FAITH TO RECEIVE HEALING.....Comes with a Violent Force




Faith is very important for anyone that wants to receive from God.  Faith is a spiritual currency with which you can purchase anything you need in the spirit.

Faith is the force that activates the laws of the spirit world.  When the force of faith is put in operation, every promise of God becomes possible for the individual who is full of faith.

All spiritual battles are won by faith.  A man of faith cannot lose any spiritual battle, but when the man's faith wanes, fear and anxiety takes over.  Spiritual weakness is a disaster that must be avoided.  Going into any spiritual battle without faith is going to end in crisis.

Faith is absolute dependence on God.  It is the hallmark of whatever we do with God.  It comes by hearing the Word of God, studying the word of God and by acting the word.  Faith is not passive, it is a violent force, energy and power that gets the attention of God for your healing.

Faith to Receive

The faith to receive is that extra mile you are willing to go to touch the garment of Christ.   and receive your healing.  He is the source of your desired healing, so as the stories in the bible, what extra effort are you ready to make to see Him?

The faith to receive your healing from God may be small faith, but the ability to plan and host it like a flag is what is difficult for many people.  When some people get to a boiling point in their quest to be healed, they become creative and start thinking of alternative steps and actions.

Faith can also be defined as that rhema you receive in your spirit,  the inner voice of God that directs you to pray for someone or to say a particular prayer, and when you say the prayer, the answer comes. It is not your making, it is from God.

The faith to receive is a violent faith that asks 'What should I do to commit God to do what He has promised'?.  They are actions that prove your faith in God.

Nature of Faith to Receive:

The faith to receive from God is faith in adversity, when there is trouble and when the options are few.  It is the creative actions of faith people do when all hope seemed lost and when the only job sustaining the family is taken away by the devil and all hope seems lost

It can be a revelation from the Almighty God, inspiring you to do something differently.  In the bible, we read that by faith, Abel offered unto God, a more excellent sacrifice than Cain.  The question is where did he get the inspiration to offer an excellent sacrifice unto God?  He got it from God.  Can I tell you that faith is revelation dropped into your heart from heaven?  It never fails to produce the required result, because it is Rhema, spoken for a particular purpose.

By divine inspiration, Abel knew the kind of sacrifice that God appreciates and offered it to God.  It was not by Abel's wisdom NO, it was by faith from God. Faith is not only believing God, It is knowing how to offer unto the Lord excellent sacrifices.

I want to say that faith is not a gentleman concept, faith is a violent force.  If you add 'to receive to faith, you are adding urgency to faith'.  What you will have is a violent force that says "It must be done now, not tomorrow.  You will have something like It's either God gives it to me now or never. You will have something like "If I perish, I perish" taken from Queen Esther- Esther 4:16. 

Men that displayed Faith to Receive:

Faith is very powerful. It is the anchor of our Christianity.  Without faith, no one can please God.  No wonder the Lord told the people that if they can have faith as little as the Mustard seed, they can command any mountain to remove and it shall be so.

Successful Christians live by faith, they make faith their lifestyle, not an on-and-off doctrine.  Faith is at the centre of everything we do in the kingdom.  These men and women displayed strong faith, the faith to receive from God when confronted with the challenges of life.

A Blind man, Bartimaeus:  The bible in Mark 10:46-50 told a story of this man born blind, who resisted the mockery of the crowd to get the attention of Jesus Christ.  As a blind man, he noticed that something was happening around him, and there was so much noise in the environment, so he asked what was happening.  They told it was Jesus passing.

The moment he heard it was Jesus, he made up his mind that the Lord will not pass him by that day.  He decided his eyes must be opened that day or never.  He cried Jesus thou Son of David help me.  The crowd shouted him down, but he refused to keep quiet.  Instead, the cried the more, and the Lord had to stop and attend to him, that's faith to receive.

If you ask blind Bartimaeus about faith, he will tell you the best form of faith is the violent faith, which he displayed and got the attention of the Lord and his eyes were opened that same day.

A Sickman carried to Christ:
A sick man was taken to the hall where Jesus was preaching, and behold the hall was full to capacity, there was no space in the place and all access route closed.  The sick man decided his friends should drop him through the roof of the house to see Jesus.  

The bible says that Jesus saw the faith of his friends and healed him, that's faith to receive from God - Mark 2:3-5

The Woman with the Issue of Blood:
Remember the woman with the issue of blood who suffered for many years, spent all her money without any improvement in her conditions.  She then remembered that someone had spoken to her about the Healer, Jesus Christ.  She began to meditate and plan her strategy to get close to him while He is on the way.  How did she achieve this goal with the multitude that follows Christ?

She decided in her heart that if she cannot halt Him like blind Bartimaeus, she can at least move close enough to touch His garment.  Yes, she said in her heart and prayer to God, that if God will allow her to touch the garment of the Lord, she will be made whole.  

God saw her faith from heaven and made it possible for her to touch His garment and she was made whole - Mathew 9:20-22

Let me remind you of the sweet story of a rich man called Zacchaeus.  He was a short man who desired so much to see Jesus.  He tried to see the Lord many times when he is passing without success because of his size.

One day he was enjoying the cool wilderness freeze when they told him that Jesus is passing through his place again.  He decided to run miles ahead of the Lord and the multitude following unto a Sycomore tree and climbed the tree, in order to be able to catch a glimpse of the Lord.

This short rich man had made several unsuccessful attempts to see Jesus before he decided to go the extra mile.  He decided that the height of the Sycomore tree was his only hope of seeing who Jesus is, and it worked for him.  Violent faith will always get the attention of God, so when the Master got there, He looked up to see the man whose faith has already connected with Him"  Jesus said to him, come down for today, I must abide in your house.  That was how salvation got to Zacchaeus family that same day.

What will you Do?
I have explained these stories of faith to encourage you to desire to receive your own healing today, right where you are sitting.  You have a part to play in your healing.  Your faith should be highly motivated by the healing promises of God, the testimonies of other people and sweet stories of men and women in the bible.

A woman was barren for many years and after a while, she left the city for another place.  Many years after she return to her former city and attended her old church and discovered that all the women praying for the fruit of the womb with her have all been blessed with children.  

Right there and then she told herself that she cannot be the odd woman in the midst, so she ran to the alter and cried unto the Lord to give her children.  She wept sore and left to her house.  That same month she conceived and today she is a mother.  What happened?  The testimony of her mates triggered a violent faith in her and she received her miracle.

Lift up your hands, let me pray for you.  The barren woman received her miracle children the month her faith became violent and she cried to the Lord.  In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray that the Lord will hear your prayer today and heal you.  If you need prayer point on any sickness, feel free to contact us.


Friends, Jesus is coming soon.  If you have not yet received Him as Lord and Saviour, I plead with you to do it now.  If you are ready to surrender your heart to Christ, say this prayer: 

Heavenly Father, I come to You in the name of Jesus Christ.

I believe that Jesus died for my sins and rose again for my justification. I repent of my sins and ask for forgiveness. I ask Jesus to come into my heart and reign as my Lord and Saviour.  

I receive Him by faith and I am born again.


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