HOW TO EFFECTIVELY DESTROY.......Oppression, Reverse injustice & encounter Favour




For a Christian, there are two most important discoveries to make, the first is to know God and the second is to know who God created you to be. 

Every one of us has an assignment to fulfil within the short space of time we have.  The challenge, therefore, is how to identify your purpose and walk in it, stay focused until you are established in it. 


It is not enough to be successful; you should be successful in the very purpose for which God created you.  The reason is that in doing the will of God, every purpose fulfilled is a blessing to humanity according to the designs and plans of God. 


Success never happens by chance, You must have a goal and be determined to achieve the goal, despite challenges.  For a child of God, prayer is a way of life, because we are asked to pray, without praying, you will not receive anything from God.

All the promises of God are available to you, but you have to have faith to receive them.  You have to claim them in prayer and call them forth.  When God answers your prayers, don’t stop praying or serving God.  Prayer is the way to receiving from God. 

Successful people are champions who win always by recreating the winning pattern they have discovered in different areas of life.  So be ready to pray your way to Victory and duplicate the pattern in every other area of your need.

Great Destinies

Men with great destinies are never hidden from the devil.  The devil understands your assignment more than you can imagine.  He knows your weaknesses and the different ways to hinder you. So, we have the devil and his agents to contend with.

Every man of destiny has a man or woman assigned by the devil to bring him or her down, and until you overpower the strong man or woman sent to pull you down, you cannot enter into your dominion.

If you will succeed in today’s world, your spiritual power (Fire in your bones) must be greater than the demonic power of your strong enemies, the Satanic agents of your father’s house and the Satanic agent assigned to bring you down.

In many instances, the strongman of your father’s house will eventually know the agent the devil assigned to hinder you, because they work together.  This brings me to household witchcraft.

Witchcraft in the house is very deadly. You should pray with scriptures and take specific actions to dislodge them.  Your prayer fire and spiritual sacrifices must continue without stop.


Oppression means to be put under spiritual subjection by a force stronger than you.  It means to be manipulated to do things you don't even like.  Oppression is usually enforcement of satanic agenda upon a person.  

Oppression can be felt physically, it can be financial, marital, and spiritual.  Oppression can be done anywhere, what you need  is a strongman or woman who wants to be in charge of things, and influence what goes on in the place, though he/she is not the person placed in authority to do so.

For a person to be under the bondage of an oppressor, the oppressor must have done something in the spiritual realm.  He would have planted an evil seed in the spirit to effectively control and manipulate another person.  Nothing can happen in the physical unless it has been accomplished in the spirit.

There are different kinds of oppression, but the worst type is called 'Captivity'.  This is a situation in which a person is relying on his enemy for survival.  This is the setting or foundation for suffering, hardship and profitless hardwork that people experience.  

The victim is struggling, but nothing is working.  He opens a business, which is making sales and things look promising, but a little issue brings the whole business down.  He starts another business and the same thing happens, and gradually his/her financial resources are depleted and no tangible improvement in his/her life.  

That is why the bible says in Eccles 7:7 that "Surely oppression maketh a wise man mad; and a gift destroyeth the heart".  It could be frustrating.  Say these prayers:

1. Any seed of oppression planted in the spirit against me, come out in Jesus name.

2. Every sacrifice made in the spirit to put me in bondage, catch fire and die in Jesus name.

3. Evil Seed of oppression fired into my life in the dream, come out and die in Jesus name.

4. O' Lord have mercy on me, take me out of this captivity in Jesus name.

A Christian should not be oppressed because in Isaiah 54:14 the bible says we are established in righteousness and far from oppression... but, many times people are not aware of spiritual implications of the things they say and so, and so the wicked agents take advantage of that to put believers in bondage.

Oppression maketh a wise man mad is an expression of the fact that when a person is under oppression, he becomes another creature.  He cannot regulate his behaviour or control his desires and speech, because a power stronger than him is speaking to his ears and demanding him or her to do certain things.

An oppressed person might be completely unaware of his conditions and why he is doing what he is doing.  It would have taken years and people begin to tell him that something is wrong with what he/she is doing before he begins to ponder over his life, by that time he has sunk very deep into the pit of the enemy.  There is hope! 

For an individual to be oppressed, he/she must have fulfilled certain criteria consciously or unconsciously.  The question you may be asking now is "What could I have done that made it possible for that man or woman to be oppressing me like this?

I want to assure you there is a solution to every problem.  There is a power that breaks the backbone of oppression and bondage, that power is the Holy Ghost, the power of God.  

As you seek the solution in the Lord, one thing you must understand is the Word of God and practise it daily.  The enemy will try to influence you to do what is wrong before God, which keeps you in their bondage, despite 'fire prayers'.  You must embrace holiness and live a righteous life in Christ.

Victory from Injustice 

You need justice when there is a conspiracy against you and they are threatening you secretly or openly.  They may have gathered evidence to put you in jail over what you know nothing about.  All you need is God's intervention.

You will need to pray with understanding, presenting your argument before God in clear terms and cry for His help.  Whether they are going to a panel or court, the book of Proverbs21:1 says "The King's heart is in the hand of the Lord, as the rivers of water, he turneth it wheresoever He will"

You must understand that all power belongs to God (Psalm 62:11) and if God is with you, everyone against you shall fail.  No matter the level of conspiracy against a child of God, in the end, good will triumph over evil.  No matter how legally impossible a case may be, the final authority and power over the matter rest with Jesus.  

But, God is not an unjust God, which means that before you start praying the prayers in the eBook or any other materials, you should examine yourself.  If you have sinned or opened the door to the enemy to come into your space and fleece you, you should repent, and repent genuinely before the Lord.

Having repented, I want you to comfort yourself with the following scriptures in Job 5:12 which says the Lord disappointed the devices of the crafty so that their hands cannot perform their enterprise.  Proverbs 19:21 says there are many devices in a man's heart, nevertheless the counsel of the LORD, that shall stand.



Many years ago, I was climbing the stairs to a Mountain for prayers, when the Lord says to me: “Are you still praying for yourself, I have answered your prayers, begin to pray for others”.  That was how I was called into the intercessory ministry and since then, I have been praying and interceding for people with great results.

The teaching and prayers contained in the eBooks page are meant to destroy every spiritual roadblock to your success, destroy works of darkness done against you in the spirit and provoke divine favour and restoration.  People sick will find the prayer materials helpful, no matter the sickness, as our prayer team will join them in prayers.

The materials are the complete teaching on the subject, prophetic instructions and the prayer points.  Check our eBooks page for more information.


It is my prayer that you will be free from all oppression and have victory over the devices of the enemy.  But, more importantly, I pray that you will make eternity in Christ.

For people who have not yet surrendered their heart to Jesus Christ, please do so today, now is the acceptable time.  Jesus is waiting for you to say that simple prayer: 

Heavenly Father, I come in prayer in the name of Jesus Christ.  I repent of my sins and ask for forgiveness.  I believe that Jesus died for my sins and rose again for my justification.  I invite Him into my heart to reign as Lord and Saviour of my life.  Thank You for answered prayer...I AM BORN AGAIN!


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