HOUSEHOLD ENEMIES...........And how to destroy their Works!



House enemies can be described as close relatives working against a person, physically and spiritually.  The household enemy is a concept that has its origin from the bible. For instance, it started in Genesis 4:8, when Cain killed his brother, Abel, because of envy.  Both men offered sacrifices unto the Lord, and od accepted the sacrifice of Abel and rejected the sacrifice of Cain.

In the case of Abel, it resulted in outright death, but, in other cases, it could result in physical or spiritual bondage.  Again, we saw that in the case of Joseph, the last born of Jacob, when his brethren sold him into slavery to the Egyptians.  It started with a wicked comment "Behold, the dreamer cometh, come now let us kill him and cast him into some pit...And we shall see what will become of his dreams" Genesis 37:19-20. 

Their intention was evil, because of his two prominent dreams, when God showed him the future, and he shared the dreams with his family - Parents and brethren, and his brethren became envious of his prospect.  They understood his dreams to means that he would one day be a leader among them.  In verse8, they asked him, saying: "Shall thou indeed reign over us? or shall thou indeed have dominion over? and they hated him yet the more for his dreams and his words".

These two cases summarise household wickedness, which many people with future greatness and vision face today.  It is a bit complex today, in the sense that you may not need to share a dream, with your brethren for them to know your destiny.  From the day, you were conceived, many of your Aunts,  and Uncles, who practise witchcraft, and occultism would have seen the Star of the baby.  They use demonic means to see into the spirit realm and determine what God has in stock for the unborn child.

So, the household battle begins immediately any of such wicked relatives spot the star and glory of a child coming to the family, he will try to either steal the glory of the child, through an evil exchange.  If he fails, he tries to put such a child in bondage, so that his destiny will not come to pass.  Again if that second plan fails, then he proceeds to plan to kill the child in the womb of his mother. He will try to do all these spiritually.  He tries to kill the child before his birth, during the child-birth or after.  When the glory of the child is so great, and the evil relative is well placed in his evil society, you will hear such wicked relatives declare that that cannot be born into their family, or that the children will never manifest his glory, as long as they live.

The reality of Household Enemies

The problem of household enemies is very technical and deep.  They are not people far from you, they are not your friends, they are your own blood relations, that eat with you and know your whole history.  They are always friendly in the physical, but deadly in the spirit. 

They hate your progress and many times, lie in wait for an opportunity to bring the person down.  They hate Light and would do anything to quench the light of God in a close relative of their, and the reason is that light exposes darkness and they don't want to be exposed.

It requires a lot of wisdom and spiritual prowess to handle.  Don't confront them without Christ living in you and without the fire of God, burning in you.  They are the agent of darkness assigned to your family to execute the plans of the devil.  That is why they introduce bondage into peoples lives, even in the lives of close family members in order to frustrate the plan of God for such people. 

Bondage, whether inherited, people placed or self-inflicted is not the plan of God for any man.  Apart from the inherited bondage, the other types of bondage are caused by ignorance, and ignorance is the only reason why they remain in place in the lives of children of God.  Especially, after receiving Christ, a born again Christian should destroy every bondage operating in his or her life through prayer.  

Such bondages were there because the person was still in the world and under the authority of Satan.  But, when translated from darkness to light, the person should take steps to destroy every work of darkness that has hindered him, including every charm, sacrifice, rituals performed against his life.

It is an error for a person to give his/her heart to Jesus Christ and still be in the bondage of any man or woman.  For God did not give any man the authority to dominate another man.  If you are in Christ and still labouring under the yoke of any man, know that it is your fault, not that of God.  It is your ignorance, and not knowing what to do, how to pray and take authority over the works of darkness.  I pray that every wicked dominion of any man or woman over your life is destroyed today in Jesus name.  

The first error is to assume that after receiving Christ into your life, everything done against you in the past is rolled away.  You will have to prayerfully roll them away.  You only became a new creature in the spirit, in the sight of God, because the spirit of God has entered into you, but you are still the same person, bearing the same old name.  The principal ways through which they do evil to people is through their names and their bloodline, none of those changed.

The character of Household Enemies

Household enemies are People so close to you,  that you will hardly believe they are the ones behind your problems. They live with you and around you, monitors every move you have.  They celebrate with you when there is success.  As Joseph confided in his brethren without any hesitation, so you will confide in those relatives and brethren, so they can share in your joy, but in their heart, they are angry that things are working out for you.  These are the reasons why they are deadly to pulling down the destinies of people who are ignorant of their activities.  

