HOW TO OBTAIN  BIBLE PROMISES AFTER SALVATION                                

Ref : Math 11:28, John 1:12, Rom 3:16-18, 23, ph 2:8-9, Acts 4:12-13, Acts 16: 30-33


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It’s a priviledge and a pleasure to share the word of God with you. Today, I am going to share an important topic …Receiving Bible promises after Salvation.


Salvation is coming to God through His Son Jesus Christ.  The Lod made an open call to everyone struggling alone, those suffering the bondage of fellow men to come to Him and He will give them rest.  That call made in Mathew 11:28 is a call for the salvation of your soul, then victory and success in life.


It is a call to those who have known the Lord in the past, but due to pressures of life, went back into the world.  It is a call to all those offended by brothers and sisters in the church and who have refused to go back to church and serve the Lord.  People who feel betrayed by men and women of God and by the brethren in the church.  The Lod says..

Don't allow anger to hinder you from the goodness of the Lord and all the Lord has prepared for you.  There are others who feel ashamed of the things they have done in the past, and for that reason find it difficult to go to church or pray to God.  The message is the same...Don't allow shame robb you of eternity in heaven.  All you need to do is to repent and receive the Lord, His mercy will speak for you.



1. Salvation is established when a man believes in God and His Son, Jesus Christ, who died for the sins of men at the cross and was raised back to life on the third day.  Then, the person confesses his/her sins to God in prayer and ask God to forgive him/her.  Finally, the person opens his heart to receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour.  The bible says such a man or woman is born again.


When you receive Jesus as Lord and Saviour of your life, the following happens:

1.   Your sins are forgiven

2.   You receive the power to be called the sons and daughters of God

3.   A new Spirit, the Holy Spirit of God enters into your life

5.   You will begin to enjoy fellowship with God

6.   Divine presence of God goes with you everywhere.

7.   Divine protection – Psalm 91

8.   Divine Mercy and favour, as God becomes your shepherd – Psalm 23.



To receive the blessings of the Lord after being saved, do the following:

a. Establish a  personal relationship with Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost.

b. Study and meditate on the word of God, the Bible everyday and do them.

c. Go out there and get a job or find something to do, if you are not working already.  

d. Decide to live a new life in Christ, a changed life from what you use to be before you received Christ.

e. Keep your body holy and your heart pure.

f. Keep your conversation holy, thn serve the Lord and the brethren in love.


1. Study and meditate on the word of God daily- Joshua 1:8, Psalm1:1-3 

2. See the Word as God talking to you one-on-one.

3. The Word of God is God Himself.  It contains His will and what He expects from you.  It is not enough that you are born again, you must know the word of God and have it in your spirit.  In 1 Peter 1:23 - the bible says you are not born of corruptible things, but of incorruptible, the word of God.

Get a job, or do business – After receiving Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, you must go out there and seek a job or do business.  You must be doing something to earn an income.  That is very important because, that is where the anointing or blessing of God will fall.  

The Lord says He will bless the works of your hands, so you must be engaged in a productive activity, so the anointing for excellence, divine wisdom and understanding can fall upon you and what you are doing.for the blessing to see an expression in you.  The Lord will surround the righteous with favour roundabout – that’s a promise, but if you don’t go out to look for work or business, how will favour locate you? 

New life - After salvation, decide to live a new life, and do away with everything that is contrary to the truth.  Decide to walk honestly and truthfully, run away from sin.  Where there is a difficult sin that has refused to let go, cry to God to deliver you from such sin. 


The decision to live holy is your personal decision to make.  It is the work of the Holy Spirit to help you to succeed in your new life.  But if you decide not to change, no change will manifest in you.  A believer without fruits will be a discouragement to his or her friends desiring to serve the Lord. 

Keep your body holy and heart pure - Remember that the Spirit you received is the Holy Spirit and He does not live in a corrupt or polluted body, so you should keep your body holy, and your heart pure.  In Romans 12:1, the bible encouraged us to present our body, a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto God, which is our reasonable service.


Fear the Lord - Decide to fear the Lord and remain in His presence always. Everyone that fears the Lord has His secrets and covenants.  With the fear of the Lord, there is no secret sin and witches and wizards will not torment your life.


Put on Christ – Love your neighbours as yourself.  God is love, He shows us mercy always.  That should be your lifestyle as well.  Love people, pray for them, show mercy and do not let compassion depart from you.


Prayer always - The scriptures commanded us to pray without season.  Pray for yourself and your family regularly. Pray for people in need, those sick and people in trouble.  Pray for the church and souls


Evangelize - Share the gospel and win souls into the Kingdom.  The work of evangelism is the duty of all who are saved.  That is why the Lord gave them power to raise the dead and destroy the works of darkness.


SUMMARY - Receiving Bible Promises

There are two major benefits of salvation. The first of eternity in heaven, the second is a life of peace, joy and success on earth.  All the Lord promised are available to you when you come to Him in truth and spirit.  A life that pleases God is necessary,  you should discover your purpose and pursue it.  Live a  life of compassion and mercy towards others and serve the Lord, wherever you find yourself.

Though the promises of God in the bible are real, you need faith in Him and actions of faith to possess them.  Eternity in heaven is sure if you continue in faith till the end.  Protection is sure as the angels are given charge to protect and shield you from danger.

Divine abundance comes with obedience to the word of God and being in the will of God.  You must devote yourself to studying and knowing the word of God because the blessings are in the word of God.  You have to be in the will of God.  Divine provision is resources God will make available to you to enable you to fulfil destiny, so you should diligently enquire from the Lord about the assignment He has given to you and be sure to pursue it.  

You must be working or doing business so that the anointing to become great can fall upon your hands.  That grace comes with new ideas and creativity which the Lord releases upon you, which will make your products, goods and services stand out.  It also comes in the form of divine wisdom,  to do things better, produce new products and locate new and better partners and market for your products.  That anointing falls on people who are employed or those doing their own businesses, who are diligently working hard and expecting divine help to succeed.


e. Please watch the Utube video for more explanation.



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