ENTREPRENEURSHIP.......Training Food Vendors in Bread, Rolls and Cake baking, Abuja

1. Baking Bread
2. Snacks and Sausages
3. Cakes

Food entrepreneurship is driven by quality and innovation.

To succeed in baking bread or any confectionary require good training and experience. The entrepreneur should know that profitability will depend on many factors, including how they manage their cost.  They should know they are in business to serve their customers, so they should know their customers and their taste preferences and produce products that meet those expectations.

Recipe drives the food business and no one can achieve major success without an outstanding recipe produced consistently through all the batches.  That is the secret of Coca-cola and other brands.  Anywhere you taste Coca-Cola, the taste is the same. The entrepreneur should be able to develop a good recipe, protect it and ensure production is consistent with the agreed recipe.  

The price of your products may change, staff may change, but your recipe and product quality must never change with time.

How To Start A Bread Bakery In Nigeria Or Africa: Complete Guide

Another important factor is the maintenance of quality standards.  Anywhere food is produced must have acceptable quality standards which are documented and practised, for as regulatory authorities would say, good food cannot come from a dirty environment.  

So, GMP rules and standards must be followed to ensure:
1. Quality of food being processed
2. A clearly defined production process
3. Product consistency
4. Service excellence.
5. Total compliance with NAFDAC and other agency standards

Our Bread school is a wholistic school that teaches bread baking from scratch to finish.  We also guide students through the Bread business feasibility study, which will help them gain a better understanding of the business, its risk and challenges.

Where and how to sell your bread is as important as baking the bread. Creating product awareness, distinguishing your products by quality, knowing your customers and getting the bread and snacks to them is another aspect of food business young entrepreneurs should master.  That is why our student conduct market research on how to market their products, new product and new markets.

Innovation and latest global marketing trends are also covered. 

The course covers:

1. Theory and practice of baking Bread, Snacks and Cakes.
2. Hands-on production of Bread and snacks
3. Business Management
4. Financial Management
5. Marketing and sales strategy
6. Bakery management and regulatory compliance
7. Business feasibility and application for the CBN 9% loan -  Optional 


Course Fee:  N50,000.00

Duration: 5 (Five) Days

Location:   Abuja:  Contact: 09092357268

Optional Internship
We know that new comers to the business will benefit from internship opportunities that will allow them work under master bakers and chefs for three to six months.  It will also help them internalize the theories and skills learned during the training.

We have arranged a brief period of internship for interested trainees - Terms and conditions apply.


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