They are people you cannot easily pray against, except your eyes open in the spirit to see they are behind your problems.  This is why also, their number secret is to hide their evil plans and ways from you, so you do not suspect them at all.  I shared the story of a lady I prayed for, and obviously, the prayer worked. Then in the dream or vision of the night, the elder brother came to ask why I prayed for her. He was angry at me, wondering what my business was in his family, and I said to set her free.  

Then, he said he knows what to do... He said, "I will give her another money again, and once she accepts the money from him, the sickness will return".  He did so, and today, that lady is dead.  Meanwhile, the lady before I prayed for her was calling his wicked brother's name as the best of her brothers taking care of her in her sickness.  This is the same person who afflicted her with money gift and eventually killed her.  

Before I continue, take note of the following:
1. If you are ignorant in a polygamous house, you are in danger.
2. If you are ignorant in a place where everyone is in darkness, they are unbelievers, while you are saved, you are not working in wisdom.
3. If you give your life to Christ from a family where you know your father or mother belong to witchcraft, you must destroy every initiation they might have done for you in the past
4. If you are told of a prophecy of greatness on you, when you were young, you must pray destiny fulfilment prayers, deliverance prayers etc.  
5. If you are from a family that have witch doctors in the past, or your father was a witch doctor or a popular man in society.  You must destroy through prayers every spiritual works and pattern that could hinder you.

In the household, we battle with relatives who have covenanted their soul to the devil to do evil.  They can be anybody, from your father, mother, brothers and sisters, uncles to Aunties.  They may be sponsoring your education and skill working against your success in life.  They will pretend to be nice and loving in the physical but in the spiritual very envious and bitter.  It is never easy to pray against your relations and brethren, except you have good spiritual understanding.  These are people you have to separate the spirit controlling them, from their real selves in prayer.  You pray against the spirit of witchcraft tormenting them, and not necessarily themselves.  Is it easy to pray against your parents and siblings? Never.

The devil is so crafty to use close relatives, husbands and wives to secretly subdue the progress of many that have glorious destinies, especially those that will attack his kingdom in the future as Pastors or sponsors of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  These are the powers that quietly put believers and men and women of God in bondage under their roof without their knowledge.  When you are sure they are the one behind your problem, your first step is to live holy, so their evil will no longer prosper in your life.  Then, you set out to destroy all their evil works working against you and subsequent ones.  But you will have to identify them and be sure of what you are seeing.

How to Identify Household enemies

1. They like to help:  Household enemies are very subtle and friendly in the face, but ruthless in the spirit.  When you discuss matters of money with them, they will agree to help you, without too much persuasion, but when they give you that money for business, it may turn out to be money they have dedicated in their coven and spoken evil into the money, and whatever it will be used for.  So, they give you money to open a business but use the same money as a legal ground to stop people from entering the shop. I remember many years ago, getting money from a close family member for ministry work, but after months, nothing was happening, then I started praying and asking God what is wrong.  Then one day, the Lord open my eyes to see what was happening, and while I was wondering, the person that gave me the money appeared and ask me saying.  So, you think you will use my money to do the work of God?

2. Strong Resistance: Household enemies have a way of resisting their target.  They will dismiss your opinions as impossible, and they sometimes will try to discredit the person. One day, I heard a girl scolding the brother and rebuking him for being too proud.  That's how it starts.  If she knows by the spirit that the boy will be great, she can try to resist him, and her brother will not take it seriously.  You are too proud is usually the starting point, and parents are advised to be vigilant as the children play in the neighbourhood, such word spoken to your child should be countered by the parent immediately.

3. Misrepresentation: Household enemies targeting you, will always try to misrepresent you and your interest at your back to your parents, and other relatives.  When you observe such misrepresentation to paint you bad, know that there is a household enemy around you.  You should be careful with such observation, not to shout it out, but to pray against it and counter them.  Be careful with such a person and monitor his/her behaviours thereafter.

4. Seeks your personal information: Another way household enemies can be detected is by close observation of their behaviour.  Many of them can be secretive in nature.  They will want to hear and know everything about you, but will never tell you anything about themselves.  Each time they see you, they want to know how things are going with you, as though they care when they don't.

5. Enquiry about a particular issue always
If you have a relative who is always asking you about a particular issue, it may be about your marriage, what is happening, if there are proposals and why it has not worked out. It could be a job and what efforts you are making to get a job.  Whenever they ask you such questions, watch their countenance to your answer.  If they nod their head, with some gesticulation, know that you should increase your prayer.

