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Introduction Separation and divorce do not just happen.  It starts with disagreements, arguments and bitter confrontation and wrong words spoken to each other, some of which will refuse to leave the person.  That harsh word spoken unintentionally forms the building blocks for bitterness and anger in the heart of the affected person.
There are anti-marriage forces that are looking for such disagreements to gain a foothold on the family.  They include unfriendly friends, spirit husbands and wives, claiming the man of the woman is theirs.  The spirit of Worldliness is another strong influence working against marriages.  
The spirit of worldliness is behind pride in the life of the couples, greed, lust of the eyes and of the flesh.  These forces cause disagreement and irreconcilable differences in the marriage.  Soon they will start saying they don't agree on anything, and the reason is that one of them is tending towards the world, and everything goes …

FOODS FOR PEOPLE FASTING........For a Long Period of time


Fasting is one of the basic tenets of the Christian faith many believers are used to observing as they grow in their walk with the Lord.  The spiritual benefits of fasting are all over the Bible, and fasting is one spiritual sacrifice that can hardly be done in vain.
God is so faithful to His word that whenever you wait on Him in fasting, and your faith is lifted to heavens, the Lord cannot ignore a strong faith.  Fasting focuses your eyes on the Lord for a specific blessing at a point in time, and whenever your faith is able to touch the Lord, your answer is released to you.
Moses fasted for 40 days and experienced the finger of God writing down the Ten Commandments (Exodus 34.28). Jesus fasted for 40 days and started a ministry that would redeem man from the kingdom of the devil to God.  The ministry of reconciliation that cleansed the sin of the whole world and reconciled mankind back to God (1 Peter 3.18 & Colossians 1.20), did not start until…

WHY IS WEIGHT LOSS ........Difficult for Women?


This is an interesting study because of the high prevalence of fat women and the struggle women pass through trying to lose weight.  Most Saturdays, when I take my children to their physical exercise class, I see a lot of Fat women struggling to move their body in the gym.
Young women enjoy being called Plus size, but wait till they grow into their 30s and 40s and their joy will turn to disappointment and struggle.  It's always amazing how women gather weight within a few years of childbearing because of their change in body and eating more food etc.  If married women with children develop weight over time, how do you explain singles ladies that are overweight?
It is important to say that nobody should carry overweight into the Fifties because it could result in a slow movement, loneliness, and the need for financial and other supports from friends and relatives. In Africa, where there are no social security benefits, such an overwe…

12 FOOD THAT MAKE YOU FAT.......And healthier alternatives


We have the liberty to choose what we eat, what we don't eat, and all the effort to nourish our body is a worthy investment in pursuit of happiness later in life.  If we abuse our body with junk food, drinks and beverages without control, it could amount to careless and unhealthy living.
The choice of food we eat regularly and the time we choose to eat have a strong influence on our weight, irrespective of the sex of a person.  With the exception of slim-built people, eating heavy food late in the night is an invitation to weight gain.

This could be worse for women due to their nature and metabolism.  The same type of food, be it rice, Yam, Eba and Egusi soup eaten in the afternoon will have minimal effect on your weight if you are a busy person in the office or market.
Weight control is key to healthy living because it ensures you are active in your duties, with the right energy to do your work effectively.  You are not too heavy and tired to carry…

DEEP FINANCIAL ATTACK.......When they rob money on your head in Dream


The head is the symbol of a person's destiny, and without the head, the person is dead.  Every attack on the head is an attack against the destiny and success of the person.
There is no area where the wickedness of the enemy is more profound than in the human head. The enemy can program insanity, confusion, the spirit of error on a person's head through the dream attacks, so Christians who are sensitive do not joke with any attack on their head.  
When the head is sick, the whole body is sick, and a bewitched head is a bewitched body, that will not be your portion in Jesus name.  These are some of the reasons why dreams are a very important part of the security architecture of a believer.
God uses the dream to communicate timely instructions that will deliver the person from evil, and the plans of the enemy are revealed to us through the dreams.  Every child of God is expected to receive information of any attack of the enemy before…



Marriage is your biggest commitment in life after God, and so marriage is where women are separated from girls.  It is not because the girls are not women, but the girls are not matured enough for marriage, or they are not ready for it yet.
Marriage requires preparation, mainly in a relationship and how to trust another person with your hope and aspirations, how to walk together with your spouse to build the home, for except both of you agree, you cannot walk together and if you cannot agree, the marriage may not last long.  Trust building is one of the reasons for the courtship we have in Christiandom.
One of the purposes of courtship is for you to confirm a person is suitable for you, to be your spouse for life.  When you abide by the rules of courtship, you will discover you would have a good understanding of the person you want to marry, whether he or she has the qualities you are looking for.  If you remain undefiled during your courtshi…

DREAM INTERPRETATION ......Seeing WALL GECKO and the Implication


Many people are irritated by Wall geckos and as such make haste to kill it whenever they see one in their house. Many are disgusted by it and surprisingly, many cultures forbid to kill them, saying it brings bad luck, that African sentiment for you.
For many people, Wall geckos are harmless and do not bother anyone, nor does it attack people.  for them, the reptile usually hunts for insects and/or cockroaches for a meal.
However, this reptile is one of the animals that witches and wizards use for their evil operations.  They use the Wall gecko to monitor people and know what they are doing, especially at night.  Witches even project into the reptile to enter rooms where their target is sleeping.  Once I was praying at night in Lagos and a wall gecko appeared on the wall.  I looked at the reptile and saw a woman, and I declared to the reptile, I will kill you.  Immediately I took my Sandals to beat it, the gecko disappeared.
For spiritually minded people, o…

SPIRITUAL POWER ......Against witchcraft manipulation and Attacks


One of the great things that can happen to a person is for that person to break out of bondage.  There are bondages that is very difficult to break out from.  One of such bondage is witchcraft bondage especially when the witch or wizard is closely related and habiting together.
The worst thing about witchcraft is that a man can be in the bondage of a witchcraft wife, his own brothers and sisters, who are witches and warlocks knows what he will do and be free from the oppression of his wife, but they will not tell him.  If the man does not embrace the Lord and pray fervently, they can watch him die in that bondage.
Their oath of secrecy is used to punish close relatives and friends who are not in their dark world.  This is why Christians and believers should live holy and pray for divine protection every day, the person troubling you may be living with you in the same house or compound.
Witches and wizards have operated from the ancient days and th…