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Fireinthebone.com is established to promote godly living through faith and revival messages and teachings. Self-deliverance messages with spiritual insights to enable readers to pray their ways through is presented.

Fireinthebone presents deep spiritual revelations and mysteries of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Holiness is the key to spiritual authority and power, and so we continue to bring relevant teachings on Holiness, righteousness and related topic to refresh our readers.

The ministry of the Holy Spirit is emphasized in our messages and teaching as we cannot win any battles at all without His instruction and help.  We also cannot live a holy and righteous life or serve God acceptably without the help of the Holy Spirit.  This is why we also bring teaching and revelations of the Holy Spirit to our readers from time to time.

Knowing how to exercise dominion in prayer over the devil and how to reverse evil decrees through prayer makes a believer unique from others.  We emphasize prayer, study and meditation of the Word of life, the Bible daily as a lifestyle.

It contains the Will of God and the solution to all the problems of life.  Many of our readers know that praying the word back to God, meditating on His promises relevant to us and praying with those scriptures brings quick answers to our prayers.

Fireinthebone is committed to spreading the gospel and winning souls for the kingdom of God. Every believer is called to evangelism and soul-winning and wise believers and Christians take soul-winning serious. In a world that is under the strong influence of the end-time spirit, there is no better time to pray for souls and go out there to fetch them and see that they are established in the Lord. 

Operating under the banner of Living God Charismatic Revival Ministry, Crusades and outreaches are being planned for soul-winning.
We present soul-winning and revival messages that are sure to revive many a reader and focus their interest on God rather than material things.


This year, as a ministry we strongly feel the need to build a 24-hour house of prayer. In the times we are living in, prayer must be a priority for every believer.


If you are led to make a vow or give towards the project, you will be sowing into fertile ground.  Contact us through the mail.

If you have any comments or questions about the site, email us thus: fireintheboneng@gmail.com
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Evangelist/Prophet Chinedu O. Agorson