COVID 19 SPONSORED BY SATAN....No Mask, No Purchases - Clerics are Talking!

My Church Will Remain Closed' - Pastor Chris Okotie | Nigeria ...
Pastor Chris Okotie

Bill Gates Linked to 666 - Rev Chris Okotie

Popular Nigerian Televangelist, Pastor Chris Okotie, who is the founder of the Household of God Church, based in Lagos, said COVID-19 is a grand plan to reduce the population of the world.

The founder of the Household of God Church, Revd. Chris Okotie, has said that COVID-19 is a grand plan to reduce the population of the world.

Okotie stated this in an 80-minute video posted on YouTube on Sunday.

The Lagos-based cleric accused the owner of Microsoft, Bill Gates, of leading a conspiracy to destabilize the global economy and carry out a “satanic agenda” against the church.

Chris Okotie - Bill Gates
Okotie said:

“People have asked me if we’re dealing with the number 666; if this is about the antichrist. Is this about you taking that number and the eternal damnation that is the consequence of that?

“No. We’re dealing with another number that is the precursor to the number 666. There’s a man who is the protagonist of this whole process that we’re seeing today. His name is Bill Gates.

“The year 2020 was particularly chosen by Satan as the year when he would challenge the authority of the Almighty God upon the face of the earth in preparation for the coming of the antichrist.

“How is he going to do it? First, he’s going to get a man who has the pattern and that man is Bill Gates. And then, there will be a conspiracy to bring in a pandemic, sickness.

Online Church Service Unbiblical, Says Pastor Okotie

My Church Will Remain Closed' - Pastor Chris Okotie | Nigeria ...

Pastor of the Household of God Church International Ministries, in Oregun area of Lagos State, Reverend Chris Okotie, says online church service, which has become the order of the day due to the COVID-19 pandemic, is unscriptural.

He argued that Christians must physically gather together to be able to truly worship God.

Okotie, in a sermon titled, ‘The COVID-19 Mystery’, maintained that the novel disease is a satanic conspiracy to challenge the power of God by keeping Christians out of the church.

Okotie said,

“We are dealing with one of the most sinister conspiracies in human history.

What we call the online church is absolutely untrue, because for you to be in church, you have to be ecclesia, which is translated from the Greek word, ec, which is out, and the word caleo, called out.

“You cannot gather unto God until you are called out. That’s why Israel was called out of the world. So, this thing, this phenomenon that we are talking about, the Internet and cyber churches, is totally unscriptural.

God knows where you are; if He was not interested in the assembly, you don’t need to come to church; you can pray in your house.

I pray in my house, you praise in your house. I praise in my house, He can see all of us, He doesn’t need computers.

But that denies Him who He is; so, we must – that’s why the bible puts that verse as an imperative – you must not forsake the assembly of yourselves together.”

Okotie had recently opposed government’s COVID-19 social distancing guidelines for churches, describing the leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria as “modern-day Pharisees bereft of any authority to speak on behalf of the Church of Jesus Christ.”


Pastor Okotie rejected the guidelines, saying the “fulfilment of the Bible prophecy” against the church is already being played out and that rearranging the church’s mode of worship is “to deny God the divine prerogative of congregational adoration”

Citing how Dagon, the god of the Philistines, was destroyed in the Bible, he said the coronavirus will be annihilated in like manner.

He, however, said while his church awaits the defeat of the virus, its doors will remain closed until “these profanation and secularization have been pulverized by the Emperor of heaven.”

“Beloved, yesterday, the abomination of desolation took a giant step towards standing in the holy place. Fulfilment of bible prophecy is being accelerated by the forces of Janes and Jambres,” he said.

“To reorder temple worship is to deny God the divine prerogative of congregational adoration and the holy genuflects of the saints in light. Let no man’s heart be troubled by the vengeance of satanic antagonism.

“Dagon the god of the Philistines fell in obeisance before the Ark of God. Coronavirus, the god of Secular Humanism will be decapitated in like manner.

“Our doors will remain closed until these profanation and secularization have been pulverized by the Emperor of heaven. Unto him shall the gathering of the people be. To thy tents O Israel.”

The clergyman had earlier criticised the proposed guidelines offered by the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) to the federal government, saying they were “unbiblical”.

According to CAN, the guidelines, in accordance with the government’s efforts to tackle the COVID-19, would determine the operations of churches when they reopen.

NO PURCHASES WITHOUT A MASK: Walmart makes wearing Mask compulsory

Joel Porro and Lizz Hernandez wear gloves and protective masks as they put bags in the trunk of their car after shopping at Walmart Supercenter as the coronavirus pandemic continues, March 5, 2020 in Miami.

Walmart and Sam’s Club customers will soon be required to put on a mask or face covering before shopping in stores. 

The big-box retailer announced the new policy Wednesday and said it will take effect July 20. It said the majority of its more than 5,000 stores and clubs  — about 65% — are in areas where there’s already some kind of government requirement for face coverings.

With the new policy, Walmart joins a growing list of retailers that require masks inside of stores. Best Buy started requiring face coverings in its stores Wednesday. Costco and Apple already had the requirement.

The Centers for Disease Control and other federal agencies have recommended face coverings as a way to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, especially when physical distancing isn’t possible. Face coverings can also limit the spread by people who do not have symptoms, yet can spread the virus to other people.

The requirement has taken on new urgency for public health officials and companies, as Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations rise across the U.S.

Pastor J.D. Farag says in Twitter the Mask is the fore-runner of the mark of the beast 666:
the M-A-R-K...this is one of the many reasons that I believe the yet future #Covid-19 #Vaccine will become the #MarkofTheBeastPastor JD Farag tells his personal Story - YouTube

Friends, the King (JESUS CHRIST) is coming.  The question is "Where will you spent eternity - in heaven or hell". This is the time to work out your salvation...Now is the acceptable time.  If you have received Jesus as Lord and Saviour of your life, say this short prayer:

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Thank You for answered prayers, I am born again.


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