Nigerian Believers....Have Love for Country, show it!



Believers in Nigeria have a strong role to play in the spiritual development of the country.

We should be the first to humble ourselves before the Lord in prayer and fasting for the forgiveness of our sins as a Nation.  In 2 Chronicles 7:14, the Lord has promised to harken to our prayer and heal our land, if we come with a repentant heart.

We should not despair, or join people to speak idle words about Nigeria.  At the same time, we cannot afford to be silent when strange words are spoken about our country.  This is because, we know the spiritual principle behind spoken words, that what you speak is what you will like to get, many days after.

Infact, the negative words spoken yesterday are part of what we're reaping today - faithlessness, instability, emotional disconnect, and much frustration. The duty is such a profound one and we cannot afford to fail.  We should speak positive words, bless the country every day in our prayers. We should continue to say "God bless Nigeria" many times a day.

Many of us know that God has a purpose and plan for Nigeria this end time, and our spiritual obligation is to pray that the plans of God for Nigeria be established.  We should pray for personal and corporate revival in Nigeria, open heavens of vision, knowledge, and creativity from On-high upon the government and people of Nigeria.

Spiritual sacrifices are needed to reset the spiritual atmosphere in and around the country.  We can prayerfully release love and unity among Nigerians and reject bitterness, hate, and endless bickerings among the political elites.

We must pray continually for unity among our youths and pray that the light of Jesus Christ shines in their heart and the word of God be their guiding lamp.  All these and more areas of prayer and interception.  It hurts me to hear people contemplating division when we should be thinking of how to deepen the fragile unity.  

After the establishment of compulsory Youth service, more social programs and services are needed to bring our youths together to bond and talk about their country.  Whether we like it or not, the eroding sense of belonging among the youths must be addressed.  The social scientist knows that we need at least 10 years of continuous investment in youthful programs and plans to re-orientate the youths. 


The economic and social transformation will expect will be easier when we pay due spiritual sacrifices.  Let's remember that fervent prayer and positive actions is what give birth to miracles.  When someone cares and takes positive actions, you can be sure that the revival and open heavens promised in Lev. 26:3-8 will be the portion of Nigeria and Nigerians.

Can we start today?  In your closet, pray, fast, and bless Nigeria.  Remember to prophesy to yourself that you will see the fruit of your intercession and reap the benefits that will follow.  Pray also for peace and justice in the nation, that the love of Christ will reign in the heart of many.

The Lord gives you the grace to stand in the gap for your country and as you join this noble service, the Lord shows you mercy and preserves your life in Jesus' name.



Finally, my beloved friends, Jesus is coming back very soon, to take believers into a life of peace and joy, without trouble and pains in paradise. If you will receive Him as your Lord and Saviour today, He will give you the power to succeed in life and make heaven at last.

For those who are considering whether to surrendering their heart to Him or not, I plead with them to do so without delay, tomorrow may be too late. Let them say this simple prayer:

Heavenly Father, I come to You in the name of Jesus. I am a sinner and I believe Jesus died for my sins, and He arose for my justification. I, therefore, open my heart to receive Him as my Lord and Savior. 

Lord Jesus Christ, come and reign in my heart.  Thank You for saving my life, make me Your own from today, and write my name in the book of life.

You're born again!


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