DREAM OF COLLEAGUES......The danger, warning, and Error that follows!

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Dreams about coworkers are common for many reasons.  Such dreams reflect your relationship with different people and who you are.  If you are on the social side, you may see more of your colleagues in the dream, especially those you have a soul-tie relationship.

People spend a large part of their days in the company of their coworkers, which is why it’s so important to have coworkers who are reliable, cooperative and make a pleasant company.  But, dreams about colleagues happen when there are issues, conflicts or important deadlines to be met.

So, dreams with colleagues should be studied for specific meaning and direct prayers made according to what you saw in the dream.  If it is a dream of promotion, it could mean disappointment in real life.  It could also mean promotion in real.

Termination of appointment:  If you dreamed of receiving a termination letter, or possibly you had a revelation that you are fired for any reason, this is a bad dream.  It is a sign that termination is coming, but how it will happen is not clear.  You should take it to God in prayer immediately and use your believer's authority to cancel the letter.  

Make sure you pray counter prayer about that dream immediately after you wake from the dream.  You can say, "Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, I cancel the dream I had this morning about the termination of my job".  Let the arrow of joblessness fired against me in that dream go back to the sender in Jesus' name.  You do a symbolic action of tearing the letter and command it to catch fire in Jesus' name.  It is done!

Demotion dreams: If you see in the dream that your boss is hiding something from you, or he/she turned his back on you.  Instead of seeing him/her, you are seeing his/her back, this is a bad dream.  It means he/she is not happy with you or your performance.  The implication is demotion or stagnancy in one position for years.

Dem motion dreams require prayer and personal improvement in the office.  Ask yourself where you are failing in your duties in the office and improve on it.  Also, you should improve on your human relationship skills.  Don't abuse or ignore your boss and other colleagues.  Be a team player and acquire more relevant skills that will help you improve on your job.

Sensitive information: When you see a colleague in the dream passing a piece of information to you, take it seriously.  Be sensitive about what he/she told you and pray with a watch when you wake up.  For instance, a colleague comes up to you in the dream and asks: "Have you seen Dr Moses?".  

If you have an issue with Dr Moses, or you are working on the same project or you have a business together, then ask the Holy Spirit to tell you what is happening with Dr. Moses and pray about it.  Your prayer on that matter will change the tide in your favour.

Intimacy dreams - Introduces a spirit of Error: 

This is an evil dream that introduced the spirit of error, unpardonable error into someone for his or her sack.

If you discover that you are in an intimate relationship with a colleague in the dream, which happened suddenly, and perhaps, the dream has repeated itself, and you are now afraid of the colleague.

There is danger coming to you, but the devil wants to push you into an unpardonable mistake that will lead to your sack.  You should take the matter to God of heaven immediately.

You are surprised because the person concerned is neither your friend of your age mate.  He/she is not your boss, but someone in a department that works closely with your own unit.  For instance, a senior colleague in the Accounts department when you are in the Internal controls and Audit. 

The interpretation of this dream is that the enemy has planned a serious attack against your employment, one that only serious fasting and prayer can stop.  

The intimacy in the dream is to transfer the spirit of error into your life so that you will commit an error that will remove you from the job or position. 

If you are not prayerful, if you do not embark on a serious prayer, an unpardonable error will occur that will remove you from your job and position.

You did not play any role in the drama, neither did you know how it started means that they have concluded their evil plan, they only needed to make a spiritual projection that will make the error occur.

The person they used his/her face is in darkness, a witch or wizard, occultist or Herbalist.  I hope you know that some of your colleagues are modern-day Herbalists. 

He/she may not even know what is happening.  But, in most cases, they know about the spiritual transaction, and the evil seed they are sowing into the person's life.  

This is a serious witchcraft attack.  But, if you are a born-again Christian, remember there is, therefore, no condemnation for those who are in Christ, who live after the spirit and not after the flesh.  

The bible says - Who is it that decreeth a thing and it cometh to pass when the Lord has not spoken it? and again, the bible says "No weapon fashioned against you shall prosper.  All you need is faith and persistent prayer!

1. Thank God for interpreting your dream
2. Command every gang-up against you in the office to scatter in Jesus name.
3. Command the evil done against you by an unfriendly friend to catch fire.
4. Decree that the Holy Spirit will guide you henceforth
5. Declare no error, no mistakes in Jesus name.


Frankly, the conclusion is that Jesus is coming soon.  The trumpet could sound any time from now, and the question is:  Where will you spend eternity?  In heaven with Christ or in hell with Satan?

If you have not received Jesus as Lord and Saviour, do so now, don't wait another day.  Say this simple prayer:

Heavenly Father, I come to You in prayer in the name of Jesus Christ.  I confess I am a sinner who needs Your help and healing.  I believe Jesus died for my sins and rose again for my justification.  I confess my sins and ask for forgiveness.  I receive Jesus Christ by faith into my heart as my Lord and Saviour. I am born again!


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