CHRISTIAN MOVIES:.... 4 Powerful Christian and Faith-Based Movies on Netflix



For Christian youths and young at heart, finding something interesting to watch would no longer be a problem. With streaming platforms like Netflix keeping a string of new shows on the horizon,  Whether you're in the mood for a tear-jerking rom-com or are looking for a round of family-friendly movies, Netflix has more than enough titles available for your viewing pleasure. 

Though reality shows like Love Is Blind and vampire-based horror movies such as The Invitation have probably kept a place on your list, sometimes, after a stressful week, all you want to watch is an uplifting faith-based or inspiring Christian movie on Netflix.

Whether you're searching for a movie to help you build up your faith or want one based directly on Bible scripture, Netflix has many options. And they are high-quality movies — some feature A-list actors like Richard Gere, Mark Wahlberg, Phylicia Rashad, and Alyssa Milano, just to name a few.

While movies like Tyler Perry's A Fall from Grace will resonate with more mature audiences, kid-friendly films like Dog Gone are there for you, too. So, get the popcorn ready because this list of the best Christian movies on Netflix is guaranteed to keep both your queue and your heart full for days to come.

Dog Gone (2023)

Based on a true story, this feel-good movie tells the story of faith and hope as a father-son duo team up to find Gonker — their medication-dependent pooch — who goes AWOL along the Appalachian Trail. 
Best Christian movies on Netflix

'Father Stu' (2022)

Starring Mark Wahlberg, this film follows the spiritual journey of former boxer-turned-priest, Stuart Long. It's based on a true story, and while it's raunchy at times, it's really about finding your calling even under the worst circumstances. Rated R

'Rescued by Ruby' (2022)

A state trooper longing to join an elite K-9 unit finds his chance with an unlikely partner: a shelter dog named Ruby who's running out of hope to find a home. As the two form an unshakable bond, they face and overcome their toughest challenges together.

4 'The Man of God' (2022)

Telling the classic tale of a prodigal son, this Nigerian film follows one man as he battles the world and his religious upbringing. 


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