LADY EVANGELIST FAILS TO RAISE THE DEAD.....I believe in Raising the Dead!



This report from social media with its picture evidence shows we have zealous Evangelists around.  A bold Lady Evangelist prayed to God for almost an hour to raise a dead woman back to life and nothing happened.

Though some commentators are expressing misgivings because of her failure, such comments are not necessary.  It is her duty to pray, if she has faith, especially if she heard from the Lord to embark on such a prayer.  

The truth is that if you did not get express permission of the Lord before you start some levels of ministration, He is not obligated to help you fix any problem you may encounter. You will have to complete what you started.

Again, if the purpose is for 'showmanship', you can be sure the Lord will not have any business with such.  From the narration, the Lady wanted the young man to believe that she was sent to minister to him.  But after an hour or more, she gave up on praying for the dead.

No one knows what went wrong with the Evangelist's prayer and faith, but I know from experience that God is a perfect God and everything He does is perfect.  Some years back, I was told my mum was not feeling well.  They gave her phone to talk to me and she told me she was not strong and my senior sister took her to her house.

My Experience
The next day, I decided to travel to know what the problem was, but before I got to my sister's place, she passed on.  I was shocked and devastated, and as a minister of God, I decided to pray for her to rise from the dead because I did not believe she was indeed dead.

I asked my sister to take me to where she is laid.  I took my Anointing oil and the Bible with me.  She opened the room, but before I started to pray, I asked the Lord whether I should pray for her or not.  Then the Lord answered me with a question:  The Lord asked "If she rises up now, will you go back with her to Abuja? or will she return to the house where she is living alone?  Again the Lord said: you know she is old and tired, if she rises up now, what will she be doing or what will she still achieve?  

With the questions, the idea to pray for her dried up in my heart.  It became clear to me that the Lord is simply saying to me "Allow her to rest".

The story

A Twitter User, Mykael Udy, has narrated his experience and shock at the delusion of a Lady preaching the Gospel. The Twitter User said he was walking out of Isolo General Hospital and when a Lady approached him and wanted to preach the Gospel. He responded by telling her to take the Gospel to the sick people in the hospital who needed healing.

The lady insisted that she was directed to him by the Holy Spirit to preach the gospel and to prove it, she would raise a dead body at the Hospital. He found the challenge interesting and watched the whole attempt at resurrection. As they were having their conversation, a car came into the Hospital carrying a dead person. She asked if the person was truly dead and said that they would witness the Power of Jesus.

The Dead Lady was stretchered out and the Lady began commanding and praying for her to Wake up. This went on for 50 minutes. She then began to weep and ask the Holy Spirit not to forsake her, trying for another 35 minutes. Conceding defeat, she told the husband of the Lady "Sorry for your Loss."

As she walked out of the Hospital, He heard her say "Jesus, why didn't you answer me?" The man then complained about how dangerous religious delusions can be.


Friends, the King (JESUS CHRIST) is coming.  The question is "Where will you spent eternity - in heaven or hell". This is the time to work out your salvation...Now is the acceptable time.  

If you have not yet received Jesus as Lord and Saviour of your life, say this short prayer:

Raise your right hand up unto the Lord and say: “Father, in the name of Jesus, I come before you now. I confess that I am a sinner. Lord, forgive me and cleanse me with your blood. Lord Jesus, come into my life, take control of my life, in Jesus name.”


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