ENTREPRENEURSHIP.......Training for Bread, Cake, Rolls and Buns baking, Abuja


A new bakery and confectionaries company is planning to empower women and the youths with baking skills that will help them make a decent living.  The company has concluded plans to train interested women and youth on bread production and bakery management, Cake and other related fast food pasteries like Doughnut, Meat pie etc.

According to the Pastery company, they will train bakers on how to prepare healthy and nutricionally rich bread, cakes and other Pasteries.  We have a bakery, confectionary and fast food shops for trainees to have hands-on experience at the end of their training, if they so desire.

We teach the biology, chemistry, and physics of bread that affect bread production and quality, focusing on the essential ingredients for quality bread making and why they are included in recipe formulation, so that the baker can easily develop his own bread recipe.

Our Bread school is a wholistic practical school that teach bread baking from scratch to finish.  We also guide students through the Bread business feasibility study, they are expected to undertake before starting the business.  Practical issues and problems are discussed and resolved in the class.  

How To Start A Bread Bakery In Nigeria Or Africa: Complete Guide


This course provides you with a rich foundation in bread making required to enable students to produce highly nutritional loafs.  The training covers the primary and secondary ingredients common to most baked goods, how the major ingredients like flour, salt, and water contribute to final products, and how secondary ingredients such as oxidizing agents and improvers affects the overall quality of your bread.

The mathematics of bread making is not left out as students gets to know the yield from different flour products.  How many loafs they can obtain from different flour brands, and how to maximize their return from different flour brands.  Bread production problems that give rise to shortages, damages and other shortfalls are discussed.

The course covers:

1. Bread production process - which teaches the necessary ingredients for bread making, how to formulate a bread recipe etc.  It covers all the steps from mixing your materials to dough, proofing. production and packaging your bread.

2. Bread Quality - There are bread quality tests the baker can carry out on the finished product to evaluate the consistency of taste and quality of the bread. 

3. Marketing and sales strategy

4. Regulatory compliance with Nafdac 

Course:  Bread Production and Bakery Management:

FEE:  N30,000.00

Duration: 5 (Five) Days

Course Content: 
1. Recipe formulation 2. Premix formulation 3. bread chemistry. 4. Bread Baking process. 5. Packaging  6. Sales  7. Marketing and branding  8. Regulatory compliance Etc.

Training Features:
This program is for those who want to start a bakery business. You don't need to have any knowledge on bread making to join our classes. We teach you from the scratch.

On completion, participants will know how to formulate different bread recipes, how to bake high quality bread and the best ways to ,market sand sale the bread.

Are you planning to establish your Bakery business and need to know how to bake and manage your bakery, you are at the right place.  You’ll be trained in the unique bread baking processes, ingredients and mix formulation as well as recipe formulation for any kind of bread you wish to bake.


Do you desire to bake cakes for the high and mighty in the society, for events like wedding, birthdays and wedding anniversaries etc, you will be thought how to bake different variety of cakes, decoration and packaging.

The training comprises of:
1. Cake Baking
2. Decoration for cakes

Fees: N30,000.00

Duration: 1 week

Contact: 09092357268


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