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Living God Christian University is an evangelical Bible-centred University college in Abuja, Nigeria. The online Certificate courses are refreshingly practical and will guide you step-by-step through the processes of kingdom financial success, healing and deliverance ministration.

There is no need to travel or leave your work for Bible College.  Instead, use your computer to connect to live programs, videos and practical ministrations from the comfort of your home!



A.     Hearing from God and Prophesy

B.     Deliverance and commanding the Supernatural

C.     Healing the sick

These are deliverance and healing program that goes to the root causes of problems of men.  Life-transforming spiritual training that will enable you to understand the Kingdom of God, and how the kingdom of darkness operates.  

You will learn how to hear from God and contend with the enemy in spiritual warfare.   The courses are specially programmed to help Christians know the workings of the power of God in business and life.  

The enemy desires to push Believers into debt and poverty, but God wishes that Christians prosper and live in dominion.

The courses are taught in English only.

God has promised that those who obey His voice and His Word will be successful. That is why we start with kingdom basics that give you the right standing before God.


Then how to love the Word of God and embrace it, Spiritual discipline and Sacrifices and how to walk with the Lord.  These teachings will make you successful.

·   Do you want to experience the hand of God in your life and business continually?


·   Do you want to experience divine fruitfulness and command divine wealth?

·   Do you want to decree a thing and it is established unto you?

Then, our short-term courses are exactly what you’re searching for.  Each course is specially designed to equip Christians on how to walk in dominion and power and fulfil their God-given potentials.  You will know the person of the Holy Spirit and how to walk under His guide.


The courses are designed for busy adults. Our passionate instructors will guide you through the period of training and help you to develop practical skills that will impact your life, career and business in the years to come.

Course details coming soon.

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