BAKERY IS PROFITABLE.......How to start a Profitable Bread business!


1. Bakery - Variety of highly nutritious Bread
2. Chef  -  Snacks and Sausages (Pies, Rolls, Shawarma etc)
3. Cake baking and Decoration


Providing quality bread and snacks that meet the customers' expectations at a profit is a task that requires competent and dedicated staff.  From recipe formulation to consistent product quality requires knowledge, focus, and drive.  It requires that the Bakery or Fast food restaurant is operating at optimal levels in production, sales, marketing, administration.

That is why CKA Butterfresh is investing its time and resources in training workers in the bakery and fast food industry.  We are fortunate to be associated with a successful Bakery and pastry brand, so we teach the theory and practices of baking to students and the entrepreneurial skills to succeed in the marketplace.

Variety of highly nutritious Bread

Recipe drives the food business and no one can achieve major success without an outstanding recipe produced consistently.  That is the secret of Coca-cola and other brands. The entrepreneur should be able to develop a good recipe, protect it and ensure it is consistently produced.  

Our Bread and Pastry school is a wholistic school that teaches bread baking from scratch to finish. Our classes explain the various combination of materials required in baking high-quality bread, their right proportions, and what each material contributes to making the loaf.

Every aspect is explained, including how the flour is treated and mixed to get a good dough, with high yield and long-lasting freshness. We also guide students through the Bread business feasibility study, which will help them gain a better understanding of the business, its risk, and challenges

Staff - The quality of your staff will impact your business, so you need staff with good training, experience, and entrepreneurial skills to drive your vision through.  the quality staff brings a lot of benefits to the table. They know what to do and why they are doing what they do.

We include entrepreneurial skills and steps into their training, which transforms their mentality to work as the potential owner of the business.  That knowledge also boosts their commitment and dedication, resulting in harmonious teamwork among staff, reduction in mistakes and errors as well as avoidance of unnecessary wastages, which help reduce cost.

Quality Standards. How to establish and maintain quality standards is another important factor in the sustainability of the bakery and fast food business in Nigeria.  Anywhere food is produced must have acceptable quality standards, and as regulatory authorities would say, good food cannot come from a dirty environment.  

So, GMP rules and standards must be followed to ensure:
1. The quality of food being processed.
2. That a clearly defined production process is established
3. A healthy environment and production processes.
4. Compliance with minimum production standards.
5. Total compliance with NAFDAC and other agency standards.

Marketing /Sales 

Marketing and sales are as important as the production of bread and snacks.  Attention should focus on friendly and courteous customer service by the sales girls and all frontline staff.

The marketing and sales aspect of the training helps the trainees understand the marketing strategy of their organization, then equips them with the different ways to drive the strategy through awareness creation, where and how to sell their bread, how to develop personal distribution channels for your bread and other steps to gain distribution and sales advantage.

Consultancy - CKA Butterfresh Bread and Pastry school carries out market research and survey for new and old businesses in the food industry.  We also consult on the Bakery business for new start-ups, right from factory layout to training of staff, machinery maintenance, and quality control.  We conduct business feasibility studies that help start-ups understand the business in context, its prospects, challenges, and risks. 

Optional Internship

We will arrange the internship for interested trainees, which will allow them to work under master bakers and chefs for one month.  It will also help them internalize the theories and skills learned during the training.  Terms and conditions apply.

Course Fee:  N70,000

Duration: 2 Weeks or  30 days

CKA Butterfresh
Suite A7, 
Amina Plaza, 
Opposite NNPC Petrol Station,
Arab Road, Kubwa.
Abuja. Tel: 09092357268

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