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There comes a time when a person knows he needs divine intervention if meaningful progress will be experienced in his or her life.  Such moments do not surprise God, because God is all-knowing. He knows what will happen before the events take place.  

Wise people usually sit down to evaluate their situation and decides to do something different.  There is a time when we need the advice of God. There is a time when you need to hear from God concerning a matter. At such desperate moments, your desire to seek God should be backed by action.

Many people find it difficult to continue in something after many attempted failure.  What you at such time is not to quit, but divine intervention.  It may be that you are looking for a job, contract or how to break out from a dangerous addiction.

Remember that God knows what you are going through and that everything will work together for your victory. That is the faith you need to succeed at such moments.  You may start by praying to God and asking for the way forward.  

Separate yourself from food, family and friends, and go into an 'Alone with God prayer".  When you do that, have faith that He will answer you and keep an open mind to receive instruction on what to do next.

Alternatively, you can seek prophetic counsel from a prophet or Pastor as you are led in the spirit.  Know that a Prophet is not a Pastor, and their manner of response to issues are not the same.  A Pastor is ready to pamper you, even when you are telling lies, but a Prophet will not pamper you at all, and if he knows you are lying, he can even ask you to go, and counselling is abruptly closed.


Prophesy is a word from the Lord to you.  It is speaking the mind of God on any issue. A Prophesy can be to a person, people, place and even to a government. Prophesy is usually a piece of information that God wants to pass to people or a person concerning present or past events.  

A Prophesy can also be a piece of information about the future.  A word from God may not necessarily be a Prophesy. It can be an instruction of what you should do, to come out of trouble or bondage.  There are prophecies with instructions and there are prophesies without instructions.  Let's look at instances in the Bible:

1. Prophet's Widow:  In this case, the wife of a late prophet cried to Elisha the Prophet for help.  Notice Elisha's response, "What do you want me to do you?. Eventually, Elisha gave her instructions on what to do, to avoid reproach -  2 Kings 4:1-7.

2. Agabus:  The Prophet, Agabus, prophesied into the future, no time was mentioned and no instructions on what to do.

A prophecy with instruction is one that gives a person direction as to what the recipient should do next or the areas he/she should focus his activities going forward.  If you receive a prophecy like, "God says I will promote you and make you the richest footballer in Nigeria".  This is a prophecy that shows the recipient the area of activity and profession in which God will bless him/her.


A prophesy gives direction for resolving a seemingly hopeless situation.  In the case of Elizabeth in the bible, a word from the Lord removed her reproach and made her the mother of John the Baptist.

In the case of Prophet's widow, it stopped the creditors from taking her son's into bondage, a humiliating reproach. In the case of the widow of Zarephath, it delivered her and her child from untimely death.

A word from the Lord spoken directly to you during any of our Zoom meetings will turn your life around for the better. The Lord inspired the Zoom meetings to deliver people from reproaches and age-long adverse conditions.  In Luke 1:37, the bible says that "But with God, nothing shall be impossible". 

Whether it is looking for a job, or pursuing a contract for years without success or sickness, God will give an answer.  Do you have a problem that has resisted your prayer for many years, a word from the Lord will remove it?


These are monthly Zoom meetings that will hold for two days each time.  It's inspired by the Lord to break long-standing issues affecting the lives of children of God.  When the Lord sees the affliction of His children, He sends a Prophet to them.  The bible says that by a Prophet, Israel was delivered.

Whenever a problem persists, let no one deceive you that all is well.  Problems that defy prayer are sustained by certain powers, either from God or the devil and his agents.  It may be from God, when it is not in the will of God for you, or when the time for what you're asking for is not ripe.

If a problem is from God, you cannot bind God. It is meant to allow for the appointed time.  So, the more you try to bind, the weaker you become.  A problem can also be from the devil through his agents. When it is from the devil, there will be a prominent and persistent sin that sustains the victim's bondage.  Without sin, the hand of the devil is weak to afflict.

It could be greed, rebellion, pride, anger that destroys things, watching pornography, drug abuse or getting drunk etc. The agents of Satan will use manipulation to keep the person going back to sin every time.  That is why you need divine intervention to break out.  You also need discipline and sometimes, prophetic instruction.  That's what God has raised these meetings for. 

A close look at the issues to be handled at the meetings will reveal the kind of problems we are talking about here.  Strong emotional issues torment people today.  We will be dealing with stubborn matters like Lust, addictions, marital and relationship failures, disagreement and divorce.  We're also looking at financial difficulties the reasons why many prayers remain unanswered.  These are the recurring issues that God wants to resolve.


1. Breaking the yoke of Lust, Perversion and other addictions.

2. Breaking the yoke of financial difficulties and failure in business.

3. Delay in marriage, knowing who to marry and living in love, resolving problems at home and avoiding separation. 

The Lord will speak to you directly and your life will turn around for better.


Friends, Jesus is coming back to rapture the saints, and you are expected to be in the list of people that will inherit eternal life.  If you have known the Lord as your Lord and Saviour,  this is the time.  Receive Him today, don't wait another day.  

Say this prayer:

Heavenly Father, I come to You in the name of Jesus. I believe that Jesus died for my sins, and He arose for my justification. I, therefore, open my heart to receive Him as my Lord and Savior. 

Lord Jesus Christ, come and reign in my heart.  Thank You for saving my life, make me Your own from today and write my name in the book of life. I am born again!


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