DESTROY ARROWS OF UNTIMELY DEATH.....With Instant Prayer Bullet that cannot fail!



This topic belong to the spirit world, which continues to be a mystery to the modern man with his high tech knowledge and grandeur.  Yet the spirit world is real and distinct from the physical world where we live.  

The spirit world is not just for the devil and his agents alone...NO!  God created man with a spirit, soul and body.  With the spirit, man connects with God and with his body he connects to the world.  The spirit world is operated by knowledge, which makes it different from the physical world.  One thing is sure, anyone attempting to play in the spiritual realm without knowledge will end-up in physical disaster.

In the spirit realm, there are good and bad knowledge. The good knowledge coming from the Lord, while the bad knowledge comes from the devil, and directed to his agents.  It is amazing that some people will imagine to think that the Western World with all their scientific knowledge, knows nothing about the spirit world.  That is not true.  

On the contrary, the West understands the realms of the spirit and even knows how to obtain the kind of knowledge they want, hence the elaborate scientific theories and empirical methods they are known for.  That is why the 'bad boys' there are bad indeed, while the good guys are completely good, sometimes almost like a saint. 

Understanding spiritual matters will liberate the man from dangers, while ignorance locks the man in the bondage of the enemy. The Lord sent His Spirit to help us know God, and understand the bible and spiritual things in general.  Therefore, a Christian who does not know the Holy Spirit and what He does for us is yet a baby even if he is 100 years old.

The knowledge of the spiritual has become very relevant today because of the heightened activities of the powers of darkness.  The All knowing God knew that the days would become evil and sent the Holy Spirit to our rescue.  Without the Holy Spirit, a Christian cannot understand spiritual matters, and even the Bible, so the ministry of the Holy Spirit is vital to spiritual development of a Christian.

From personal interaction with Christians, I have discovered that it is the Christians who are largely ignorant of the spirit realm and what goes on there.  The agents of the devil - the Occultists, witches and wizards know what is happening there and participates actively in it.  That's the reason for their pride and boldness, another reason every Christian must know the Holy Spirit and submit to Him.

As an intercessor, I pray for different people, including my enemies, and in many cases, after praying for some people severally, the Lord will tell me that those people are in the secret society, and I will wonder why I cannot pray for them.  Little did I know then, that they were spiritually active, they knew what they were doing and some of them even knew I was praying for them.

The one day, after my intercessory prayers, I went to bed and shortly one of the persons I prayed for, a former colleague came to my dream to ask why I was praying for him?  I was shocked.  In other words, he was saying he does not need anybody's prayers.  He was a Warlock.

In Nigeria, we know that the spiritual controls the physical, and that things in the spirit realm takes precedence over the physical realm.  Every thing that will manifest in the physical, would first appear in the spiritual before it will become evident in the physical.

Because spiritual transactions can only be spiritually discerned, agents of the devil would gather secretly to plot evil against Christians, and any one who objects to their operations.  In executing such attacks, they use their members close to the person to to attack and frustrate his efforts.  

Their weapon is the spirit of death, which is activated through evil sacrifices, incantations and words of mouth. 


Arrows of death are ‘Sudden’ projections directed at a person in the spirit, with the aim to catch the target unawares.  It’s a 'spiritual gun shot fired without warning.  They do not come from strangers…NO!  

They come from within the circle of influence of the target.  It could be from household enemies, close friends and neighbours, colleagues and business partners who know the target person very well, his plans and whereabout.


Evil arrows are very clever satanic weapon that you may not see the person shooting it, but you will notice that something hit your leg, hands, head or back as the case may be.  If the arrow is fired during the day, the victim will feel that an object hit him/her. 

In Psalms 91:5 The bible identified the arrow that fly in the day and night. These arrows of darkness could be used to afflict people with all kind of sickness, ranging from insanity to diabetes, stroke etc.  

The dangers of evil arrow are real and people who are not spiritually sensitive suffer the effect the more.  A spiritual arrows can be fired in the day or at night, and it can be felt physically or seen in the dream.  They are also called spiritual Bullets because when it touches the target person, he/she will notice that something 'hit' him.  


