DREAMS .... 37 Witchcraft and Occultic Dreams and their Meaning!



Dreams are a very important part of your life.  You are a spirit and should understand what is happening to your spirit man.  God use the dream to show us what is ahead of us individually, good or bad.  

He uses the dreams to reveal the plans of the devil for His children and sometimes, the Lord has appeared to people in the dreams to tell them what to do or what is going to happen to them.

Dreams tell us what is going on in the spirit for and against us.  This is why we pray for good and bad dreams.  This is because, the moment you see a vision of good things and plans of God for your life, you need to thank God for it and begin to call it forth.  

If it is a bad dream, you meditate on it to have a better understanding of what God is trying to show you and then pray to cancel it or return it to the sender in Jesus' name.

 1. DEMOTION: When you are dragged down from a higher seat to occupy a lower seat. This simply means an arrow of the tail, or demotion has been fired against you.

 2. HINDERANCE, REJECTION AND POVERTY: When you appear with bushy hair and looks unkempt in the dream – Signs of arrow of hardship, STRUGGLE and hindrances that will lead to rejection and poverty is on the way.

 3. Marital attack: When a pregnant woman sees her stomach uncovered in the dream – It means that dark forces are working against your safe delivery, or working against the unborn baby.

 4. Danger from close Associates: When someone pours acid on you in the dream

 5. MARITAL ATTACK:  When you see a cat scaring you in the dream, know that  witchcraft agents are trying to attack your marriage

 6. SUDDEN DEATH: When a person sees himself beheaded in the dream.  It means the sudden death of either a close relative or the 'breadwinner' of the family.

 7. WITCHCRAFT CONSPIRACY: When you see blackbirds in the dream, it means there is an evil network of darkness working against you.

8. POVERTY, VIRTUE TRANSFER: When you see yourself paying money to someone in the dream.  It means loss of money in the physical and or loss of virtues.  Your virtues are being stolen or transferred, which leads to poverty in real life.

 9. DEMOTION, JOBLESSNESS AND POVERTY: When you see yourself begging for arms in the dream, though you are physically employed, it means you are jobless in the spirit and the job you have will soon pack up.

10. ARROW OF DIVORCE, POLYGAMY: When you see yourself having two wives in the dream, it means you should be careful with women, as any mistake will lead to a second wife.  Sometimes a woman is already targeting you, without your knowledge, so any careless gesture will be expensive. It also means an arrow of polygamy has been fired against you to look for another wife.

 11. FAILURE: When you are robbed inside bank premises.  That means failure at the time of harvest.  Examine the business you are doing or going into and be careful, otherwise, you may incur losses. 

  12. ATTACK ON YOUR CALLING:  When your bottle of water is stolen from you in the dream – It means anointing and other gifts and blessings that may affect your calling.

 13. REJECTION AND FAILURE: When turned back in a queue where things are being shared in the dream, or if the goodies finish just before your turn.

 14. CAGED ANIMAL IN THE DREAM:  That animal may be you.  It means that stagnancy and backwardness have been projected into a person’s life. 

 15. CAGED PERSON IN THE DREAM:  This also could be you in the spirit.  You are free in real life, but because you are caged in the spirit, there will be no progress, no new jobs, contacts, promotion etc, because you are tied down in one place.

 16.  UNTIMELY DEATH:  When you see yourself being buried in the dream – It means an arrow of untimely death.

 17.  UNTIMELY DEATH: When you see dead relatives talking with you in the dream for several days and period of time – It means that an arrow of untimely death has been fired against that PERSON.

 18.  PROFITLESS HARDWORK, FAILURE: When you see your farmland eaten up by pests and other animals.

  19.  REJECTION AND DEMOTION: When you are dragged out of a congregation in the dream.

 20.  LOSS OF VIRTUE, POVERTY: When you lose your briefcase to robbers in the dream.

 21.  MARITAL ATTACKS: When you see a woman, your backdoor is left open ajar – It means the enemy has fired an arrow of untimely death on the husband of the woman, reverse the arrow at once.

 22.  WHEN A WOMAN loses HER SCARF IN THE DREAM: It means the arrow of untimely death is forced against the woman’s husband.

 23.  SPIRITUAL ROADBLOCKS: When you see barricades on the way in the dream, it means a delay in progress and a breakthrough.  It could also mean a lot of struggle to gain anything.

 24.  FAILURE, SLOW PROGRESS: When you see yourself armless in the dream – It means slow progress and attack on the works of your hands.

