When things get very rough for a Christian, the first place to check for a possible solution is the Foundation.  When you are facing spiritual attack after spiritual attack, and suffering from one affliction to another, please examine your foundation. 

The simple reason for that is that your foundation is the one organizing things for you in the spirit.  It is the foundation that brings people to you and attracts you to others.  The foundation is spiritual and everything happens in the spirit before it manifests in the physical.

If your foundation is speaking favour, it will attract favour and opportunities to you, connect you with people that will support you and others that will promote your ideas to ensure it has a 'safe landing'.  If a foundation is founded on Christ the Rock, such a foundation will raise voices for a person in the place of his destiny, so that he/she will not miss a lifetime opportunity to work or do business in a place God has destined for him/her to work.

So, You may need to travel to your parents and ask them some questions about yourself, starting from your conception and birth to the other family histories, which will help you understand the reasons why you are operating within a 'closed heaven'.  

I did this same exercise personally, and the response was awesome.  I was told everything that happened before my conception and birth, including the name I am bearing, and how it came about.  That is a valuable inquiry for a destiny-minded person.


The foundation of a person can be defined as his root, the unseen structure that is holding what is seen.  It is the life your parents lived before God and the God they served during their lifetime.  Events before your conception, during the pregnancy and afterwards.  It also includes your own lifestyle and works before you received Christ.

No matter how ugly your parents may look, they are still your parents, you cannot deny them.  If you believe the houses and properties they left belong to you, then you should know that the consequences of their evil works, the judgement of God for their idol worship and the covenants they entered into with the devil will also affect you.  That is why you ask for God's mercy and deliverance.

Wealthy and successful families joyfully trace their genealogy with pride because it is a good one.  If you have a history of idol worship, whether your parents are wealthy or not, such is a faulty foundation for a born-again Christian because God specifically said he would visit the iniquity of idol worship of the father on his children, so take it upon yourself to pray the bondage out of your family.

The foundation is a person's identity in the spirit, which speaks for that person. The foundation of a person is a spiritual structure that can be seen by evil men and godly men with authority.  God can reveal it to His servants like the Prophets.  Yes, it can be seen and consulted within the spirit.  The foundation of a person speaks.

More than speaking for a person, it is the foundation of a person that attracts all the things he/she gets in the marketplace of life.  It is the foundation that attracts men and women to you, your friends, business partners and even men and women for you to marry.  These are transactions done in the spirit by your foundation.

The question is “What is your foundation speaking - favour or failure"?   If the foundation is good before the Lord, it will speak peace, progress, prosperity and goodness, otherwise, it will also speak in the opposite direction.  The foundation has a lot of effect on that person.  A good foundation will produce a good destiny but an evil foundation will bring forth a frustrated destiny.

If you are a born-again Christian and all your friends are people in darkness - witches and wizards, occultists, magicians, then you have a lot of foundational prayers to say.  It means that even though you are born again, the foundation of your parents still regards you as their own, and  so continues to send you people in darkness,  

Imagine that your father was a wizard, occultist and polygamist.  The foundation of your father speaking for you will send you children of witchcraft parents, polygamist and occultic parents like your father.  When your father's foundation is the one speaking for you, whatever he suffered is what you may likely suffer, and whatever sickness or misfortune running through the family line will also affect you, though you are born again.

God made it clear in Exodus 20:3-5 that His children should not have another god before Him, and they should not worship any image of anything as a god and concluded the message by saying that whosoever makes an image and worship it, or serve other gods is regarded as people that hate God.  

God said He is a jealous God and will visit the iniquity of the fathers on their children to the third and fourth generation of them that hate Him, those people that worshipped idols, and served other gods and images.

Again in Psalms 11:3, the bible asked the born-again Christians, God's children saved and speak in tongues and says: "If the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do"? 

The righteous will have to prayerfully destroy such a foundation and raise a new one based on the works of Christ at the cross of Calvary.  That is the foundation that should speak for a born-again Christian.

So, Christians should examine their foundation to know if there is an idol in the family, and separate themselves from such a background.  Every link to them must be cut off. This should be done immediately after receiving Christ before you think of marriage, otherwise, the person would end up with the wrong woman or man in marriage.  A Christian with a faulty foundation who refuses to break it will face a lot of spiritual battles.  Such a brother will hardly enjoy his salvation.

