DEMONS - What are they?

What is a Demon?


Demons are evil spirits that proceed from Satan.  They are his agents of destruction against the children of God and the works of the Kingdom of God.  

Demons are bodiless evil spirits, under Satan’s authority, that seek to torment people and if possible, enter into their lives. Demons become restless if they are unable to enter into a human body. (Matthew 12:43-45).

They are the monitoring spirits of the devil, that monitor human activities and broadcast them to the demonic world.  When given the opportunity, demons will torment and manipulate its host in various ways.  They are fallen angels that lost the battle in heaven with Satan, so they are spirits that do the will of satan.


It is extremely important for Christians to understand demons and the trouble they can cause in the life of a person and the church in general.  In the church, demons are known to cause division, separation of members and so on.  Once they enter a person in the church, such member could be used to destabilize the church.  

Another deadly activity of demons in the church is in the area of spiritual pollution.  If a member of the Choir is possessed, that single lady can be used to pollute the entire group and quench the spiritual fire burning in the lives of members of the group and the entire church.  

In the house, the moment any of the partners, the husband or his wife allows demons to enter, know for sure that trouble, disagreement and fight is about to start between the couple.  Little things are magnified unnecessarily to cause disaffection and anger.  If the couple did not cast that spirit away, separation and divorce is around the corner.

Meanwhile, demons and even Satan have no legal right to operate on the earth because they are not born through the womb of a woman.  That is why demons seek human beings to occupy and operate from.  Every believer should know how to cast demons out!

How demons enter into people lives

It is important that we should know how demons afflict and oppress people. 

Demons are demonic beings which cannot be seen with the naked eye and have a body mass that cannot be weighed.  Demons can enter into people’s lives through the eyes – what they look at and watch.  It can be through the hands – what you touch and hold, places you visit and the food you eat.  

Though a believer is purchased by the blood of Jesus Christ upon receiving salvation, if such a believer did not surrendered completely to the LORD, he/she is open to demonic temptations. 

A person could be demon possessed if he/she joins occultic men to eat their food without knowing.  Demons can also afflict people.  When agents of darkness fire demonic arrow against people, it is demons that go to effect the order spoken by satanic agent with authority.  

Where to find Demons

Demons are found in dark places of the earth.  They love darkness and operate in every environment where there is a spiritual darkness.  I mean where there is deception, lies, greed, lust and pollution. They are a spiritual beings that may be around a place without being noticed by ordinary eyes.  They are not humans, that people can see and talk with.


Deception and telling lies are typical dark valleys where demons are comfortable operating in the lives of people.  The Word of God is the light that extinguishes darkness, and so the absence of the word of God in life and place gives such a place over to demons to operate un-hindered.


There is, however, a palpable condition in the life of a child of God, which is abnormal, and a sign the absence of faith in that person, even if it is for a short time.  That noticeable demon is called ‘Fear’.  

Fear is a demonic spirit that should be cast out.  Fear destroys love, hope and faith.  You have to command the spirit of fear to depart from you and be sensitive to know when the voice of the devil is trying to introduce fear back into your life.

People all over the world are traumatized by the fear of accident, failure, sickness, barrenness, and even death.  Demons speak lies into the heart of people to confuse and frighten some into sin, so they enter into bondage.  Where ever there is fear, faith dries up.  Fear is a tool in the hand of Satan, and many of the things people fear are lies the devil has planted into their hearts.

How Demons Manipulate People:

There are many ways through which demons enter into people’s lives.  The entry point of interest to me today is “through the power of suggestion”.  Friends, the devil’s entry into your life and situations is through suggestion. 


The devil will speak suggestive words into the heart of people to start a conversation.  At other times, he will show them suggestive pictures and images, whichever he thinks will fit the person.  Thoughts and imaginations are other channels through which the devil starts manipulating people into doing what he wants.

Demons do more than manipulate people, they can afflict their victims.  They can torment people with problems such as insomnia, panic, pain, sickness, depression, irritating behavior and the like.  

They can also provoke their victim into inappropriate behaviours, uncontrollable evil desires to sin.  Demons speak to people to do things that are not convenient, to disobey the scriptures, abuse others, cheat and even steal. 

As the devil tempted the Lord, so he tries to tempt man with suggestive words to make a person yield to fleshly desires.  If you’re hungry, he will tempt you in that direction as he tempted the LORD.  The voice you will hear and the suggestion will be along the area of your lust or weakness.  That is why Christians should keep their heart pure at all times.

The voice discouraging you from studying the word of God or fasting is the voice of a demon trying to hinder your spiritual growth.  Depending on a person's weakness and his lusts and greed, the devil will send a demon to tempt with a demonic suggestion.

Examples like these ones: 

1. Suggestions to take a shortcut to your success like Gambling, use of charms and amulets in business to have great sales and prosper.  When you meditate on such, the devil will give you the conditions for wealth…worship and serve him, and do his biddings all your life. 


2. 2. Any voice telling you to pursue money and earthly fame and glory without minding what the bible says is the devil.  He tells gift choristers in the church to go and ply their skill and talents in the Night Club at night for money.  Imagine using the gifts from God to serve the devil for money?  Gospel musicians are under constant pressure to use their talent to sing worldly songs, dress like unbelievers and behave like them to be seen as trending.



The way out of demonic manipulation and attacks is PRAYER.  Live a holy life and use your God-given authority to command the demons to leave in Jesus Christ name.

Be a man or woman of the Word of God and use the word in prayer and commanding the demons to leave.

Make holiness and prayer your lifestyle and the Holy Spirit will help you to discern and dispel demons every other time they come near you.


Heavenly Father, I come to You in the name of Jesus Christ.

I believe that Jesus died for my sins and rose again for my justification. I repent of my sins and ask for forgiveness. I ask Jesus to come into my heart and reign as my Lord and Saviour.  


 I receive Him by faith and I am born again.





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