NIGERIAN WOMEN, THAILAND MEN......Most unfaithful in the World? - Durex



A survey conducted by condom manufacturer, Durex, in which 29,000 people in 36 countries were interviewed has ranked Nigerian women as the most unfaithful in the world.  This statement has been rejected by Nigerian women who faulted the survey questionnaire was nd 

“Durex, the famous condom maker, did a survey that turned the spotlight on infidelity. They talked to a whopping 29,000 people from 36 different countries, and what they found was pretty surprising.

“Hold on to your seats: Nigerian women took the crown, with a staggering 62% admitting to being unfaithful. But that’s not all – Thailand was right behind them, with 59% of women confessing to cheating. 

“South Korea came in at 34%, and Malaysia wasn’t far behind at 33%, where an astonishing 39% of Malaysian women also admitted to infidelity. Russian women owned up to it at 33%, while Singaporeans seemed to be the most faithful, with only 19% confessing to cheating.”

According to the survey, Thailand men are the most unfaithful in the world, with 54 per cent of them admitting to cheating on their spouses. South Korea came in second with 34 per cent, while Malaysia ranked number three with 33 per cent.

The survey revealed that the top two countries with cheating women are Nigeria, with 62 per cent, and Thailand, 59 per cent.  39 per cent of Malaysian women also confessed to having betrayed their partners. Russian women came fourth at 33 percent while Singaporeans are fifth at 19 percent.

An independent survey also conducted in Africa by AE affirms the fact that Nigeria with a population of over 160 million tops the chart for cheating women. Corruption and a general distrust among citizens are largely responsible for this.

This statement has been rejected by Nigerian women who claim to be hardworking and supportive of their husbands.  They further questioned the purpose of the survey and the fact that it was carried out to promote safe sex and the use of condoms.  Watch the video below.


Verification: To determine the source of this claim attributed to Durex survey, PRNigeria fact-check team ran a keyword search on the internet. It turned out that several reputable news platforms and online blogs have feasted on the narrative.  Surprisingly, another Nigerian National Daily, Independent Newspaper reported the same story in 2021 making a similar reference to the ‘Durex Survey.’ 



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Source: ChannelsTV/PR

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