MARRIAGE NEWS:....Wife gets pregnant after filing for divorce


Wife gets Pregnant after filing for Divorce  - Social Media

A man got his wife pregnant after they filed for divorce. It was discovered that the man kept visiting his estranged wife even after she moved out and they continued to make out until she got pregnant, despite filing for divorce.

"They Are Still Married"

A man and his wife filed for divorce, but it appears they were not ready for it as they still had intimacy, resulting in pregnancy It has been discovered that even after they filed for divorce and the wife moved out, the man kept visiting her 

The couple is still married as the woman eventually got pregnant, and they did not go through with the divorce. 

In another development, a woman who wanted to divorce her husband has been impregnated by the same man she wanted to leave. The man and his wife were said to have agreed to go their separate ways, and they approached a court to end their relationship. The man impregnated his wife even after she moved out of the house. 

According to the post on Twitter, the man's wife left the house and checked into another apartment away from her husband. 

Divorce couldn't go through as the wife gets pregnant Friends and family were said to have intervened and tried to reconcile the couple, but they insisted on divorce. 

However, those who were trying to settle the matter were surprised when it was discovered that the man's wife was two months pregnant. It was later discovered that even after the lady moved out of her husband's house, the man kept visiting her at her new location. 



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