The evil they do:
1. They cause Hardship - When you notice stagnancy and suffering that refuse to change, with prayers and deliverance, its time for intense prayer and spiritual warfare.  Your starting point for destiny recovery is your father's house, to break every work of darkness from your father, mother and inlaw's houses. Any married man that ignores his inlaw's house and the evil that can come from there is joking.

2. They seek to control the person:  The ones among your relatives and brethren that seek to control others are most likely to be the strongman of the family.  If you are spiritual, you will discern them from the strong words they speak and the confidence, they exhibit about making their boastings happen.  When you see them talk proudly and boldly, you know they have joined witchcraft and other occultic groups.

3. Manipulating the person into sin -  One of the most devilish works of household enemies is to manipulate people to commit sin and remain in that sin as bondage.  They will speak into your ears and encourage you to do what is wrong, so you can fall into the hand of God for judgement.  This is their strongest attack on Born again Christians, who are prayerful.  They will send their members around where you live or work to come and tempt you to fall into the sin of fornication and adultery.  Once you fall into such a temptation, they can attack the Christian, and succeed.

They are the powers behind some long-lasting addictions that born again Christians are suffering.  They project the spirit of lust, and anger and smoking on people, and cause them to sin.  Then they will continue to fire such demonic projection on such people to keep them in bondage and separated from the God they are serving.  This is why, whenever matured believers begin to feel funny without any reason or cause, they pray.

They cause people to fall into secret sins, and other errors, to disgrace them.  If you are not prayerful, you cannot confront them.  I have seen them make people resign from their jobs without any problem or query from their boss, and there is no new job for such people to take up.  This is how many people get stranded, through witchcraft manipulation of their wicked brethren.

They are the powers behind the failure of many Christians today.  You are serving the Lord, praying and fasting, but in the process, they continue to pollute the person will lust and other projections to make such people fall into secret sin.  Imagine a prayer warrior fasting every week, yet he masturbates and keeps a female friend when he is single.  Such a person will pray and fast without answers.  God will hardly answer such prayers and your suffering continues and you cannot be free from their bondage until you are delivered from your secret sin.

1. You have to decide to live holy and righteously if you want to break the backbone of household enemies.  If you can resist their arrows of manipulation to sin or fall into error, you will win.  They want people to fall into the sin of adultery and fornication, because that separates you from God's presence and render the person's prayers ineffective.

2. You have to learn how to pray effectively.  The only way to counter them is through prayers and holiness.

3. Every evil word you hear them speak against you or your project, counter such negatives words immediately and pray further.  Don't assume he or she is playing.  They are not playing, they are rather speaking what they intend to do against the person.

4. You must be vigilant and prayerful.  Forgive their wickedness, yet you must destroy their evil works through prayer.

5. Stop every secret sin.


1. You start by giving your life to Jesus Christ and receiving Him as your Lord and Saviour.

2. Thank God for His power to do all things.

3.  Let the power in the blood of Jesus fight your battle against household enemies (Witches and Warlocks)

4. I release myself from any inherited family bondage and limitations, in the name of Jesus.

5. Every evil done against my life by household enemies, be nullified by the blood of Jesus Christ

6. Evil powers of my father's house assigned against my progress, be frustrated and fail in Jesus name

7. I fire back every arrow of household enemies against my life and progress in Jesus name.

8. Evil alters of my and their priest, catch fire and scatter in Jesus name

9. Lord, send Your axe of fire to the foundation of my life and destroy every evil

10. I release myself from the grip of household enemies by the blood of Jesus Christ.

11.  I command all foundational strongmen attached to my life to be paralyzed, in the name of Jesus.

12. Let any rod of the wicked rising up against my life and progress be rendered impotent in the name of Jesus.

13. I release myself from every evil domination and control of household enemies in Jesus name.

14. Let every gate opened to the household enemy be closed forever by the blood of Jesus.


Bible Ref: John 11:1- 45


1. Thank God for His power to deliver to the uttermost.

2. Confess and repent before Him, of all the co-operation you have given to the enemy in the past.

3. Ask God to send His angels to assist you in the battle to reclaim your stolen blessing

4. Let the fire of God destroy all the programmes of the enemy for your life in Jesus name.

5. I paralyze the strongman sitting on my blessing and turning good things away from me by fire in the name of Jesus

6. Let the thunder fire of God scatter every stone placed upon my progress in the name of Jesus.

7.  I withdraw my virtue from the prison of household-wickedness in the name of Jesus.

8. reclaim my blessing from the strongman of my father and mother's house Jesus name.

9. Thank God for answered prayers.


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