WHAT WEAPONS IS THE STRONGMAN ......Using against your Life?




From the book of Luke 11, we see that a strongman is a person fully armed and have the ability to arrest, steal, kill or destroy the destinies of others.  He trusts in his armour and fights to keep his spoils.

What the bible calls his spoils can be the destinies of people, who may have offended him legally and those others the bible referred to as prey of the captives.  If you make a simple mistake with a demonic personality, he records it against you and stands on such mistake to afflict the person, but if you know Jesus, his attacks will fail.

Satanic strongmen and women are people who know how to project wicked spirits to go and hinder people.  They control countless demons and know how to deploy all kinds of demons to hinder children of God.

When we talk of failure in business, marriage, barrenness, poverty, sickness and untimely death, the human agents of Satan usually project multiple wicked spirits to monitor, manipulate, and hinder the progress and destinies of people.  

Many people who are drunkards today cannot trace how it started.  Many ladies who are doing things that are not convenient cannot tell how those things started in their lives.  These are the work of strongmen who wants to stop them from fulfilling their purposes in life.

When the strongman wants a person to become poor, he sends different spirits of darkness, demons to destroy the works of his hands and stop new inflows of opportunities and money into his hands.  That person is doomed if he does not know what to do to be free.  When you struggle for a long time to get anything without success, change your prayer.  There may be a strongman involved.

If a wicked Uncle declares that a lady will not get married or have children in your marriage, he sends different wicked demons against the lady to make her misbehave, connect her to wrong friends who will expose her to all kinds of wicked lifestyle, including prostitution.  

He may also send other demons to drive away potential good husbands.  These spirits will be telling the man that the girl is not a good woman and that she should not be trusted because of her past etc

When the strongman wants a woman to go childless, he sends different spirits against her, including the spirit of anger, bitterness, unforgiveness.  The woman will see herself doing things that are not convenient for a married woman and she will be helpless.  Sometimes the spirit will make her hate her inlaws, especially the mother-in-law so that she will quarrel continually with her husband.  

The demon will tell her to fight the woman and stop her from visiting. Stop her husband from sending money to his mother, so the woman will curse her and initiate moves to drive her away.

If the strongman wants a student who is brilliant in the class to begin to fail, this strongman can be a fellow student who is in darkness and who is envious of the rising profile of his fellow student in the class. He will send spirits of distraction, spirits of failure, spirits of lust and even the spirit of worldliness to start manipulating the student and remove his mind from studying to pleasure. 


When the strongman is not a fellow student, he or she will find their member in the school and use him or her to distract the student.  Once diverted from studying to pleasure, they will expose him to countless spirits that will make it difficult for that student to return to excellence till he or she graduates.

If the target person is strong in the Lord, or when the enemy wants to institutionalize the wickedness against a person, he uses Curses sealed with a blood sacrifice to place the person in bondage.  

Whenever a curse is involved, it’s no longer to stop the student from making first class, it is for the person to be a failure in life.  Beloved, whenever a curse is involved, such a curse must be broken through prayer before any meaningful progress can be seen in that life.  

How will you know when a curse is involved, the problem will prolong from one stage to many other stages.  From school to the office, or business and even in the family and marriage of such a person.  Sometimes, the strongman discovers a curse is already in place in the life of a person and stands on that curse, which may be ancestral to afflict the person if Christ is not brought into the matter.

The target of the devil is a born again Christian, the first step is to attack his or her spiritual life and whenever they succeed in bringing it down, they proceed with other agendas of the devil.  If they cannot bring down a believer’s spiritual life, they cannot make progress against him or her.


Every believer must know how to bring the Lord into his battle in order to have victory.  The devil is well organized and wicked.  He is the same Satan that fought the early church and destroyed Judas.  You must know how to bring the Lord into your battle for your freedom.


Friends, Jesus is coming soon.  If you have not yet received Him as Lord and Saviour, I plead with you to do it now.  If you are ready to surrender your heart to Christ, say this prayer: 

Heavenly Father, I come to You in the name of Jesus Christ.
I believe that Jesus died for my sins and rose again for my justification. I repent of my sins and ask for forgiveness. I ask Jesus to come into my heart and reign as my Lord and Saviour.  

I receive Him by faith and I am born again.


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