Igbos Owns Nigeria Not Fulani, Come to the North and see their investments – Prof. Yusuf

Prof. Usman Yusuf

IGBO PRESIDENCY....And Media Sentiments

The Igbo presidency is a viable project any day in Nigeria because the people of the South East are still making contributions for a better Nigeria.  I believe their time will soon come.  

The Ibos call where ever they live, home.  So they live and do business in such a place as any other 'son of the soil' would do.  They believe in dogged individualism and no Ibo man waits for the government to do anything for him or her, because such a wait is in futility.  

It will be a waste of time and a foolish step indeed.  Except for Road and Schools, they would not bother waiting for the government to come before they establish the lifestyle they desire.  From electricity to water, individuals and sometimes the community levy themselves to provide. 

So, the comment of Professor Usman Yusuf caught my attention and I decided to share it to our readers as it is. 

How sacked NHIS Boss Yusuf Responded to PREMIUM TIMES Enquiry...

Former Executive Secretary of National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), Prof Usman Yusuf, has described claims that the Fulani “own” Nigeria as a fallacy and “sentimental nonsense”.

The prof spoke on a lot of issues including Miyetti Allah, IPOB etc.  About Miyetti Allah and the Igbos, he says:

Igbo people don’t really understand the association, and they give it prominence more than what it is. Miyetti Allah in Fulfulde means ‘Thank God’ and they are just protecting their cattle rearers. Cattle rearers never come to the cities, yet every community should protect itself since the federal government has failed; there is not enough police, not enough soldiers, and people are being killed all over. 

Yes, we may get to that level where communities have to take responsibility for their own security. There has just to be a legal framework for that; we don’t have enough soldiers, we don’t have enough police to protect people.  You say you are protecting Igbo, you are protecting the Fulani, Amotekun is protecting the Yoruba, and it is because of lack of central leadership, which is why you have all this nonsense.

Igbo people, especially those living in the Southeast that has never been to the North, think of Miyetti Allah as a problem, but people in the North don’t think IPOB, MASSOB as a problem, they are just agitators. There is so much misconception about Nigeria. There are more Igbo in the North than there are Hausa Fulani in the East. 

More Igbo have made a good decent living in the North than Northerners have made in the Southeast, so also Yoruba. There is a lot of misconception going around and people need to be educated and that is why we are talking. Igbo own all the hotels in Abuja, you go to Kano, you go to Sokoto and other places in the North, Igbo are there doing businesses for a long time, and nobody begrudges them.

He said that the erroneous narrative was being pushed by unscrupulous elements with a nefarious agenda.  According to him, Fulani people were in the minority in the federal civil service compared to Yoruba and Igbo people.

The Katsina-born professor added that Yoruba and Igbo people were also far richer than their Fulani counterparts.  Yusuf said that there was, therefore, no justification for claiming that the Fulani own or control Nigeria.

“Which part of Nigeria do they own? Igbo people are richer than Fulani people; Yoruba people are also richer than Fulani people. There are more Igbo and Yoruba in federal civil service than Fulani.

“Does any Fulani own a bank? Does any Fulani own a media house? Does any Fulani own a hotel? All the hotels in Abuja and land are owned by the Igbo. Is Abuja Igbo land? Can Fulani own in the East what Igbo own in the North? No. If you have never been to the North, come and see the landed properties that the Igbo have, which the Fulani do not have and cannot have in Igbo land.

“Whoever that says Fulani man owns Nigeria, let him come and say how. Fulani man occupies Aso Rock, and so what? An Igbo man should come and occupy Aso Rock and give the Fulani all the material wealth he has in the North. That is nonsense.

“Igbo own all the hotels, they own banks, and Yoruba own the newspapers and banks. What do the Fulani own? It is just sentimental nonsense,” Yusuf told Saturday Sun.

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