With a faulty foundation, no Christian can build any meaningful structure in the faith or in life, which explains why a lot of Christians struggle with issues and fight spiritual battles throughout their lifetime, and have nothing to show for their salvation. 


Let's look at the diagram below:






NAME:    Solomon Zulu



1.       A WIZARD



4.       A MURDERER

5.       A WICKED MAN

1.       Redeemed by the blood of the Lamb

2.       An Honest brother

3.       A Righteous and God fearing

4.       Lover of God


Covered by the Blood of Jesus


Protected by the blood of the Lamb




It shows the spiritual position of Mr Zulu, son of Abraham Zulu before he met Christ and after he was saved.  Before Christ, it is the foundation of his fathers that spoke for him and organized things in the spirit for him.  But, after meeting Christ, you can see the change of status from the son of a murderer, adulterer and wicked man to the son of Jesu Christ, who is covered by the blood of Jesus Christ.

When you stand on the Rock - of Jesus Christ, the devil and his agents know they cannot do anything to you.  Though they will still try to hinder and frustrate your life, with time and persistent prayer, all their attacks will be destroyed.  But if you were to stand on the foundation of your father, they will be bold to fire an arrow at such a Christian.

When the foundation is repaired, it begins to speak blessing.  We can see this in the case of Jacob in Genesis 32: 11-30.  Though his background was a good one before God, his own antecedents and slippery behaviour had put a question mark on it.  Because he was the 'chosen one' by God, mercy was shown to him.

He cried to God for help and deliverance from his brother and the olive branch came when God sent His angel to wrestle with him, who touched the hollow of his thigh and changed his name from Jacob to Israel, and his yoke was broken.  Immediately his foundation was repaired, his dreams changed, and mercy began to speak for him.  His angry brother Esau, who was coming to meet him with 400 men later became his friend.  That's what a repaired foundation can do.

It is your duty to investigate and know the background that produced you, and the secrets of the family and then to cry to God for help.  The consequence of ignorance in this matter is a long-term struggle, frustration and failure in life. That's not your portion.

Jabez investigated his foundation and rejected the name the mother gave him and cried unto the Lord to change his story, enlarge his coast and suffer him not to see sorrow and God answered him.  The same Jabez was later to build a city in his name...That's what a repaired foundation can do.


Believers whose parents are not Christians should repair their foundation through prayers and speaking the word of God and applying the blood of Jesus Christ.  This should be done early enough to cut off every link with such ancestral powers and stand on the blood of Jesus Christ.


If the old foundation is not destroyed and a new one is erected by the blood of Jesus Christ, the demons will continue to attack the person.  Not only that, but the demon will also continue to claim that person as his own and under his protection and influence.  Any Christian having such a foundation will find it difficult to enjoy his salvation due to spiritual battles and hindrances.


A believer who decides to ignore his family shrine and alters will discover that he may not be exempted from the attacks coming from ancestral demons.  Sickness and other evil occurrences that flow in the family line would affect them.



1. Witchcraft - If you come from a background of witchcraft, you will experience a lot of spiritual battles arising from your choice to serve the Lord instead of continuing with the devil.  The remaining family members may decide to make life difficult for such a Believer.  The Christian must be on fire for the Lord and understand how to pray effectively in order to overcome them.

The target of the hindrances will be to frustrate everything such a brother/sister lay his hands to do, drive helpers away and direct the wrong people to him/her.  Marriage and holy living will all be a problem.


2. Polygammy - If you are from a polygamous home, your marital journey will face terrible stumbling blocks and your marriage will face strange attacks.  Children from such families will be tempted into sexual sin early in life as spirits of lust, adultery and fornication will ravage the family.  There will be witchcraft and marine spirits in such a family as the women compete among themselves for attention and power to control others.

Envy and bitterness will run through the family with a lot of spiritual attacks and hindrances for children of such homes.  You need to cry against powers that made your parents fall into sexual errors, the spirits of lust, adultery and fornication etc to get away from you.  


