MOVING FORWARD WITH GOD.....And enjoying Divine Presence?



Thank God for His mercy upon your family and mine.  As always it a priviledged to share the good news of the gospel with brethren, especially today's topic...Moving forward with God.

The topic is beneficial to new converts as well as those in Christ for many years, who are struggling to move up in their spiritual life.  My prayer is that the Holy Spirit will grant readers a deeper understanding of the matter discussed in Jesus name.


I congratulate new believers for taking the most important decision of their lives, receiving Christ as their Lord and Saviour.  As newborn babes, Apostle Paul says you should desire the sincere milk of the word, that you may grow in the spirit.

You are born again into God's family and to be led by the Spirit of God.  The Spirit of God knows all things partaining to God and the kingdom of God.  He is the Spirit of adoption which bears witness with your own spirit,  that you are a child of God.  The bible says in John 1:12 that as many as received Christ, to them gave He the power to become  the sons and daughters of God.  

So, you have to know the person of the Holy Spirit and take studying the Word of God seriously.  He will lead you into all truth, teach you how to humble yourself, and remove pride and deceit from you, so you can walk in righteousness and holiness.  He is your Teacher of the scriptures and your guide to success.  

Every truth and secret you want to know on any matter is with the Holy Spirit.  You need to de-emphasize your personal goals and ambitions when you have decisions to make.  Learn to walk in the spirit and know the mind of God concerning things.  These are the qualities the Holy Spirit will help you to develop. So again, submit to the guardiance of the Holy Spirit.

Moving forward in God

Moving forward in the spirit and walking with the Lord requires that certain things should be settled in your life and I want to encourage you to confront your past and conclude every unfinished business, so that you don't have to walk as the rest of the unbelievers, in the futility of their mind.

You should put off the old-man, concerning your former conduct, and be renewed in the spirit of your mind, that you may manifest the humble qualities of a born again child of God, created according to God, in true righteousness and holiness. 

Forgeting your past - Becoming a new man in Christ means your past sin has been washed away with the blood of Jesus.  So, first among many issues you have  to address is for you to learn to forget your past and move on with life.  It might be past failures or frustration, or unanswered prayers that has made you angry with God.  It could even be very bad experiences that still hurts you,  learn how to forget them and move on.  

Don't dwell too long on your past, and don't let your past life use-up too much of your time.  If there are actions in your past that is still speaking against your salvation, for instance acts of unfaithfulness, deceit etc  done to people around you, you should not ignore the guilty conscience you feel, take steps to restitute!

Forgiveness - Be willing to forgive people.  It takes faith to forgive and your faith will not work if you don't forgive. That is the Lord says when you kneel to pray, forgive your offenders, so God will also forgive your own sins.

Cares of this world - Beware of 'the cares for this world', which  is another hinderance to your spiritual growth.   It is the struggle to become successful and wealthy,taking care of your family, and living in pleasure like other people around you.  

It is the motivating force that fires a man to works from Monday to Sunday, without time for God.  No time to study the word of God, for worshipping God, and for fellowship with fellow believers.

Wicked works - Do not give yourself to lewdness, nakedness and to work all uncleanness with greediness.  All these unclean dressing with the intention to seduce the opposite sex is promoted by greed.  Evil and corrupt endorsement of ungodly behaviours are also fuelled by greed. what are we going to say about those who traffic on human beings for gain? refrain yourselves.

Abide in the vine - Make sure that in all circumstances, you are found standing frm and strong in Christ. Study and meditate on the scriptures, pray always without season and generally worship and fellowship with the Lord.  Be careful of actions that could drive your heart away from the Lord into vanity, because when that happens, the river of joy in your heart will start drying up, thereby  making you unfruitful.

Walk in light - And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.  For it is shameful even to speak of those things which are done by them in secret.

Grieve not the Spirit - Finally brethren, there are about six actions you must avoid because they grieve the Spirit of God working in your life. If you continue in them, hyou will be making your body and heart unfruitful or polluted for the Spirit of holiness to dwell in.  Do not grieve the Holy Spirit, by whom you were sealed for the day of redemption, who is in you and working  through you.  Therefore:

1. Put away lying, "Let each one of you speak truth with his neighbor," for we are members of one another. 

2.  "Be angry, and do not sin": do not let the sun go down on your wrath, nor give place to the devil. 

3.  Let him who stole steal no longer, but rather let him labor, working with his hands what is good, that he may have something to give him who has need. 

4.  Let no corrupt word proceed out of your mouth, but what is good for necessary edification, that it may impart grace to the hearers. 

5. Let all bitterness, wrath, anger, clamor, and evil speaking be put away from you, with all malice. 

6. Love and kindness -And be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ forgave you. 


Finally, my beloved friends, Jesus is coming back very soon, to take believers into a life of peace and joy, without trouble and pains in paradise. If you will receive Him as your Lord and Saviour today, He will give you the power to succeed in life and make heaven at last.

For those who are considering whether to surrendering their heart to Him or not, I plead with them to do so without delay, tomorrow may be too late. 



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