to do to destroy the conspiracy against you.


The good news is that there is nothing the Lord cannot do when we pray with faith in our hearts.  Put your trust and confidence in God and rely on the Holy Spirit for instruction on what to do always.  You have to be a friend of God, His Word and the Holy Spirit.  That means you will have to live holy and straightforward life. 


2. Close intimacy with the Holy Spirit


3. Love the word of God and study and meditate on it daily - You have to embrace to the word of God, eat it, love and obey it.  You must make sure you repent from all known sin and run away from nakedness and evil pictures that defile a person's heart and body.  Stay away from the association of mockers, evil family relatives etc. Soak yourself in the word of God and with the blood of Jesus at all times. 


4. Become fervent in prayer


5. Keep your secret to yourself - You have to keep your secrets to yourself as the people you are dealing with are unfriendly friends.  Whatever information they hear from you will eventually be used against the person.  The people you are fighting are really strong enemies, that you cannot run away from in most cases.  You can break up with friends and co-neighbour, but can you break up with your relative, that is hard and unnecessary.  What you need is the fire of God and the protection of God.




1. Thank You, Jesus, for making a provision for your deliverance from this bondage, in Jesus' name.


2. Thank You, Lord Jesus, for revealing the meaning of seeing a Frog at home to you.


3. Soak yourself and the house in the blood of Jesus Christ.


4. O Lord, appears in my dreams tonight and fight my battles against the agents of the devil in Jesus’ name.


5. I take authority over sorcerers assigned to destroy me, in the name of Jesus. 


6. Every strongman or woman assigned against my life, die suddenly in Jesus' name.


7. Every unfriendly friend assigned to bring me down, fall into error and destroy yourself in Jesus’ name.


8. Every coven where my case is taken to, you shall not stand, catch fire and be destroyed in Jesus name.


9. I withdraw my case file from the coven and by the blood of Jesus and the Holy Ghost, I tear it to pieces, in Jesus name.


10. Witchcraft conspiracy against my life and destiny, scatter by fire in Jesus name.


11.  You, the arrowhead of the attack against my life and progress, be arrested by the Holy Ghost and fire in Jesus name.


12. You, the arrowhead giving my information to the coven, receive open disgrace and die in Jesus name.


13. Every sacrifice and ritual made to put me in bondage, catch fire and die in Jesus name.


14. Every sacrifice offered to the devil to put my life on hold, backfire in Jesus name:

a. Sacrifice made with human blood - Backfire in Jesus name

b. Sacrifice made in the coven - Backfire in Jesus name

c. Sacrifice made with elements of the earth (salt, pepper, water, oil etc.) backfire in Jesus name.

d. Sacrifice made with the blood of animals, birds, reptiles etc. - Backfire in Jesus name.


15. Every monitoring spirit assigned to monitor and hinder my progress, receive complete spiritual blindness in Jesus name.


16. Monitoring spirit coming to talk with mew and collect secret information from me, be arrested by the Holy Spirit in Jesus name.


17. By the blood of Jesus, I recover every good thing stolen from me by the agent assigned against me in Jesus name.


18.  By the blood of Jesus, I recover my job, businesses, and shops closed by the devil in Jesus name


19. O' Lord, have mercy on me, let your mercy speak for me in Jesus name.


20. Let the mercy of the Lord speak favour for me, open every closed doors of progress in my life in Jesus name.


21. Environmental powers gathered against me, crying against my progress, be silenced by the blood of Jesus in Jesus name.


22. O' Lord, deliver me from every witchcraft bondage in Jesus name


23. Powers saying I will not go forward, be arrested, in the name of Jesus. 


24. Evil rope or hand pulling my life backwards, break by fire in Jesus name. 


25. By the blood of Jesus, I recover all the good things the enemy stole from me in the spirit by fire in Jesus name. 


Thank You, Lord Jesus Christ, for answering my prayers.  




There is protection in the Lord Jesus.  Make sure you are in the Lord and living right, there is nothing the devil can do to you.  Whatever they stole when you were ignorant, they will pay back including your lost job, and all the entitlements attached to that job.


Remember also that the King (JESUS CHRIST) is coming soon.  Amend your ways and serve the Lord in truth and in spirit.  Watch and pray for no one to know the time or hour of His coming.


If you have not received Jesus as Lord and Saviour, please do so now.  It is appointed unto man to die once, and after death comes judgement.  Confess your sins and repent of them.  Confess that Jesus is the Son of God who died for your sins.  Receive Him into your heart by faith as your Lord and Saviour and He would give you the grace to follow Him







  1. For the past two nights I have been seeing a frog on my door step then it jumps to the pipe. Tonight it was waiting by the pipe for me but will never give eye contact. This time it was accompanied with a baby frog. I stroked the big frog thinking I had killed it only for it to jump off the minute I took the stick off it.

