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The joy of getting married is one of the greatest ecstasies of life.  It is one of the major source of human joy and pain, and no one in marriage is free from the risks and hazards of marriage.

When two people are getting married, those around them could see the joy and high expectation on their faces.  The celebration in the air is always on the crazy side with family and friends willingly making contributions to support the couple.

Soon, what they missed in their parents, they gain in their new companion.  The woman becomes the responsibility of the man, who should love and cherish her, finding pleasure in her, and the two of them ravish themselves with love.

Marriage marks the end of loneliness and struggling alone for both the man and the woman.  Marriage is a thing of joy and pleasure, a unique relationship established for the good of man.

It will test the partner's upbringing, education, intelligence, respect, humility and faith in God.  After the wedding, the husband and his wife begins to work together, with one mind to establish their home as they may desire. They will have to invest their time, money, wisdom and strength in building a happy home.

Successful marriages are established on the basis of truth and honesty.  Pretences are excluded, as every secret about a person will soon be exposed to his spouse, so wisdom demands that you don't hide anything from your spouse.  It will soon be exposed!


Marriage is good and sweet is a function of the foundation upon which it stands. 
If the foundation is upon God, surely it will be sweet and the joy of marriage will last for many years.  

But if the foundation is on any other thing, Money, beauty, Sympathy, family and political consideration, it will collapse with time.  Marriage is the beginning of a life-long journey, which the couple hopes would be smooth and lovely.  However, the road to a happy marriage is far from smooth.  

For a marriage union to be sweet and long-lasting, many things must be gotten right.  One of the factors that must be fixed is "Making the right choice of a spouse" This decision should be guided by knowledge.  You should know the person you are hoping to marry.  

This should never be done in a hurry.  You need to ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the spiritual status of the person.  Who is he/her? A Christian or unbeliever? Is he/she in any secret society or not? What about his family, parents etc.

For a child of God to marry an unbeliever, a man/woman in darkness is a tragedy.  It will be a struggle all the way for that child of God.  You will struggle to live holy, pray, and succeed in business or your career.  This is because light and darkness cannot move together, consequently, your salvation and eternity with Christ is also under threat.

So, engage the Holy Spirit and ask Him to help you.  Ask the LORD to open your spiritual eyes to see any secret that could threaten the marriage in the future.  If one person is in darkness, it means both of you can never become one in the spirit as the LORD declared.

A lady was shocked when her husband started asking her to bring her friend to the house for mutual fun.  The lady could not believe her ears.  Another lady was asked by her 'newly married' husband to indulge in some perverted bedroom style. She could not believe that a married man could ask his wife for an ungodly sex style.

These ladies probably did not find out who their proposed husbands were in the spirit.  As it is now obvious they were not born-again Christians.  They were not saved and did not know that sexual perversion is a terrible sin.  

You should involve the Holy Spirit in your search for knowledge about your spouse.  Do not marry a stranger, if you cherish a sweet and happy marriage, he/she cannot give you one.  A sweet and happy marriage is worked by two people in love, it is not bought with money.

The two people will have to decide for themselves the kind of marriage they want.  If they will be happy, then they must decide to love and respect themselves.  Be faithful to themselves and to God.

They must vow never to cheat on each other...because it cannot be hidden for long.  Once it is exposed, the love existing between both parties can hardly return back to the former state again.

Once the trust of marriage is broken through infidelity, it is so hard to recover.  You can prophesy love for your spouse and broadcast it, but if you cheat on him/her, spiritually you have broken the cord holding the union.  

Please do not betray your spouse, it destroys the joy of marriage and reduce it to mere friendship.  The following factors are key to a happy marriage.


1.      Love

2.      Faith

3.      The Word of God – And a decision to live by it.

4.      Knowledge – Understanding male-female differences

5.      Communication

6.      Fear of the LORD.

7.      Wisdom


    1.     Unfaithfulness - Infidelity

    2.     Unforgiveness

    3.     Worldliness -  Love for the things of the world 

    4.     Lack of Fear of the LORD.   


One of the major requirements for a happy marriage is LOVE.  Love in marriage is not optional, for without it the two people can hardly blend together, talk less of becoming one.

