The Holy Spirit is referred to as the power of the Highest.  He has all the powers of the Most High.  The Holy Spirit knows all things including the hidden mysteries of God Luke 1:35.

The Holy Spirit is not just the power of God, He is God Almighty Himself.  There's no other person who is eternal, omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient other than God.  By learning more about the Holy Spirit, you are learning more about God, and by seeking the Holy Spirit, you are seeking God. The Holy Spirit speaks to individual children of God and the Church of God.   

We must learn how to hear Him. If we listen to Him, we will hear Him. If our spiritual eyes and ears are open, hearing Him will be easy.  He wants to speak to us every time, and do speak to us, but we are not ready to hear Him. He is the Spirit of God sent to help us in our earthly journey, as the Comforter and Helper.

The Holy Spirit is willing to dwell inside of you if you're ready to make space for Him. If you're ready to speak the truth always, obey His promptings and commands.  His assignment is to make you a better person, like your Saviour Jesus Christ.

If you're ready to open yourself to Him and obey His commands, He will come to dwell in your body.  When that happens, you will realize that it is God dwelling in you.  He will quickly renew your mind and cause you to see things differently.  You will no longer be led by the flesh, the things you see and read, instead the word of God will guide your actions,

When the Holy Spirit dwells in you, you will experience Holy Ghost baptism and be clothed with powers.  The Holy Spirit is a sensitive Spirit of God. He is holy, pure and undefiled, and so the brother or sister the Holy Spirit will dwell in his/her life must live holy and walk uprightly.  He cannot live in a dirty vessel - Dirty in thoughts, conversation and actions. 

A believing Christian should be humble and obedient to the Word of God and the commands of the Holy Spirit.  We have to reverence the Holy Spirit for the many helps He renders to us in our daily lives.  He helps us to pray better, intercede for us before God, and helps us to preach and share the gospel.  

The Holy Spirit is a personality, who have feeling and emotions. We, as believers, should always acknowledge and welcome the Holy Spirit and live holy. In business, He guides our decision to invest wisely, exposes the hidden risks in an asset etc.

Righteousness, which is a free gift from God will begin to flourish in your heart and lifestyle.  That gift of righteousness can only find expression in the life of a Christian who is possessed by the Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit that leads us unto righteous living.  

If we live and practice righteousness, the power and authority of a righteous man will be released upon us.  It is the same with Love, faith and love for God. Also, If we live holy, the power and authority of a holy servant will be released upon us.  

There are laws and rules governing everything on earth. Also, there are benefits and authorities attached to everything we obey and practice. God created and ordained all things and put them on auto mode. The one you meet its rules and conditions, its power, benefit and authority follow you.  

When you have authority in the spirit, you will decree a thing and it is established unto you.  You can also speak things into existence, just as your heavenly Fathers do.  Beloved, when you allow the Holy Spirit to work through you and you, your transformation will be clear for people to see, above all these, the Holy Spirit will put the mark of Christ on you.  When you have the seal of God, you are His, and agents of darkness will recognize you, and run from them.

The secret of receiving and walking with the Holy Spirit is to submit to the Holy Spirit, so He may work through your life, and He does, everything is possible for you.  He is the enabler of all good things in the kingdom of God.  You will experience a change of heart and thinking. The Holy Spirit will transform your thoughts from worldly and dark to heavenly and light.

If we can learn how to forsake the love for the things of this world, then we can easily deny ourselves (Positions, wealth, pleasures of life) and carry our cross and follow the Lord - Luke 9:23.  That is when your life as a Christian begins to have significance.  You will be able to accomplish things like sharing the gospel and praying for the sick and they will be healed with ease.

Let's remember that the Spirit of Christ, the Holy Spirit will depart from us if we abandon Christ and return to our wicked ways. Every Believer needs the Holy Spirit because no spiritual progress can be made without Him.


Friends, Jesus is coming soon.  It is the loving-kindness of God that He has kept you alive till now.  So, give Him praises and receive His Son, Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour of your life.

Today is the day of salvation, tomorrow may be late!

Say this simple prayer: 

Heavenly Father, I come to You in the name of Jesus Christ.

I believe Jesus died for my sins and rose again for my justification. I repent of my sins and ask for forgiveness. I ask Jesus to come into my heart and reign as my Lord and Saviour.   


I receive Him by faith and I am born again.


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