SUCCEEDING IN LIFE...... By the Words of your Mouth



The words we speak have tremendous power to move mountains.  Make no mistake, your words aren’t meaningless, they have creative power, just as God demonstrated when He created the heavens and the earth with His words. 

Your words have the same power to create, build or destroy your life and that of people around you.  The Bible says that life and death are in the power of the tongue (Proverbs 18:21).  We should not underestimate the power of the words we speak. Satan doesn’t. He deliberately provokes people to speak negative words, so he can use those same words to attack the people, don't give him the opportunity. 

If life and death are in the power of the tongue, it, therefore, means that our success in life is also in the power of the tongue.  No man continues to speak negatively and encounters success, that will be contrary to spiritual laws.  So, begin to take control of your life by taking control of your tongue. 

It is one thing to have the Holy Spirit inside you, but it is another thing to have the Holy Spirit flow through the Word of God you speak.  Whenever a person is loaded with the Word of God, that person operates in divine wisdom and there is no problem he/she cannot solve.  

The word has the answer to all the problems of man, so when you are flowing in the word of God, you will always see the way of escape for every challenge you might face.  God wants Believers to walk in wisdom and speak the right words, as the bible says that every idle words will be accounted for.

Success Words

To live successful lives, we must have the belief that "Everything is possible through God".  We must be persuaded that 'It can be done' both in our physical and spiritual lives.  Faith is an important commodity in our world today.  Christians desiring success must have faith in God's ability to do all things for them.

Words of faith are positive words.  To succeed everyone needs the faith to see the success despite what may be going on around them.  You should believe in your heart that you can do all things through the help of God, and declare it openly.  

In your academics, your career or business, see success and confess that you can achieve incredible results.  If you can see positive things and declare them, then you will discover the course of action to take that will make your confession happen.

Think Success
Succeeding by the words of your mouth is a daily routine of thinking and seeing success.  You need the ability to see yourself in the Success you desire.  If you are planning to establish a model Clinic where surgery will be done without human interaction, so be it.  If your plan is to evangelize the whole world or build the biggest Noodles factory in the world, you should always think of it as being possible.

If you have a dream and it appears you are not sure you can achieve your dreams, you need to speak the word of faith and continue to speak it, while working hard to realize your dream.  Success begins from your mind, then you declare it with confidence.  

Speak Wisdom
The words we speak matters a lot. It can affect us and people around us in a positive or negative sense.  Your words can build, kill or destroy your own dreams and vision.

A person can be very well-educated and full of knowledge but still, lack wisdom.  We require wisdom to know what to say at every point and in every conversation.  Believers must avoid speaking negative words, idle and corrupt words, that may have a negative effect on other people.  This is why the bible says in James 3:2-6 that if a man does not offend in words, such a person is perfect.

Therefore, get wisdom and embrace the ways of wisdom, she will promote you and bring you honour. (Proverbs 4:7–8).

Aim High
Aiming high as a Believer will cost you a little more in almost everything.  To aim high means to think high and plan your activities and strategies well in advance.  Aiming high means you will study more than others, work more diligently more than others.  It also means you will have to pray more than others and as you do all these, the Spirit of wisdom and excellence takes over your life and the way you do things.

Work differently and better
At your workplace, let wisdom direct you.  Get to your seat well prepared for the day's job.  You should meditate on the scriptures and pray before leaving home and as you get to your office, work starts.

You don’t have to follow the system of the world by slowing down your pace of work, so you can spend additional hours on overtime to get more money.  You don’t gossip to your boss or do dirty jobs for him/her to get promoted.  

You will not be counted among the people that compromise their faith or ethics to rise up the ladder of success. There is a godly way - Diligent hard work applying the wisdom of God.

Look at Success
In order to succeed, you need to always have the picture of yourself succeeding, meeting the right people, solving problems that many cannot solve and helping people to succeed as well.  The principle of looking and seeing yourself in the tomorrow you expect is not only faith, but it is also godly.  

God asked Abraham whether he could count the number of stars he saw and Abraham said no.  And God says to him, that is how you cannot count the number of your children and children's children when you become the father of many nations.

Rich and successful people are those who always think and see themselves as rich and successful.  They speak it and work hard to obtain it.

Pray Expecting Success
God answers prayers offered in faith, though they may be of few words.  Whenever a child of God prays, he/she should expect answers that will cause him to succeed.  Pray with assurance in your heart and grace in your mouth...for instance, you can say "Because the Lord is with me, there will be a miracle".  

This kind of prayer is what a man or woman expecting success says.  The God you are praying to is success Himself, He has never failed, neither has His words fall to the ground.  He is the creator, the Light and with Him, nothing is impossible.

Speaking the right words

Remember brethren, that by your words, you are justified or condemned, so speak positive words, words of faith and righteousness.  Speak words that will encourage the weak, words that will bring souls to Christ and encourage them to grow in the spirit.  We have to speak the right words in prayer and worship.

Avoid words that discourage people or make them lose hope in God.  Do not gossip, backbite or speak evil against people.  Do not curse people, rather build them up with words of grace.  

Controlling your words:
1. Don't speak when you are angry.

2. When you are offended, don't speak

3. Speak no evil of any man, neither judge another until Christ comes.

4. Don't speak to discredit others or justify yourself.

5. Don't speak out of envy and pride.

6. Don't speak to sow discord among brethren, God is not happy with such.

7. Avoid speaking to make people laugh, such jokes and comedy could lead to telling lies.

8.  Do not murmur when things are not going as you expect, remember that God will always keep His word and promises.  He may not meet our expectation, but He will keep His words.

1. Ask for Wisdom: One of the seven Spirits of God is the Spirit of wisdom.  Ask God for wisdom every day and then learn to flow in the Spirit, learn to walk in wisdom.

2. Walk with the wise.  Wisdom can come by association—"He who walks with wise men will be wise, but the companion of fools will be destroyed.” (Proverbs 13:20)

3. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you each time, you find yourself in a difficult situation.  When you don't know what to say or answer them, whisper to the Lord to help you.  He will give you a mouth and wisdom your enemies cannot resist.  In Mathew 10:18-20, Jesus says that “the Spirit of your Father” will give you the words to speak when you are brought before governors and kings for His sake. So you don’t have to worry about what to say.

4. Jesus is your Wisdom.  God will give you “a mouth and wisdom which all your adversaries will not be able to contradict or resist”. (Luke 21:15).  The Pharisees asked Jesus, “Should we pay taxes to Caesar?” intending to trap Jesus.  But Jesus, knowing what they were up to, said to them, “Give Me a coin. Whose picture is on it?”

They all replied, “Caesar’s.”  “Well, give to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and give to God the things that are God’s,” Jesus said. The Pharisees marvelled at His answer and kept silent. They could not catch Him in His words in the presence of the people! (Luke 20:21–26)

5. Depend on God for Wisdom.  Beloved, God will give you a mouth and wisdom for every situation you encounter, but you have to ask.  Whether it is what to say or what to do, He will give you the wisdom to handle the situation.  So ask God for the Spirit of wisdom.


Refuse to speak anything other than the Word of God about your life or situation. Then, watch as everything you’ve been believing for begins to come to pass.  Lets we forget, remember that:

The King (JESUS CHRIST) is coming.
1. Surrender your life to Him today...
2. Repent from every known sin
3. Confess your sins and invite Jesus into your life to reign as Lord and Saviour.
4. Confess that Jesus died for your sins and rose again for your justification.
5. Give God glory for your salvation and wisdom in Jesus name.


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