ONLINE CHURCH SERVICES ....Visible gains of Corona Lockdown



The coronavirus pandemic caused a halt to many events and activities around the world, including church services and meetings.  Then came the desire to ensure the preaching and teaching of the word of God does not stop.

Many believers will easily agree that the Coronavirus has eventually lifted the church from the church building to the homes of the people.  We are the church, and not necessarily the building.

Church leaders turned to online broadcasting of their Church messages and prayers.  Though we are still in the last days of the Lockdown, many churches in Nigeria did well with their online podcasts.  Some of them combining a mix of pre-recorded and live videos, while others made their entire broadcast live.

The word of God continued in all its vigour week after week, and some churches even introduced new online services.  Mountain of Fire and miracles Ministry and Bride Assembly introduced new healing and deliverance ministration services during the lockdown. Mountain of Fire introduced the Great Physician's Hour, every Saturday, while the Bride Assembly turned their weekly Night vigil into a communion service targeting to get more people healed during the night-long service.  

what tools to use to host digital conference

Online broadcasts

Majority of the churches that has TV network did their services online for their members and other people from around the world, while churches that do not have any TV networks ministered to their people through cell meetings with few courageous ones used the social media platforms to reach their members.

One of the exciting revelations of this period is that people can enjoy a life service from their houses and offices and participate fully in all the activities watching and joining from their houses.  Successful church services were held, alter calls made and accepted, prophetic words were released and healing and deliverance took place without personal contact, handshake etc is wonderful.

One of the few features missing from the online services is one-on-one counselling that takes places between the Minister and the people.  Another one is the socialization that takes place in the church after service, the side chats, the handshakes and sharing personal experiences during the week, and the group meetings.

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Why Online Church 

You might be reading this article asking yourself, “Why would someone sit at home and attend a virtual church on their computer when they could go to church with their neighbours and be together in the same building?”

The answer is simple, people change and situations around people change.  Many people who are emotionally connected to their church will have the chance to follow the services online and excitement is almost the same.  There are many times when it's hard to attend the regular service, which means you can still follow up n the teaching and other announcements made in the church.

There is also the opportunity to win more souls outside the locality where a church is planted or where the Man of God is called to operate.  Your place of assignment may be Abuja, but if your online services become vibrant, you will see many people connecting from across the world.  If you consistently meet their needs and expectations, they can become your members though they have not been to the church physically.

But as generations change and churches look for ways to change with them, the allure of connecting online rather than face-to-face has become too prevalent for church leadership to ignore. More importantly, churches need a way to include people who are physically unable to attend traditional services due to illness, disability, or distance.

In everything we do, when there is a need, a product will emerge, so as long as there are people who are willing to worship God with others online, there will be Churches and Pastors willing to meet those needs by providing online services.  

Broadcasting live and online service has some limitations, and technical hitches, it is just what has to be done, and the more your use a particular platform, the more you get better using it.

Tools for Online Services:

There are many tools for online Church Service, but it is not yet a complete package.  You may have to use multiple apps and platforms to make it happen.  Smaller ministries can use well established social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, Youtube to broadcast their services without much ado.  

The big churches can integrate the online platforms being discussed below with their website and TV station to deliver quality online Church services to a wider number of people around the world.

The important thing to consider is to ensure that attendees receive the same value as an in-person Service.  Attendees expect online service to be as vibrant as the in-person meetings.  This is why most churches use a string of pre-recorded videos, probably previous church services with the Live video.  

When you want to shoot worship, Testimony, prayers, Sunday School and Sunday message to be aired at the same programme, there will have to be a mix of live videos and pre-recorded videos.  The following are among the many online services platforms in the market today.  They include:

1. ezTalks Meetings
ezTalks is renowned for being one of the most popular and innovative virtual meeting platforms out there because of its vast number of user-friendly features. Host virtual meetings comfortably and stand out as one of the top virtual meeting platforms on the market.

A top key feature ezTalks offers is the ability to support an event of up to 100 attendees free of charge. Another reason ezTalks is considered one of the best platforms for hosting a virtual meeting is due to its reliable and high-quality video and audio. Plus, it includes an interactive whiteboard, instant messaging services, and a simple screen sharing option. These and other great features make this free virtual event platform a perfect choice for any Church or institution.

2. Zoom
Host virtual meetings, conferences, trainings, webinars, online courses, and more. Share messages and files with other attendees with its chat feature or collaborate with apps, including Outlook, Slack, and Egnyte. Zoom offers flawless HD video quality and crystal-clear audio, dual screen-sharing and voice detection functionality. If you’re looking to easily save and share clips for future reference, with Zoom you can record meetings in MP4 or M4A video format on mobile devices. If you’re planning a larger event, Zoom offers top-rated customer service, and support and can support up to 1,000 live video conference participants and 10,000 attendees at a time.

3. GoToMeeting
This all-in-one communication platform for organizations and Churches hosting a virtual Seminars and meetings due to its collaborative team messaging, video transcriptions, customizable team settings and the ability to host up to 100 participants. but you can also launch or join a meeting from your smartphone with the GoToMeeting app. 

As one of the most trusted video conference tools with millions of users per month and year, GoToMeeting is known for its drawing tools and virtual whiteboard, transcription feature, and reliable customer support. It also offers the option to launch meetings directly from integrated apps, email, and instant-messaging tools. Plus, it’s simple to schedule a conference with GoToMeeting’s user-friendly interface.

4. ClickMeeting
ClickMeet is considered one of the best platforms for hosting a virtual conference because it is simple and versatile. The well-integrated, intuitive platform provides options for automated meetings and customized invites. Arrange and schedule online meetings, customize meeting spaces, share your screen, get reports and analytics on attendance rates and other metrics, and record your speakers with the option to download and share them with anyone. Keep your attendees engaged with dynamic presentations, the interactive whiteboard, and live chat. 

Overall, ClickMeeting is an affordable option with unique features and an impressive and user-friendly interface. Depending on what you’re looking for, their unique features might be exactly what your online church services. 


The conclusion of all things is that the King, Jesus Christ is coming back soon to rapture the saints, to the place of joy and happiness the Lord has planned for them.

If you have not received Him as your Lord and personal Saviour,  do it today, don't wait another day.  

Say this prayer:
“Lord Jesus, I need You. Thank You for dying on the cross for my sins. I open the door of my heart and receive You as my Lord and Savior. Thank You for forgiving my sins and giving me eternal life. Take control of the throne of my life. Make me the kind of person You want me to be.”


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