DRESSING FOR CHRISTIAN YOUTHS....Between Trend and Decency!



One of the major signs of the end times is the activity of the spirit of lust and the seduction it encourages and enthrones in the heart of men. 


This is the spirit that promotes flesh and all manner of immoral attitude in the lives of people.  It is a spirit of hindrance that makes it's victims to think and meditate on vanity, things that does not profit continually.

The spirit of lust is behind the craze to look like Instagram models exhibited by ladies.   It is the power behind all the seductive and provocative dressing we see today.  The desire to enhance body parts and become sexy and attractive to the opposite sex.

It Is one of the most difficult spirits to fight to because it attaches itself to the heart of human pleasure and all the things people believe to be enjoyment.  

The human flesh love life and pleasure and resists anything that will hinders it.  In the flesh is pride and uncontrollable urge to impress others and belong to the reigning class in society.

That is why even the old and elderly people are caught in the trap of the spirit of lust today, and we can see  this manifesting in the attitude, dressing and speech of many mothers and fathers.  That is why you can see a well respected woman, mother of six children dressing like her daughters, and lusting after vanity.  such behaviours are regretable and highly unprofitable.

This is why both the youth and adults need to be spiritually and physically disciplined, and clothed with the garment of holiness in order to survive the lust and seduction that the enemy is releasing into the society. 

The desire to please the Lord should positively influence the dressing of believers.  However, it is clear that such wisdom is far from most young people who face a lot of pressure from their peers, and tries to be like their mates. The influence of Instagram and Facebook is another struggle.

The fear of God is a well known secret to decent dressing. When a youth and indeed adult fears the Lord, such a person regulates his or her conduct in line with the scriptures.  

Fear of the Lord is the foundation of godly living, and the moment you consider what the Lord will say about what you're doing, you will be able to please Him in many of your devisions.

It will be easy for you to serve God in any position you find yourself in life, in relationship, business and family.  You're able to set boundaries and thereby live a well pleasing christian Life.

This is why the daily study and meditation on the word of God will go along way to establishing the youths in the faith, to know the Lord and fear Him.  The word of God and knowledge of divine instructions will help the youths to resist the raging fire of corruption and worldliness.

It is for this purpose that once in a while, we bring messages with pictures to encourage the youths to remain strong in their commitment to being like the Lord in everything they do.

I am writing to remind Christian youths that being born-again, the glory of the Lord upon their lives is sufficient to secure a good life for them, in any clime.  It is with the hope that when they understand this truth, it will reduce all the  unnecessary struggle for vanity.

Effects of wrong dressing

The effect of yielding to the spirit of lust, and  self-pleasing can result into the following immoral behaviours and dressing.

1. Promoting vanity:

    A woman at work?

Whenever a woman magnifies her body to gain attention, vanity is being promoted and unnecessary emotional passion is being ignited, which could burn in both men and women that see her.  This is wicked and dirty behaviour.

Imagine for once the damage this lady would be causing in the office where she works.  She would have sold herself as a lady with low moral values, or someone desperately looking for a husband. 

Dressing like that shows the state of heart of the lady and her pressure point, which could be exploited by lustful guys. It could also be that the spirit of lust attacking her pushes her into such dressing to attract the wrong people to her.

A lady once complained to a Pastor that for the sake of getting a good husband, men just come to her and enjoys her company for a while and go. It means that randy men are the ones attracted to her, lustful men who are not ready for marriage. 

If a lady dresses like that to the office, some guys in her office will interpret her dressing to mean that she is lonely and desperately needs a husband. She could become prey in their hands, that will not be your portion.  That is an ungodly appearance and no child of God, born again Christian should be seen on dressings like that.

2. Corrupting the youths

The picture below is that of a Secondary school teacher at work. Her duty as a teacher puts her in a 'duty of care' position towards the children she is teaching.

Imagine for a moment, the emotional damage this teacher would be doing to her students.  To the girls, an endorsement of vanity, as a way of life.  This kind of attire enthrones flesh in the heart of young girls and damages their sense of righteous judgement and honour.

A school Teacher at work?

To the boys in the class, especially those exposed to life a bit, it will be lust and desire for the opposite sex, something that could lead to early immorality.

Dressing like that underscores the need for a 'Dress code' for people raising the youths as instructors and teachets. Why should a class teacher appear in the class in such a provocative dressing?  

Again, what gain will her display of flesh do to the children she is teaching, if not to corrupt their minds and distract them.  Children of God should run away from ungodly appearances. 

Other forms of Lustful dresses to avoid

Some of the dresses we see in the public today are clearly not for born-again children of God.  Believers who dress like these are not representing the values held in high esteem by God.  They are only pleasing themselves.

Their ungodly dressing promotes ungodly behaviours from the public and cause emotional pollution in the environment.  When you see people dressed like these, please say a word of prayer for them, not condemnation!


Remember it is by His grace that you know the truth and the difference between good and bad dressing.

3. Promoting exuberance

These are signs of youthful exuberance in dressing.  A way of showing forth their freedom to dress to please themselves, but what effect does it have on the people around them?

4. Carefree dressing

This is not reasonable at all.  Is this fashion or what?  Let young people have a sense of caring for their neighbours. It is often said that when someone is under undue pressure, they behave irrationally.  

That is why we should pray for our friends and neighbour to receive Jesus Christ and embrace the peace of mind He gives.  He says... Comes unto me all yee that labour and heavy laden and I will give you rest - Mathew 11:28-30.

5. Attention seekers

This type of dressing is not good to the extent that it puts self and flesh on display to gain undue attention. It also corrupts the mind and mocks decently dressed ladies as 'old-fashioned. 

We see this type of dressing even in the house of God, and all of us know the distraction it causes when service is going on and such ladies decide to move about. 

I believe such movements should be politely restricted and where necessary a pathway created to handle the distraction.  This is one advantage of seating men and women separately.

Whether you are a man or woman, let your dressing be modest and honourable.

What to do

We all need godly discipline to show the difference that salvation has brought into our lives.  Let us be known for decent and respectful dressing, which indeed earns us the respect of honourable people.  

The youths and indeed all Believers should  desire to show that nothing is by power or might, but by the Spirit of God. Let us choose to please the Lord and be His Ambassador in this dark and wicked world.

Let us all remember that the coming of the Lord is near, and desist from every immoral, self-pleasing and seductive dress. It's an appearance of evil, a stumbling block for many weak brothers and sisters. From every such, let children if God flee!


Finally, my beloved friends, Jesus is coming back very soon, to take believers into a life of peace and joy, without trouble and pains in paradise. If you will receive Him as your Lord and Saviour today, He will give you the power to succeed in life and make heaven at last.

For those who are considering whether to surrender their heart to Him or not, I plead with them to do so without delay, tomorrow may be too late. Let them say this simple prayer:

Heavenly Father, I come to You in the name of Jesus. I am a sinner and I believe Jesus died for my sins, and He arose for my justification. I, therefore, open my heart to receive Him as my Lord and Savior. 

Lord Jesus Christ, come and reign in my heart.  Thank You for saving my life, make me Your own from today, and write my name in the book of life.

You're born again!



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