The spirit of death is one of the wicked spirits the agents of Satan use to waste lives.  Every child of God must refuse to be a candidate for the spirit of untimely death.  Every Christian who wants to fulfil destiny should be able to discern the presence of the spirit of death each time such is fired against him.

Arrows of untimely death are activated through evil sacrifices offered to Satan, and when it I not through sacrifice, it is quickened through wicked incantations spoken by an agent of the devil with authority.  The purpose of such an attack is to cause sudden death, through accident, tragedy etc.  

Spiritual warfare and attacks are real today as they were many years back.  It is certain that the conflict will intensify as the Rapture of the saints approaches.  To understand the dynamics of spiritual battles and how to discern the spirit of death you need to know some truth about the dark kingdom.  

For a long time, we have been deceived that the devil has no power, but at the same time, we see people and church members yielding to an untimely death in strange circumstances.

Make no mistakes guys, the devil has great power in this world, with a highly organized structure around the entire world.  The illusion that Satan has no power has made a lot of Believers vulnerable to lethal strikes from the kingdom of darkness, resulting in death.  

Spiritual battles cannot be wished away.  A lot of people have discovered that their spiritual attacks and battles doubled immediately after giving their lives to Christ, and yet the church continually denies there are spiritual battles to fight, and so many in the church are not equipped to deal with human and spiritual demons attacking them.

I have wondered why a lot of Christians do not know anything about demons.  They cannot discern the presence or activities of demons in their lives, meanwhile, it is the demons that kill and cause people to sin and make them vulnerable to demonic attacks.  

If there are weaknesses in the church today, I think the absence of thorough teaching about demons, and the satanic kingdom is one of them.  Yet, when we witness many in the church falling to satanic arrows fired by satanic agents.  A situation has caused many Christians to seek protection from agents of darkness, yet they still go to church.  

The second one is prayer.  Prayer is ordained by God as a means of communication and problem-solving channel for His children.  The church should teach members how to pray effectively and not assume that people should know how to pray.  Even the disciples of Christ asked Him to teach them how to pray and He did.

To understand the grand deception about Satan not having power, consider the story in Daniel 10:12-13, where the scripture shows that demonic powers possess sufficient power to delay the angel sent to deliver the message to Daniel.  Imagine that Satan and his demons could stop an angel and withhold him for 21 days, yet the devil is portrayed as powerless!


Having seen the evils of arrows of death and how it catches up with ignorant Christians before prayers can be offered on their behalf, We are organizing an online course on how to destroy Arrows of Untimely Death.

The course will open your understanding of the strategies of the enemy - Agents of Satan and their weapons.  The different ways they target to destroy the lives of their target enemies.  The purpose is that after this training, you will never be a victim of their attack, as you will be able to pray for yourself and members of your family.

The ONLINE COURSE will develop your human spirit to a point where you become spiritually minded and able to see the ministry God has called you into and the need for you to walk in the spirit and discern spiritual things.  

The attention on arrows of death is because of the devastation they bring to families and homes.  Once, the PA to the Pastor of a church received a spiritual bullet in the night and before prayer could be offered for him, he was dead, leaving his wife and children to suffer.

The devil is very serious about taking out any Christian disturbing his agenda.  He wants your name listed among the victims, God forbid.  That is why every Christian should understand spiritual warfare and how to engage the devil and overcome it. You will learn their various strategies and how to stop them with one or more prayer points.

This course will introduce you to the resources of God for your victory.  The Bible cautioned us to be vigilant and sober, because the devil, like a roaring Lion, is looking for who to devour.  We must watch and pray so that we are not caught unawares by the arrows of the enemy.   


Coming Soon:


Friends, Jesus is coming soon.  If you have not yet received Him as Lord and Saviour, I plead with you to do it now.  

Say this simple prayer: 

Heavenly Father, I come to You in the name of Jesus Christ.

I believe Jesus died for my sins and rose again for my justification. I repent of my sins and ask for forgiveness. I ask Jesus to come into my heart and reign as my Lord and Saviour.   


I receive Him by faith and I am born again.


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