 25.  UNTIMELY DEATH: When you see a heavy flood of water covering the whole place and you struggled to swim out – It indicated a serious destructive attack is coming from a marine witchcraft agent Command the arrow/plan to backfire.

 26.  UNTIMELY DEATH, SEPARATION OR CAREER FAILURE:  When you see your boat sink in the dream

 27.  BOIL ON YOUR FOREHEAD OR AMPIT: This is a sign of demonic infirmity you should pray against.  It means sickness or arrow of infirmity.

 28.  MARITAL ATTACK:  When you see yourself single in the dream after you have married physically.  It means there will be a deadly attack to separate the marriage.

 29.  SICKNESS AND INFIRMITY: When you are given bad bread in the dream

 30.  SATANIC DELAY: When your car suddenly breaks down in the dream

 31.  SEALED BOTTLES, SEALED OPPORTUNITIES – When you see sealed bottles in the dream; it means the enemy has sealed your opportunities spiritually.

 32.  FAILURE IN LIFE: When you are going for an interview and you lose your handbag along the way.

 33.  BUSINESS FAILURE: When you give yourself an empty nest in the dream – That indicates poor turnout in your career or business.

 34.  CONSPIRACY AND REJECTION: When you are blackmailed in the dream, accused wrongly means there is conspiracy and rejection on the way.

 35.  SICKNESS AND INFIRMITY: When you see yourself bleeding in the dream.  Be careful of accidents in the house or outside, infirmity etc.

 36.  REJECTION: When you see stains all over your body in the dream, indicates marks of rejection that lead to poverty.

 37.  BUSINESS FAILURE: When you see yourself drowned in the River, struggling to swim out of a mighty river or sea indicates danger in the air. It could also mean unfulfilled promises and a downward trend in business.

How to Stop the purpose of Satan

The Lord said the enemy came to Him and found nothing.  Why?  He is blameless and when the devil came looking for a legal ground or a ladder to climb to attack Him, they found none.  That should be the testimony of all of us who desire to see the Lord in glory.

Children of God who desire the power and anointing to destroy the works of witchcraft, which the public enemy number 1, should do the following:

1. Repentance: You should repent of all known sin, ask for forgiveness and receive Jesus as Lord and Saviour. There is no middle ground, either you are on the Lord's side or you are on the side of Satan.  All men who are not born again are certainly under the influence and control of Satan.

2. Make a complete surrender to the Will of God.  This is usually shown through a commitment to the things of God.  You are sold-out to the things and work of God.  Whenever you give yourself to God, you become His property and no power can snatch you from His hands, neither can any power trouble you again.

3. Destroy every witchcraft ladder in your life.  This can be pollution of the spirit, soul and body.  You must be honest to yourself to identify where you have fallen, where the rot is in your life, the secret sins, fornication of the heart, evil desires, claiming what does not belong to you in the name of faith etc.  Destroy every ladder the witches had projected into your spirit to pollute you through deliverance prayers and then,

4. Trust in the Lord: You should have faith in God and abide in His secret place of the highest and the Lord will shield and protect you, give you victory over every evil work and cause you to see His goodness in the land of the living.

5. Get ready to Pray without season: Prayer is the life of a Believer in Christ.  Many Christians are living in comfort and forget that prayer is part of the Christian experience.  Some say Jesus has paid the price for them t live a better life, so why should they pray and fast again? 

6. Kill flesh in your life: - Be prepared to fight and your fight is not against flesh and blood.  Your fight is not against that relation, your husband or wife, but against the devil causing the problem.  Prayer should be consistently in the day and night; it should also be targeted to the right sources.  You will have to identify the source of your problem and pray a direct and effective prayer to overthrow their wicked works. 

Understand, child of God that the devil is determined to tempt and attack believers who love the Lord.  You should consecrate yourself unto God and learn how to pray effectively, so your victory each time they attack will be assured.  Receive the grace to defeat them in Jesus Christ's name.


Friends, Jesus is coming soon.  It's the loving-kindness of God that He has kept you alive till now and given you time to hear the gospel. If you have not yet received Him as Lord and Saviour, I plead with you to do it now.  

Today is the day of salvation. Tomorrow could be too late. 

Say this simple prayer: 

Heavenly Father, I come to You in the name of Jesus Christ.

I believe Jesus died for my sins and rose again for my justification. I repent of my sins and ask for forgiveness. I ask Jesus to come into my heart and reign as my Lord and Saviour.   


I receive Him by faith and I am born again.


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