DREAM OF SNAIL...Spirit of Stagnancy knocking at the Door


SPIRIT OF SNAIL =  Delay - Struggle - Rejection - Stagnancy - FAILURE 


The spirit of Snail stands for stagnancy in life.  For the people who have not seen a snail in their dreams before, I congratulate them.

When you see yourself picking a snail in the dream, be grateful to God for allowing you first-hand information of what the devil is planning against you.  It's a 'warning' dream that the project you are planning or just launched will not go as smoothly and profitably as you thought.

That dream is telling you that the project will suffer several hiccups and frustration along the way, so a project that should take two weeks to materialize could take five years.  Don't even begin to think that's the way God wants it to be..NO!  

The enemy has projected the spirit of Snail to frustrate the project.  Sometimes though, the project could manage to stand after a long struggle, but it will not blossom in the way it should have, and certainly not at the level you thought.  An otherwise good project could end up at a mediocre level.

If the dream recurs several times within a period of time, let me tell you the meaning... Seeing the dream once or twice means the plan is in the offing.  But, if you see yourself picking Snail in a dream three times within a week, it means the delay, struggle, and rejection plan of the enemy has been sealed in the spirit.  

There is at least one strong man or woman assigned to monitor the person/project.  At other times, they will assign two wicked agents close to the target person, to monitor and ensure that the project does not stand if the target is very prayerful, a person who is not easily enticed by the opposite sex or money.  

The enemy that projected the spirit of Snail will soon follow up with the 'Arrow of rejection'.  That arrow will make the target product 'smell' in the spirit and be rejected by the people it is meant for.   When that happens, the people who have started using the product with joy will change their minds about the product and its quality.  They will soon start to complain and before long, reject and dump the product.  

If it is an individual, after throwing the spiritual arrow of rejection and hatred at the person, his supporters, partners, staff, friends and even relatives will gradually start withdrawing from him and his project.  If the Holy Spirit does not open his eyes to see what is happening in the spirit,  and the prayers to counter them, the 'Heavens' of blessing may soon close.

If you notice the powers monitoring you are two, just know that the plan to frustrate and hinder your progress is a project, not an error.  Remember the Bible says the righteous are an abomination to the wicked, their ultimate goal is to frustrate the person in life.  

The spirit of the snail is one of the most wicked weapons used by the devil. The intention of Satan is to make people hoist the flag of their lives at half-mast. It is the spirit of slow motion. It makes the victims go back and forth sluggishly, while their counterparts are breaking new ground and achieving great successes.

Sometimes, the person may not even be a Christian, but he/she is not in darkness also.  The powers of darkness around him/her will spiritually work to punish him for daring to succeed without the backing of the powers of darkness.  Some people are free thinkers, and atheists, who do not know God, and neither are they serving the devil.  They will seek to 'deal with him' spiritually.

Sometimes, envious relatives could see the future of their siblings and the project he/she is embarking upon and decide to frustrate and destroy the project.  Remember, the devil can use again person to do evil.  Please watch this, the person the devil uses will be any willing person close to their target.  The devil will not use a stranger, but a close relative or friend.

Whenever two agents are assigned to monitor a person, that person or project has been ordained by God for success.  And the reason why you should put up a strong fight is that if they stop you from executing the project, someone else will surely take it over.  Sometimes, they can even be the ones that will execute the project, knowing that God has ordained the project.

It is one of the spirits the agents of darkness 'project' against people whom God has destined to be great in life.  But we have a powerful God, with whom nothing is impossible. As long as you are born again and ready to pray, their evil plans will not stand, for God is with you - Isaiah 54:15-17.

So, that dream (of Snail) speaks of things to come and if the person does not takes steps to confront the darkness gathered against him/her, long frustration and suffering are ahead, God forbid!  

Believers know that spiritual battles are inevitable, but to confront an organized Satanic plan requires the wisdom of God, as the spirit of Snail manifests itself in various ways. Students who are under the attack of this ugly spirit keep writing the same examination without achieving any success.

The spirit of the snail is the spirit of non-achievement. It makes men sluggish in their endeavours. Eventually, such people become too slow and have no tangible achievement to show or their efforts.  The attack starts gradually,  with small mistakes and failures at work or business, until the 'heaven' of the person is closed completely.  

It can turn a hard-working entrepreneur into a failure if the attack is not destroyed.  It's like a plague that must be uprooted if the person wants to see even the smallest victory in his endeavours of life.   When you see bright people with nothing to show for their brilliance, they are mostly victims of the spirit of Snail projected against them and they did not know.  Such people spend their active and youthful years struggling, rising and falling at every work or job they lay hands to do.  

This is one of the most wicked plots of 'Destiny Hunters' on men and women of goodwill, who are ignorant about the works of darkness around them.  They will make their target waste his money on a project after project. That is the power behind profitless hard work.  

It makes an intelligent person to serve his/her juniors because of lack of opportunity, or a PhD holder working as a Tailor and yet not doing well.  When you hear any of these strange stories, please don't laugh.  The victims have been carrying the heavy burden of the enemy on their shoulders for years - Isaiah 10:27.

God is able to do all things for all who believe and dare to confront the devil.  A Christian should be ready to fight the good fight of faith, first for his life and success. The enemy can think evil and plan all kinds of attacks.  But know for sure that...They don't have the final say, God and only God has the final say.

If this is your experience, please plan to attend our forthcoming Online Course on 'Power and prophetic steps against STAGNANCY', and how to overcome the plot of the devil.  The course is comprehensive to release your glory buried or kept in spiritual bondage.  You may have struggled for years without success, but by His grace, this course will reveal the secrets that will give you victory in Jesus Christ's name.


Friends, Jesus is coming soon.  It is the loving-kindness of God that He has kept you alive till now.  So, give Him praises and receive His Son, Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour of your life.

Today is the day of salvation, tomorrow may be late!

Say this simple prayer: 

Heavenly Father, I come to You in the name of Jesus Christ.

I believe Jesus died for my sins and rose again for my justification. I repent of my sins and ask for forgiveness. I ask Jesus to come into my heart and reign as my Lord and Saviour.   


I receive Him by faith and I am born again.


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