Love in marriage was later explained in Ephesians 5:25, which says "Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it.  God expects man to love his wife sacrificially and unconditionally.  

Although some women may be difficult to please or satisfy, God says 'love her irrespective of her shortcomings'.  There are many good things inside of her, which your unconditional love will provoke to light.

When a woman loves her husband, she will submit to him in all things as the Bible says.  If she will be faithful to him and to God, willingly assist and support him. She will work hard to build the family and raise their children in a godly way.  All these and more are brought to manifestation when a woman is loved.

The love for your spouse should be expressed in words and action. It can be done:

1. In your thoughts

2. The words you speak to him/her

3. In being patient and kind.

4. Gifts you buy for her from time to time

5. Your regular touch and compliments (Very important)

6. Consistent support to help him/her.

7. In forgiving and forgetting wrongs done to you.

8. By not comparing him/her with another person.

9. Being submissive (This is a command for women)

10 Being sacrificial in loving her (A command for men)

Love covers a multitude of sins, and yet it is not puffed-up.  “Love never fails ” (1 Corinthians 13:8), and it will never cease. Because of these characteristics of love, it is greater than even hope and faith.

Love is the greatest gift because it is the nature of God. First John 4:8 tells us that God is love. Love is central to God’s character and the law of Christ is to love God and love others. 

Incidentally, love is the greatest command in marriage as well.  Without love, there will be no forgiveness, no understanding, and what you will have in such a union is chaos. 

a) Submission

Submission in marriage is first unto God and to the husband.  The bible says "Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the LORD" - Ephesians 5:22. Submission is a command from God and a necessary condition for a happy Christian marriage.  

Submission is to willingly put yourself under the authority of another person. It is not conditional.   It does not mean the woman is inferior or gullible, NO!  It is done to establish biblical order in the home.

Modern-day women see submission as foolishness, but Christian women know that it is wisdom.  It is a love-action, as you will discover the bible further commanded that the couple should submit one to another in the fear of the LORD.

Through submission, many women have won the heart of their husbands unto the LORD.  In conducting marriage counselling, one of the first issues that ed is the issue of submission.  If the woman is not ready to submit to her husband, it will be difficult to establish the marriage on a godly footing.  

So, the sisters should make sure they love their prospective husbands enough to humble themselves under him. Make sure you have enough respect for the man, his person, and intelligence to put yourself under his authority before you say "YES" to his proposal!

Submission is seen through the actions of the woman: 

1. In her obedience

2. Loyalty to her husband over family and friends

3. Her love and respect

4. Her humility

Submission is not conditional.  The man need not be rich and wealthy before the wife will submit to him, NO!  It is his entitlement, for the bible says in Ephesians 5:21-23, that "The husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the Church, and He is the saviour of the body".

It is also absolute,  "Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in everything"- Ephesians 5:24.

Therefore, a godly wife makes a practice of doing what her husband tells her.  However, it should be noted that submission is first, unto the LORD.  That means that when a man wants his wife to engage in practices contrary to the word of God, she is scripturally not expected to submit.  She should in humility point him to the word of God.

b) Touching

Touching here includes all the fun and play that goes on between the man and his wife.  It is as important to women as the gift of clothes jewellery and physical cash their husbands buy for them.

The love you show her in your giving must be complimented by your touch in the bedroom, and for that purpose, men are permeated to study to be romantic, so that he is able to discharge their duty to their wives.

In families where there is no 'touching', their love life becomes cold and the warmth and zeal of marriage fades away, leaving an atmosphere of bitterness. The 'bedroom touching' keeps the fire burning all the time.  Touching assures the women that their husbands are with them.


Friends, Jesus is coming soon.  If you have not yet received Him as LORD and Saviour, I plead with you to do it now with this simple prayer: 

Heavenly Father, I come to You in the name of Jesus Christ.
I believe that Jesus died for my sins and rose again for my justification. I repent of my sins and ask for forgiveness. I ask Jesus to come into my heart and reign as my Lord and Saviour.  
I receive Him by faith and I am born again.

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