3. Marine Worship:- This is another serious area. Those who come from a background of marine worship often face serious problems in life and marriage. If your mother or grandmother was a marine priestess, you would surely experience hindrances in life after salvation.

There will be spiritual pollution, hidden covenants and failure to comply with the covenants will attract curses, and financial attacks and hindrances.  The mermaid spirit you have rejected to serve will erect strange stumbling blocks in order to frustrate their victims.  The demons will send wrong and wicked partners, and business partners to them, in order to punish them.


4. Occultism:- If your parents were into the occult or they spent their lives consulting many fetish priests or witch doctors, you are likely to be affected by such an aged practice. If you grew up and noticed the presence of charms in your parent's houses, if you noticed that there are strange incisions on your body, then you are a product of an occult background.  That means you may have been initiated into one god or another.  In occultic family backgrounds, there is a witchcraft spirit in operation.

Successful occultic men are usually rich and wealthy, but a child of God from such a background will have nothing to do with such occultic money because the money would have been dedicated to the devil.  There is nothing a born-again Christian will do with occultic and blood money that will succeed, as the foundation of such a business is corrupt.  Occultic people are proud and arrogant.  The spirit of pride, magic powers, and boosting will all have to be destroyed through prayer if the Christian wants to enjoy his/her salvation.


5. Divorcees and broken homes:-  Children, who are coming from broken homes suffer from confusion as to which of the parent's lifestyles to follow.  There is frustration and failure, and the spirit of divorce will follow them to destroy their own marriage if the faulty foundation is not broken down through prayers, and a better foundation based on CHRIST THE ROCK.

They suffer from inherited bitterness against the opposite sex as a result of what their parents went through, impatience and anger contribute to their failure in life.  They are easily irritated by people’s behaviour.  They feel hated and sometimes feel suicidal.


Foundational prayer is said with understanding and purpose.  It is your duty to ensure that after your prayers, whatever was the problem does not rear its ugly head again.  The consequences comprise inquiry prayers, deliverance prayers, restoration and breakthrough prayers.


During the training, teaching and videos will expose the different issues involved in the foundational deliverance and show how they are destroyed through prayers.  Each time such prayers are said right, there will be re-action, and later signs of victory.


The entire foundational deliverance prayer architecture must be opened and prayerfully concluded.  They include:

1.       Family Idols and familiar spirits worship

2.       Witchcraft family background

3.       Occultic family background

4.       Polygamous family background

5.       Broken Homes, Divorcee, Incest 


The consequences of a wicked foundation include the existence of hidden curses, secret covenants, secret evil dedications, and hidden evils that is speaking curses upon the family.  All these will be clearly reviewed and destroyed during the classes.

The course will expose how to discover these covenants and how to destroy them.  You will also learn how to work with the Spirit of God in seeing and hearing the hidden mysteries in your family.

Whenever you see the enemy that troubled the father troubling the son, know for sure that the evil foundation of the family has not been addressed.  , so the demon will continue to torment members of the family.  Until they are broken, what happened to the mother would most likely happen to her daughters and the same for the boys.  


The new foundation established by the blood of Jesus Christ will be established through aggressive and authoritative prayers.  The course will show you how to stand on the blood of Jesus and make decrees, and cancel evil works of darkness in your life and family.

It's a prophetic prayer-driven deliverance and the detail will be explained and applied during prayers so that foundational hindrances will be a thing o the past in your life and family.  If you have desired to see the glory of God after salvation, I recommend this course for you.

Get ready guys, this course will see the breaking of the power of struggle and poverty over your life.  Hidden chains on the leg and hands, the waist will all be broken.  Curses will be lifted, embargos chartered and marriages will be released from demonic enclaves as curses will be turned into blessings for you and your family.

If you know your parents did not serve the lord during their life, even if they are rich and wealthy, I will also recommend this training for you because the consequences of their actions will come after you.  The course is coming soon!

COMING SOON - Foundational yoke-breaking courses



One of the best things that can happen to a person is to break out of witchcraft bondage, especially when the witch or wizard is closely related or living with you.


Witches and wizards are wicked and no matter how much they love a person, if that person is not prayerful and strong in the Lord, they will still afflict the person and even kill him or her.  

