MIRACLES... And how to break the Yoke of Persistent Failure


Breaking the yoke of Failure


There are powers that activate favour in the life of a person.  These are forces of good like Divine Interventions from the throne of mercy and grace.

In this piece, we are going to address failures in life by,  first looking at the forces that activate favour, and poverty in the lives of people.  

These are the invisible forces provoked by our personal mistakes, the words we speak and actions, the errors of our parents, and other forces in the environment and so on. We will examine the following:

1. Inherited Goodwill

An inherited goodwill is what a person enjoys when you declare the son of whom you are, to a person, whom your parents have favoured in the past.  Yes, the people your father or mother helped in the past will be willing to help you.

That goodwill works like magic, the person will be ready to give you whatever you need that is within his/ her reach.  He/she will gladly give it to you.

2. Seeking the good of Others:

There is another force, the good deeds you have done for people generally. If you're someone who deliberately seeks the good of others and helps people in need with your skills, advice and other services free of charge, such an attitude procures favour for you, either shortly or in the future.

There will be an occasion in the future when the person you're helping today will mention you to another person, and the result will shock you.

All these illustrations I making here, I have personally experienced them and can assure you they work.  Favour is life and one of the fastest ways to break through in life is to be nice, and helpful to people.

3. The Force of Prayer:

There's yet the force of prayer that procures favour for you.  Yes, when you cry to God for help with all your heart, in faith.  God will show up for you because God cannot ignore the prayer of faith, especially when you are in His will for your life.

The Anti-success Powers:

There are anti-success Powers that work against progress. These are forces of failure that target people's efforts at marriage, business and even career.

These are powers of Satan, unseen to the physical but very stubborn against their target.  A person makes progress for a while, and then, an unexpected event occurs that completely reverses his progress.  The result is frustration, confusion and hopelessness.

Poverty Spirit

The “poverty spirit” is rooted in the victim's mindset as a stronghold.  Strongholds represent thought processes that have a hold on a person's mind.  These thoughts come to the person as suggestions.  

Sometimes you will think it's God speaking to you, meanwhile, it is the voice of the devil speaking failure and fear into the person's heart to put their victim in bondage.

The same line of reasoning or thought will be strengthened continually with every event. Take for instance, a voice discouraging you from applying for a job you know you're qualified for, for the reason that you do not know anyone in the organization.

At another time, the voice will tell you not to bother applying because there will be people with master's degrees and P.hd applying with you, and you will not have any chance.

Some other times, the voice tells you that you don't have the experience required.  In all these cases, God is not considered.  The mercy of God and His favour are not mentioned.  

Whoever listens to such voices and agrees with them is in the bondage of failure and poverty already.  Strongholds are the work of principalities and powers of this world,  who seek to control people's thoughts, words and actions.  

When a stronghold is established in the mind, such a person will keep speaking the mind of his/her enemies, instead of the mind of Christ, which is good, to give us an expected end of abundance.

In 2 Kings 4:1-7, there is a story of a widow who was in debt. The creditors were coming to take her sons to pay off the debt. The prophet Elijah asked the widow, “What do you have?” She said, “Nothing, but a little oil.”

To enjoy success, one must move from a poverty mindset to an abundance mindset.  It helps us take our eyes off of what we think we don’t have, order to see what we actually do have. 

It happened to the widow of the Prophet in the bible.  God supernaturally blessed what she had. It paid off the debt and she lived off of the rest.

In order to move past the poverty spirit, you should understand that the spirit of poverty is the spirit of Satan that kills and destroys opportunities.  

The spirit uses subtility to steal. It will discourage the person from going after a good opportunity while encouraging the person to do business and jobs that will not bring good results.

You need the gift of discernment to discern when it is the devil speaking to you, and to cast such thoughts and fears away from you.  It is a mind battle.


  1. Fear of failure:
  2. In the Bible, poverty was always associated with laziness, people sleeping when others are Working.  God has made us good promises, which can only be realized when we work hard at the opportunities that come our way. God wants to bless us according to Abraham's blessing. We need to be focused on Him and work hard. He blesses what is in our hands. 

  3. Don't be Passive or Lazy:  
  4. In the Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25, three servants were each given talents. Two of the servants multiplied the talents their master gave them, but one of the servants did not.  He complained that his talent was the least, and then hid it.  That is Idleness and sometimes laziness.  Believers must learn how to multiply the talents God has given them because it is in multiplying them that you encounter progress. Do not be passive, don't grumble, nor be afraid of failure. Commit your plans to God and He will bless it.

  5. A small vision: 
  6. If our vision is to only pay our bills every month, we’ll most likely be in lack; but if our vision is to change the world, we will attract resources to us (consider the story of Nehemiah). God gets behind quality decisions. Decide to do something big and He will provide! Someone with a poverty mindset is only focused on getting needs met instead of Leaving a legacy.

  1. Be confident of the future: 
  2. Those who succeed most also seem to fail most. Winston Churchill said, “Success is moving from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.” The Popular soft drink 7UP got its name from the founder's experience.  He failed six times to Produce a good drink, but on the 7th, he succeeded and called his drink 7UP. (6 down,7UP).  Failure is not necessarily a bad thing if you know how to get up and continue your journey. That's how to achieve something, failing and continuing until success is achieved.

  1. A victim mindset:
  2.  “I am at a disadvantage because of one thing or another. Such a Defeating mindset must be abolished in your mind.  When applying for a job or contract, let nothing put you down. Why?  You have a big God standing behind you. When God is on your side, you are in the majority because His mercy will speak for you.

In closing, do the following things to overcome the spirit of poverty completely.

1. Focus on soul prosperity - “Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers” (3 John 2). It is the will of God that your soul should prosper while you are enjoying abundance. That means that you should love the word of God, to study and obey them.  When your soul prospers in Christ, your material success is certain.

  1. 2. Dedicate what you do and have to God’s glory - The bible says we should commit all we do to God, and He will bless it. Hand your efforts, family and business to Him always, and His angels will be watching over them for you.  Also,  seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you (Matthew 6:33).

  2. 3. Improve what you have - “And he said to him, ‘Well done, good servant; because you were faithful in a very little, have authority over ten cities’” (Luke 19:17). Innovation and creativity have become the modern definition of hard work.  Work hard to improve your skills, products and services, they can compete with new and old products. Those who review and improve their products and services will instantly be winning.

PrPrayer Points:

1. I pull down every stronghold of failure in my life in Jesus's name.

2. I pull down every altar, sacrifice and cauldron of the devil working against my life in Jesus name.

3. O God, surround me with your Favour as with a shield in Jesus name.

4. O'Lord, raise men and women to help me in business, career and life in Jesus name.

5. O' God, begin to create opportunities for my growth and promotion.

6. Alter of failure and poverty working against my prosperity, catch fire and burn to ashes in Jesus name.

7. Every witchcraft-sponsored failure and poverty in my life, die in the name of Jesus Christ.

8. Every parental mistake affecting my life, be reversed by the blood of Jesus.


Jesus Christ is coming soon

Repent, repent and give your heart to Him, don't wait another day.  Say this short prayer:

Heavenly Father, I come to You in the name of Jesus. I confess all my sins and ask that You forgive me.

I believe that Jesus died for my sins, and He arose again for my justification. I, therefore, open my heart to receive Him as my Lord and Savior. 

Lord Jesus Christ, thank You for saving my life, make me Your own from today.  am born again!


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