TYPES OF SPIRITUAL FOUNDATION.........And how God repairs them!



A man’s foundation is very important to who the person becomes in life.  This is because you cannot build on a faulty foundation and have anything. As a believer, your spiritual foundation is vital to your life.  The reason why a person's foundation is important is because of the word of God in Exodus 20:5 when God commanded the children of Israel not to worship or serve other gods.  According to the scriptures, anyone that serves other gods is a wicked person and the consequence of serving other gods, God will visit on his children, up to the fourth generation.

There is another aspect of the foundation issue that should be taken care of.  This is the aspect of wicked works.  Some men were so strong in their times that they sacrificed human lives to acquire power from the devil, some sacrificed pregnant women, other sacrificed virgins.  Some wicked men buried their enemies alive, captured strangers on the way and killed them to appease their gods. 

These are wicked acts that bring curses on a family.  If you kill a person without a cause and the person pronounces a curse on his captors, know that such a curse will remain active until God intervenes to deliver the family.  Many people are suffering barrenness today because of curses placed on their fore-fathers that is still operating.  Many people are poor today because of a curse or evil covenant which the fathers entered with the devil, that is still working.

The Importance of your Foundation 

The importance of foundation to a person's life is very important. Every Christian should appreciate his foundation, review and understand its dimension and take time to address any area of it that need attention.  The foundation is responsible for many good and bad things that are happening to children of God today.  Our foundation determines how far and how fast we go in life. If the foundation of a person has problems, the destiny of that person will have a problem as well. 

Your foundation refers to the kind of life your parents lived, whether they serve the Lord or Satan, whether they live a good or wicked life.  There is yet another aspect of the foundation equation concerning how a person was conceived. Many women are carrying children not fathered by their husbands, that's a faulty foundation already, because the child may never know his or her father.  Sometimes ago, I was praying for a woman, and I heard a voice that the woman has something to confess with respect to her first child.  There was yet another woman, when I started praying for her, the Lord said I should not bother myself, that she knows why she is barren, though the husband does not know.

Some couples after waiting for years to have children decides to seek help from the devil. Since nothing good can come from the devil, it is obvious that there will be issues in the life of such a child in the future.  Some children were initiated or dedicated to marine spirit through the witch doctor who treated them when they fell sick as little children.

If you have native marks on your body, know for sure you were taken to a witch doctor when you were young and some incisions made on you.  It means you have deliverance prayers to say.  If a baby is initiated into witchcraft as a baby, it is an evil seed that will destroy her salvation in the future, if there is no deliverance done on the person.  Any child dedicated or initiated into any dark kingdom can hardly live a consistent life.  He/she will be on fire today, tomorrow cold.

Types of Foundation
A weak and faulty foundation is not worthy of carrying any building.  The foundation of a bungalow cannot be used to erect a four-storey building, the house will collapse.  As it is with the foundation, so it is with people.  So if you are dreaming of doing exploits for the Lord, or you are dreaming of being the CEO of a successful national company, it will never work, if your foundation is weak or faulty.  You should make sure your foundation is not weak, and if they are, you rebuild it through prayers.  

The implication is that if you get to the top, riding on a faulty foundation, it is the same faulty foundation that will rise against you in the future and pull the person down. We have different types of foundation, which may include: 

Polluted Foundation/Destinies
Today, we have children whose destinies have been polluted by their mothers through careless living and ignorance.  A young boy exposed to adult life as a boy will hardly find his way in life in the years to come.   Children should never see the nakedness of their parents, that is terrible pollution.  Yet, some single mothers do not know the implication of what they are doing to their sons.  Some examples will do:

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The deliverance from foundational bondage is very critical to the success of a believer in Christ Jesus because the foundation, though unseen is the platform that carries the structure, a man or woman in Christ. In a circular world, structural and Soil Engineers are invited to examine the earth and soil condition of a property where a high rise building would be erected.

It is the same for a believer, who wants to succeed in the faith and in ministry.  You will have to look closely into your foundation and possibly cancel every negative transaction of the past that are capable of hindering you, especially men and women from Africa, where our forefathers worshipped idols and made sacrifices and oaths that are still hindering their children generations after they have gone.

Wicked foundations
Many believers will have to examine their foundation and cancel the wicked works of their father's houses that is working against them.  You are a new creature in Christ, which is correct, but you have to cancel negative patterns of your family using the blood of Jesus if you will be free from such flows.  It runs through the bloodline.  You must decide to stop it from getting to you, otherwise, you are at risk of suffering the same affliction your mother or father suffered if you do not pray and exempt yourself by the blood of Jesus.

We have seen cases where the blood of virgins are crying against people because their fore-fathers sacrificed virgins to idols for money or power and generations after their evil works, the blood of such virgins are still crying for vengeance over the children of the men that sacrificed them.

When your parents and fore-fathers entered into covenants with the devil and covenanted you and your children, God saw it, but God will do nothing until someone repents from that family and cry to God for mercy and deliverance.  That's the only time God will intervene and set captives in that family free.

So, to assume that because you gave your heart to Jesus, the evil done by your parents and fore-father are washed off is to be ignorant.  God is a covenant-keeping God, He says He visits the iniquity of parents on their children (See Exodus 20:5).  He will only intervene when someone cries to Him for mercy.