    1. Greetings...
      There is a reason why the frog is coming to your door, and making sure you see it. But, don't be afraid of them.

      Now that you know that a marine witchcraft agent is working on your matter, there are three steps you should consider taking immediately:

      1. Become a friend of the Holy Ghost - He will reveal their plans to you, and the kind of prayer that will destroy their works.

      2. Become a lover of the Word of God. Meditate on it and obey and live the word. That way you will get the word in your spirit, and prayer and decree becomes easy.

      3. Become a prayer warrior or addict.

      You should begin to enforce your kingdom rights and insist that is what will happen. For instance, the bible says No weapon formed against you shall prosper.
      You should decree this divine protection scripture against their plans and cancel whatever they have spoken against your life.

      Remember, its your word against theirs. Yours is scriptural that cannot fall to the ground, but their falls to the ground at the mention of the name JESUS CHRIST.


  2. My fiancé cousin has been trying to work obeah on me since she met me. I flew to Jamaica to chase my dreams as an musician. My manager at the time set this all up. They wanted me to wash off in a sea that would have robbed me of all my blessings. God sent my fiancé to help as I did not know at the time I was in trouble. The juju they put on me had me bound I was aware but powerless. After my fiancé friend at the time prayed for me I got my vision back and God told me to fast and pray. I am tired it has now been three years and she is still working. She tries to send attacks at night I will wake up choking or see mouse or frog. These are all signs me and fiancé have been arguing a lot over foolishness. They have tried to break our union. My fiancé is a builder and he is making extension on our house, they use ppl to come and sprinkle things to stop it building glory to God we are still going. I am tired please pray for me

  3. Beloved,

    I did not quite get your story. But if you know the person attacking your life for three years, you need to pray specific prayers and use the right weapons of battle.

    You can email me if you need additional help.


  4. I have seen two come into my place of sleep in the past 3 days. I am so scared. I don't quite understand why this is happening to me but I will pray.



  6. Admiring the time and effort you put into your blog and detailed information you offer!.. meaning of repentance

  7. I step on the frog this night and am very scared

  8. I saw a frog at night at my door front but I have got confidence that the devil is a liar and nothing impossible in the mighty name of the lord Jesus Christ Amen.

  9. I realize every night a frog lay beside the sink what this means for me

  10. Yesterday I went to let my dog out back after midnight and there was a frog sitting in front of the door. It stood out to me that it did not move when my dog passed by it. Then tonight, the frog was in the same spot but this time looking directly at the door. I let my dog out the front instead and immediately looked it up and found this blog. Will be praying these points fervently, thank you!

  11. I woke up at 2:45 am and a frog is on my bed staring at me.. Advise please 🙏

  12. My dad jus killed a frog in our lobby right now.it’s always seen in the compound.not within the house.
    This is a first time.
    But the blood of Jesus is stronger.we will overcome

  13. I had a dream that had a big frog. In it myself and my classmates were going on a trip. It kept getting delayed. I would leave my shoes then not find them. With help from my teachers I would find them.

    Then other strange things would happen and the trip wouldn't begin.
    During that time I began showing a teacher of mine buildings in the vicinity telling her who they belonged to. She has always favored me and gone out of her way to help me even when things are hard.

    While talking to her, we come across my sister in the dream patting a giant green frog at the back of our house. We were supposed to be on a trip now we're in somewhere that looks like that! In that dream.

    In that garden, my Mom and sister have chickens. They have been struggling to be profitable and productive. In the dream the eggs are deformed one is even in the shape of a twig.

    I see what is going on. The frog jumps from the wall and starts chasing my sister. She thinks it is playing. She even giggles like it's a toy. I walk away to the other side and curse the frog in Jesus name.

    In that time the teacher got scared away. The frog starts chasing me. I yell Jesus Jesus and wake up.

    I have prayed this points and will continue praying fervently. I ask anyone willing to join me in prayer to do so.

    I am delivered and avenged in Jesus name, Amen.

  14. Thank you for this blog, prayer and comments. The electricity went off around 9p.m and all was dark. I started settling for bedtime when I started feeling a sense of fear I hardly have. I immediately prayed fire prayer then heard a sound of something moving in the room. With no light I continued to pray when all of a sudden something jumped ontop of me. I jumped out of bed to go look for light and get my sons to come help me look. A light brown frog was just sitting on the bed staring at us. We capture it and decided to go throw it in the outside pit toilet when I sighted a 2nd one at the door trying to coming in. That's when I started googling until I got to this blog because other explanations and thoughts didn't make sense and I needed this revelation. Continue doing the Lord's work. AMEN!

  15. Hi Fire in the bone I'm from Philippines thank u for this kind of information you share and thank u for the prayers you post here Do you have Facebook so that I will follow all your post prayers. Thank u from the bottom of my heart.


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