Regarded as enemies of progress, they envy the success of the people around them. They use manipulation, sacrifice and curses to put spiritual roadblocks against their target. You can confront them and break free.

This course is meant to provide biblical teaching, prayer and divine revelation that will help people who are suffering from witchcraft manipulation recover their jobs, business and marriages.  

Ezekiel 8:7-12 describe how witches and wizards operate in the form of creeping things like wall geckos, cockroaches, lizards, frogs, and other abominable things to hide their activities and perpetuate evil.

Have you been denied your benefits, or are you suffering from stagnancy, buried glory, lack of helpers, unexplainable hatred and poverty? This course is for you.

Do you feel as though heaven is closed against you and nothing seems to be working for you?  Is it suddenly becoming hard to feed and pay for rent, this course is for you.  

The course will open your eyes to see where your problem is coming from and prayerfully fix it. 

COURSE 3:  Destroy the Works of Household Enemies

Household enemies are people related to you directly or indirectly.  They live with you and know your plans.  They are witchcraft and occultic agents in league with Satan to frustrate the children of God.

They are the worse type of enemies because they are with you and close to you.  They are not people you can run away from, so, you have to know how to overpower their demonic powers and succeed in their midst.

The scriptures in Micah 7:6-8 and Mathew 10:36 made categorical statements about them.  Jesus Christ speaking in Mathew 10:36 said "And a man's foes shall be they of his own household"  

Household enemies target the progress and joy of their relatives to destroy.  They appear in the open to be helpers, in order to impress you, but in secret, they perpetrate wicked plans to frustrate the person.

If you tell them your secrets, such secrets are used against you.  They use sickness, accidents and other means to prevent people from exploiting opportunities that will move their lives forward.


They spiritually monitor their victim 24/7 and even listen to their prayers.  They can make a person struggle for 15 years to get what people obtain in one week. 

When they are after a person, progress will be on hold till the person break their bounds.  That is what this course will show you in great detail.

You will know their secrets and easily overpower them playfully.  If you are suffering from close enemies, who hear and know about your progress before you hear them, this course is for you.


A strong woman is one who is capable of putting her husband and others in spiritual bondage, and frustrating every effort made by them to be free.  She is a woman who controls a lot of demons, a ruler in a witchcraft coven.


She may not be physically strong, yet she is a woman with enormous spiritual power and influence, whose strength comes from deep involvement in mystics, magic and witchcraft.  She is a Marine goddess (Queen Mother) devoted to fulfilling the Satanic agenda assigned to her. 

Many of them are not all interested in marriage because they cannot be faithful to a man, but those of them that will marry, end up marrying Pastors and great men with faulty foundations whom the devil wants to pull down.


She may be a small girl and innocent looking, but she is not your mate.  In marriage, she will do everything possible to destroy her husband's finances, send away his helpers and make him do profitless activities, so she can control him.

She projects the spirit of lust on the man to make him desire sex and think of women 24/7.  She sends members to seduce the man, so he can fall into the sin of adultery, watch pornography and lust after women generally.

Any man that marries her will surely cry in the secret for years.  Her mission is to demote the man and reduce him to a piece of bread, especially if the man is not in darkness - He is not a wizard or occultist.


If you are a married man who lusts after his own wife, masturbates and watches pornography, this course is for you.  If your wife is the one feeding the family and paying the bills because nothing works for you, this course is for you.

If you have become a lone ranger, with no helper and nothing is working. this course will help you rise again.  You will know her secrets and easily overcome her attacks playfully.


If you are suffering from close enemies, who monitor everything you do, including your prayers, there is hope in Christ for you.  You can even pray her out of the darkness if you want to rescue her from the darkness.

The divine revelation and prayers in this training will hopefully bring the changes you have been praying for.


Friends, Jesus is coming soon.  If you have not yet received Him as Lord and Saviour, I plead with you to do it now.  

Say this simple prayer: 

Heavenly Father, I come to You in the name of Jesus Christ.

I believe Jesus died for my sins and rose again for my justification. I repent of my sins and ask for forgiveness. I ask Jesus to come into my heart and reign as my Lord and Saviour.   


I receive Him by faith and I am born again.


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