This means that there are children of God whose foundation are destroyed and they are not aware of it. Many people are hindered in the spirit because of the sins of their forefathers, and blood is speaking against them for vengeance because of the wicked foundation of their fore-fathers before the Lord.

Good foundation

The bible says a good man leaves an inheritance for his children. If a good man leaves a good inheritance, a wicked and bad man would also leave an evil heritage for his children.  Here comes the problem beloved.  People inherit houses, land and cars from their parents, without asking for debts their parents may be owing, both spiritually and physically.  If you inherit land and houses, be ready to pay the debts accumulated over the years also.

There are good foundations and so, it is the duty of believers to ask salient questions to identify and know the foundation that produced them.  To assume that your foundation is strong and well established without accurate records and proofs is very unfortunate and a sure disaster.
To have a good foundation before the Lord is to have men and women amongst your forefathers who served the Lord with zeal and did a lot of exploits for the Lord which entered into the record of the Lord for a memorial unto their children and children’s children.

There is the story of King David in the bible who loved the Lord so much that he decided to build a house for God.  David considered it an error for him to be living in a good house, while the Ark of the Lord of Host was sleeping in a tent.  Remember the Ark of God carries the presence of God anywhere it is carried to, so the moment David concluded in his heart to build a house for the Lord, that same night, God spoke to Nathan, David’s seer to go to King David and give him a message.  

That God has seen his heart to build a house for Him, nevertheless, the house should be built by his son Solomon.  The good works of King David is in everlasting remembrance forever.  That a good foundation.  It was the good works of David that made God give his son, King Solomon 40 years of peace as a King in Israel.

Signs of Faulty Foundation

Without a strong foundation, you cannot withstand the storms that various seasons will bring.  You will find it difficult to resist temptation, financial, and emotional storms.   If the foundation issue is not addressed, the cracks will come and the cracks could lead to a collapse.  

Here are signs that you have spiritual foundation problems in your life:
1. The continual struggle to live holy.
2. Failure at the edge of a breakthrough
3. The barrenness of children and helpers
4. Lack of Destiny Helpers
5. Rejection and spirit of Hatred operating in life.
6. Lack of favour and closed heaven syndrome
7. A negative/nasty attitude
8. Hearing of strange voices, and other remote control manipulations
9. Secret sin, addictions like watching porno and masturbation
10. Lust of the heart. Lusting after your colleagues, your neighbour's wife
11. Can't get along with people; always in conflict with someone

How God Repairs faulty Foundation

It is the Lord that repairs a faulty foundation, our duty is to pray well-targeted prayers from our heart.  We must repent of our own sins, as well as the sins of our forefathers.  God wants us to succeed and prosper, but many people have faulty foundations that will limit and hinder their progress in life.  Such foundations are the results are the result of evil dedication and evil inheritance, which over the years becomes a bondage that rises against the works of their hands, limiting their success.

If we look at the example of Jacob in the bible, the fateful day he received deliverance from his faulty foundation, he put away his wives and children and was alone in a place to pray and seek the face of God.  He was determined to get deliverance from God, so he prayed fervently until God sent His angel to go and see what is happening to Jacob.  Jacob would have reminded God of His promises to him, while he was going to Laban's house and during his stay with Laban.  He would have reminded God that it was on His prompting that he decided to return to his father's house, and now his brother was coming against him.

It was in the heat of petition and prayer that God sent His angel to go and see what was happening to Jacob. Because Jacob was in the Spirit, he quickly discerned the person wrestling with him was an angel and insisted he must be blessed, otherwise, he won't let go.

So, after much struggling, the Angel of the Lord touched the hollow of his thigh bone, this resulted in serious dislocation which made Jacob limp and depends on staff as walking aid for the rest of his life!  However, the touch by the angel was more than a mere touch.  The touch by the angel of the Lord was beyond physical thigh of Jacob.  He touched his nature of manipulation, supplanting, lying, grab it all, tricking and deceit. 

That night marked the beginning of a new life for Jacob who had lived a very crooked life. God visited the faulty foundation of his life and gave him a new beginning. His transformation was whole as God gave him a new name ISRAEL. God laid an entirely new foundation for a man who left his father's house as Jacob and returned as ISRAEL.  From that day, the life of Jacob never remained the same again.

Foundation repair prayers

Everyone knows that God will always keep His word and His promises are sure.  So, a believer in Christ who is careful to understand the transactions of his fore-fathers will be able to prayerfully exempt himself from the wrath of the Lord.  If you know or suspect your father or mother and well as your fore-fathers to belong to secret societies like witchcraft, occultism, or if there was a Herbalist or witch doctor among them, you have to pray some deliverance prayers.  

There are no pretences here, you have to cry to God to forgive the wickedness of your parents and have mercy on you and exempt you from the wrath to come upon the children of the wicked.  The time to repair your own foundation is now.  As Jacob put away his family and cried to the Almighty God for help, so will you do today. 

I have deliberately made the prayer points to be few so that when you start praying, the Holy Ghost will give additional prayer points that are necessary.

Prayer Points
1. Confess your sins and those of your forefathers.
2. O' Lord, have mercy on me, let your mercy counsel judgement of the enemy upon my life.
3. Blood of Jesus Christ wash away every wickedness in my foundation
4. Blood of Jesus wash away every inherited curse working against me
5. Evil spirit claiming ownership of my life, be silenced by the blood of Jesus Christ
6. Every voice crying against me in the spirit, be silenced by the blood of Jesus Christ.



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