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A. Christian Revival

Fireinthebone is a premium online Blog that is known for faith, Evangelism, Healing and deliverance teachings to help the Believers' live a fulfilled life in Christ.

Fireinthebone have decided to commit ourselves to the cause of reaching a generation of people with the sweet story of our Lord Jesus Christ and empower them to live a holy and faith filled life in Christ.

We want to be counted among the group of God's Army of soul winners this end-time through our teaching and practical street evangelism. We are established to spread the gospel and win souls in a world that is under a strong influence of end-time spirit that make people lovers of pleasure, instead of lovers of God.

We teach and preach holiness, righteousness, marriage and family values to empower believers to live godly and walk in faith and victory. We teach, preach and practice love of God. The importance of love cannot be ignored as God requires LOVE from us.

Love flows from the Almighty God and people that love the Lord, are able to love their neighbours wonderfully. God is love makes love mandatory for children of God, so we bring Love teachings and messages to our readers continually.

We wish to appeal to you to consider supporting our effort in every way you can - through prayers, contributing godly articles and materials and through financial donations.  We will pray for your success...and we know that God is faithful, who answers our prayers always.

Evangelist/Prophet Chinedu O. Agorson

Fireinthebone Anchor man, Chinedu O. Agorson (FIRE...) is an Economist, Chartered Accountant, Chartered Banker as well as a Systems Auditor.  He is a servant of God with grace to preach, teach and do the word of God in righteousness and holiness.

He is a revivalist, prophet and God's Servant in-charge of LIVING GOD CHARISMATIC REVIVAL MINISTRY, Abuja - Nigeria.

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