NIGHT COCKROACHES....What the Powers of Darkness use them for




Today, we are looking at what powers of darkness use cockroaches to do spiritually.  Cockroaches are bigger insects that fly when they want to.  They live and fest in dirty places, in the dustbin and toilets etc.


Cockroaches are seen in Africa as a bacteria carrier, an insect that infects whatever food item it perches on.  So, children dispose of their garbage every night out of the kitchen, so it does not attract cockroaches to the house.  It is also for that purpose that women and children kill cockroaches immediately after they see them.


The gathering of cockroaches at night indicates witchcraft activities in Africa.  A friend once told me that cockroaches harassed him one night when he was praying.  At a point, they started coming into the room where he was praying.  He started killing cockroaches until he killed close to twenty cockroaches that night.  According to him, it was as though they were human beings gathering in his house for a meeting.


Night cockroaches: 

Beyond spreading bacteria on open food items, the powers of darkness, occultic agents and witches use cockroaches to travel into people's houses at night.  They can walk fast and fly, so they use it to project spirituality into the room at night. 

They also project demons into cockroaches and send them to people at night.  People have seen cockroaches in their rooms at night and thereafter could not sleep for a long while. But, while struggling to sleep, a voice came to tell the person to do one thing or another.


 What you should know.

1. Any house where you see cockroaches at night, say in the kitchen and rooms, know there is a witch living in that house.

2. If you wake up in the night and see two, three, four or five cockroaches together anywhere in the house, know they are witchcraft spirits holding their meeting.

3. If you are studying or praying in the living room and suddenly see a cockroach enter through the main door, know that a witchcraft spirit has entered the Living room.


1. Cockroaches are used by the powers of darkness to project manipulative spirit against people at night.  They know that people will always rise to kill a cockroach, whenever they see it in the house, so when you’re prayers are disturbing them, they can easily send a cockroach projected with the spirit of slumber to manipulate you to sleep.

If the person kills that cockroach, the spirit of sleep and slumber will enter The person, to manipulate the person to sleep immediately.  That’s why you can hear them boasting that they know how to send the Pastors praying and disturbing them at night to sleep. See the manipulation below.


Manifestation - A witchcraft spirit assigned to make a person sleep, will start telling the person to take the prayer easy…It says ‘Why not rest for a while and then continue with your prayer.

It can also tell the person praying to stop after 10 more minutes, After all, he has prayed for one hour now. These are manipulative spirits and Prayer Warriors must resist them if they want to pray effectively at night.

The spirit can also tell a person praying to kneel by the chair and pray, instead of standing up.  It could also advise the person to sit on the ‘love chair’ in the living room or lie on the bed and pray, so his body would not hurt.  The spirit knows that once you agree to sit on the couch or lie down on the bed, the person will soon fall asleep.

These are the reasons why Believers should test the spirit speaking to them, to know if the spirit is from God.

2. They use cockroaches as ‘Gatekeepers’ to monitor a place or location.  If you enter a room today and see a cockroach, and tomorrow you enter the same room and see another cockroach, know for sure that there is a witch living in that house who has decided to use cockroaches to monitor who enters the room at night.

3. For people seeing cockroaches in their dreams, they should consider whether the insect is dead or alive and what the insect is doing in that dream.  It’s a witchcraft dream informing the person of what to expect in that house or environment – spiritual manipulation, monitoring and control.  The person should pray and exclude himself/herself.

4. For people that cockroaches climb their bodies while they are asleep, it is not a good omen.  It could mean that the person concerned has been captured in the spirit by the powers of the environment, to the extent that they are using his/her body as a platform for their meeting and other evil activities.

The body of the person sleeping is not food for cockroaches, neither is the body a road or steps for the cockroaches to walk across.  When you wake up from sleep and see cockroaches around you, make sure you kill and burn them to ashes.

Pray that:

1. Every evil gathering against you scatter in the name of Jesus.

2. Ask the powers using your body for evil to use their own body and perish.

3. Wash your whole body with the blood of JESUS.

4. Cover your body with the blood of Jesus.

5. Every night you pray before going to bed, forbidding the use of your body for evil purposes at night.

6. Command every evil done to your body in the spirit to be reversed by the blood of JESUS.

Give thanks to God for answered prayers.



Friends, Jesus is coming back soon.  If you have not received Him as your Lord and Saviour, please do so now.  Say this brief prayer:

Heavenly Father, I come to You in the name of Jesus Christ.

I believe that Jesus died for my sins and rose again for my justification. I repent of my sins and ask for forgiveness. I ask Jesus to come into my heart and reign as my Lord and Saviour.  

 I receive Him by faith and I am born again.

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