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Have you ever wondered what you stand to gain if you give your heart to Jesus Christ now, I mean if you were you to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior of your life. May be you are a new convert, who wants to share the good news of the gospel with your friends with a view of winning them to Christ and you are wondering how to explain the benefits of being born again to them.  

Here, in this post, we are going to look into  the different benefits that come with your new faith in Christ.  To be born again is to be delivered from sin and its consequence (eternal death) and to be ushered into God’s Kingdom to enjoy eternal life; through simple faith in Jesus. 

What is Salvation?

Salvation is believing in Jesus Christ and receiving Him as Lord and Saviour. It is a confession you make with your mouth...If you confess the Lord Jesus, and believe in your heart that God raised from the death - Romans 10:9-10.

Salvation is a new life in Christ - based entirely to the finished works of Christ at the cross.  A love relationship sealed by the blood of Jesus Christ.  It is accepting the gift of God, who is the Lord Jesus Christ and coming under His Lordship.  Salvation is living a life centered on the word of God,  submitting your life unto Him and following Him all the days of your life to receive eternal life - Ephesians 2:8-9.

You are Born-Again - Being born again is the advent of a new man in Christ.  It an event that takes place in a Christian’s life at some point. It does not mean a physical rebirth, rather a spiritual experience when a person receives the Lord Jesus as Lord and Saviour.  

That person is a new baby in the spirit with a regenerated heart according to the word of God.  So, whosoever repented of his sins and puts his faith on the Lord Jesus Christ, is born again.  

A person who decided to repent of his sins and turn away from wickedness to godliness will receive forgiveness of sin and the gift of a new Spirit - Romans 3:23.  It is a personal decision which is made public through confession in prayer.

You have come to a point when you accept that your ways are contrary to the word of God and decides to amend, to change from worldliness to the dictates of the word of God.  You are ready to “put off” your previous ways of living and thinking, living according to the lust to sin in your flesh.  Whenever a person receives the Lord, such a person will have a witness that God is with him/her.  

Benefits of being born again

1. New Creature
In salvation, you have a new Spirit, the Spirit of God given to all that receive Christ as Lord and Saviour. The promises of God are all available and you can draw them down by faith.  Your heart will begin to desire godliness and things of God.  Your heart is in tune with your new status. Your sins  have been forgiven and that you have eternal life - 1 John 5:13.

2. God’s Unconditional Love
The power of heaven is at your calling, when you are in need.  It doesn’t matter what situation you are in now, you can be assured of God's love for you. Your repentance and receiving the Lord is your key to all the resources of heaven.  You are called his own and everything the Lord has is yours.  You are in the family of God for ever.

3. Enjoy your New Life in Christ
You might not see this, but it is true that you are a new creation and have a new life is in Christ. Like a newborn baby, you will have to grow and learn a lot about this new life though.  My dear, you have a relationship that will continue the rest of your life (2 Corinthians 5:17).

4. Your prayers will be heard
Unlike when you were a nonbeliever, you can now talk to God as your heavenly Father and He would answer and bless you.  The bible say we should pray and ask what we need from the Almighty God and if we have faith, the answers will come.

It is also interesting to note that you can talk to your heavenly father on virtually every topic and there is no restrictions.

5. Companion of the Word
The bible, which is God's word will guard you and the Holy Spirit will give you illumination as necessary. Just like you would expect a manual for every gadget you buy, God has availed to the His manual i.e. the Bible. It is the answer to all the questions of life with examples and illustrations.  There is teachings, law and instructions of God for our daily living.

6. You have a friend in Jesus
The Lord Jesus is available to help you whenever you need His help.  He cannot fail or disappoint you, so you can trust the Lord as a dependable Helper of destiny to keep you in faith till He comes back to take the Saints away.  People who keep many friends can tell how many of those friends are reliable and trustworthy, but Jesus is Lord and His word cannot fall to the ground.

7. You have the Holy Ghost
You have the the Holy Ghost dwelling in the inside of you, to help you adjust and amend your ways in accordance with the Word of God.Your body becomes the temple of the Holy Spirit, who is God.  Because of this sacred  privilege, the child of God should always be careful about what he says and does.

8. Resist Temptation
Vulnerability to temptation has kept many from accepting Jesus. The good news is that once you are born again, you have the power to resist temptations and any form of deception. This does not mean you would not be tempted again, NO!  You will still face temptation as everyone living, but the Spirit of God inside of you will help you to say NO to sin and all the wrong alternatives the devil give people.

9. Forgiveness of sin
If and when you fall into sin, you are expected to repent and ask for forgiveness from the Lord  and the Lord would forgive you. As mentioned before, you may still mess up even though you are a believer. However, God’s love is available to grant you forgiveness whenever you fall into sin and repent.  The Lord will forgive you as long as you own up. (1 John 1.9).

10. You are Heir
You have a new status, the heir apparent and joint heirs with Christ. You may be poor, but your heavenly Father is rich and so, you are rich.  You are transformed from the poorest person on the face of the earth to the riches, pretty wealthy guy.  How does that happen?  Well God is the Creator of the universe and He owns all things.  God’s children are promised that they will one reign with the Lord Jesus Christ over all the earth.  Remember, God owns all things and that includes not just the earth but the entire universe.  At that point the believer will possess all things with Christ.  

11. You enjoy fellowship with other believers
Being born again connects you to millions of believers across the world. You can worship with them, get encouraged and study the Bible together. In some fellowships, new believers are taught how to memorize scriptures (Ephesians 6:17) and how to witness (Romans 1:16). Bottom line, you will realize you long term salvation goal i.e. to be like Christ (Philippians 1:6).

12. New Spirit
You received new spirit and your desires will also change.  You will become more patient and willing to help others as a way of life.  You have new desires, new ambitions, a new hatred of sin, a new Father, a new home, a new fruit and a new love for God and fellow believers.  God’s purpose for every one  of His children is that they become more and more like the Lord Jesus Christ by daily studying the Bible, memorizing Scripture and obeying and living by the word.

Deception from Satan:

Meanwhile, the devil is busy repackaging sin to make it look attractive and trendy.  The enemy is preaching freedom and fundamental human right to allow people live and do whatever pleases their flesh, ignoring the word of God.

Sin is responsible for most of the suffering and problems of man.   People are playing with sin, and sinful acts means nothing to them nowadays, as long as money and pleasure will be their reward.  Sin is a killer of destiny, because the wages of sin is death. 

Behaviours contrary to the scriptures is sin, and falls short of His glory.  Sin is the reason for the chaos in the world today. Sin, no matter how little or big separates man from God.  It also put people in spiritual and physical bondage.  


Friends, Jesus is coming soon.  If you have not received Him as Lord and Saviour, please do so NOW!

Confess your sins to God and ask for His forgiveness, believe He has forgiven you.  Then ask Jesus to come into your heart, and be your Lord and Saviour.  Believe the Lord has also accepted your request and His Spirit is already inside your heart.

If you said that prayer from your heart, know for sure that you are BORN AGAIN, a new baby in the kingdom of God. You have also received the power to be the son or daughter of God.  Congratulations, you're born again!

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