MARITAL BATTLES IN A DREAM.....When your Spouse Warns you in the Dream



My greatest concern and prayer for young people getting into marriage is that they will not be deceived into marrying their enemy.  My prayer for them is that beauty, good education, job and body size and shape will not deceive them.

A wrong spouse or marriage is the worst thing on earth, next to hellfire.  It leads to amputated destiny, so it is very important that Christians get marriage right, if it will last.  A wrong marriage can stop people from making heaven at last, so it is better to break an engagement than have a wrong marriage.

A wrong marriage is one where one person is in love and the other person is not.  A wrong marriage is one in which circumstances forced one of the parties into the marriage, it may be poverty, persuasion from parents, money etc.  It may also be that the devil arranged it to pull one of the couples down and stop the assignment of God on his or her life.

There are people who have married their enemies, and even as I write this message, somebody somewhere is playing with his or her enemy without knowing.  A young girl is in love with a successful drug guy and she does not know.  A young believer is saying "I love you to a lady a marine agent in his church without knowing.

In these types of relationships, you can hardly imagine your nice and committed fiancee to be an enemy, because of the joy of meeting a soulmate has overshadowed your heart.  Secondly, many people entering into marriage are not deeply rooted in the word of God and revelation to discern what the devil may be trying to do with their future.

They are born-again Christians...Yes, but not deeply rooted in the word.  So, everyone they see in the church is born again and spirit-filled.  Everyone who speaks in tongues is already in heaven!.  Beloved, the true enemy of a man or woman is that spouse who is against your destiny.  A husband or wife who is against your fulfiling your God-given destiny is an enemy.

Marrying an enemy often leads to an untimely death, if the person is not careful and deeply committed to serving the Lord.  If you have such a problem, commit yourself unto the Lord and serve Him, He will deliver you and restore your destiny, and all things you lost in the past so that you can fulfill the purpose of God for your life.

You must have read of a husband killing his wife and the wives killing their husbands, they married their enemies.  The devil is not happy with a successful marriage, so everyone in marriage should be prayerful.  Everyone in marriage should make sure the Lord is with you in that home.  

A successful marriage is an arrangement between God, the man, and his wife.  You allow God to reign in your marriage by making sure your actions are guided by the Word of God.  You study and meditate on the word, obey and apply it in your everyday life. You obey and keep all the word of God concerning marriage until it becomes your way of life.

You cannot leave God out of your marriage.  If you do, chances are that you may fall victim of the devil and his schemes.  


Dreams can be a priviledge in many instances and at other time, it could be a dread, a fearful experience.  Dreams are one of the chosen ways through which God speaks to us when we lie down to rest.  The Lord uses dreams to communicate instructions that cause people to avoid destruction.

God uses dreams to give direction and to reveal the plans of the enemy to His people. 

Dreams are not to be ignored at all.  It is an avenue for divine visitation and though the agents of the devil now use the dream to manipulate people, threaten and afflict people, it is a dangerous thing for a child of God to ignore his dreams, especially those scary dreams that evoke fear.

The Lord also uses our dreams to point to certain areas of our lives that requires our attention and improvement.  Dreams can give clues to areas of our lives that require attention, our relationships and other aspects of life and the what is happening in these areas, therefore no dream should be dismissed.

Marital Battles in the Dream.
Your dream life is your spiritual monitor, which shows what is going on in the realm of the spirit concerning you. People have different interpretations for dreams where they see their relatives.  But, when you see your spouse coming to warn you in the dream.

It is a fearful thing for you to be sleeping on the same bed with your spouse, and zoom...You see him or her coming to warn you in the dream.  For those who have experienced it, it could be like the man or woman saying "That things you are planning will not succeed; or Where do you think you are going?" or better still "I have warned you about that woman, or that man before".

The dream has a more fearful dimension when the person coming to you in the dreams threatens the person with words like "You have to choose between that woman and your life, 'chose between traveling overseas and your life; or chose between your life or your mother's life.

These kinds of dreams may be fearful, but they are dreams you should thank God for having.  They are more than dreams, they are revelations of what the enemy is planning.  I don't care if the real devil is your spouse or someone else close to you, it shows you the conclusions of the devil, which you should take seriously and prayerfully counter.

Dreams like that require fasting and praying because they are warning dreams.  They are as good as destructive dreams that happen within a short period of time, so you need to pray aggressive prayers to counter.

A Nigerian woman living in the US had a dream that a white woman came into her living room and said to her, “Go and bring your wedding gown and your wedding ring.” She went in and brought them and gave them to the white woman. When she woke up she told her husband about the dream and he said, “Do not worry, it is one of those things.”
That was a marital battle dream, that demanded urgent aggressive prayers, but she did not know what to do.  She could have said a simple prayer like: “Lord, last night, I had a dream: a white woman came here and asked for my wedding gown and wedding ring and I gave them to her. Lord, right now, I arrest that woman and I repossess my wedding gown and wedding ring. I cancel every power working against my marriage, in the name of Jesus.”
With that simple prayer, she would have canceled that dream, but because of ignorance she did not do anything, and within six months, she was back in Nigeria. A white woman had taken over her marriage, and what her husband waved off, eventually happened.
Drama as Woman bumps into a lady she has allegedly be warning to ...
The implication of the Dream
There is a reason why God showed you the dream.  The first reason is that He loves you and wants you to know what the enemy of your soul is planning and to counter it prayerfully.  So, if God shows you a destructive dream and you keep it lying low and do nothing about it, you cannot blame God for the consequences.

When you see such a revelation, throw sentiment away, the enemy is close to you and knows your plans.  It could be your spouse or someone close to you, but the matter is a serious one.  It shows that your life and destiny has been in the bondage, to the power you saw.  

He or she is trying to stop your next major breakthrough.  They have seen the blessing coming to you and the arrowhead of the bondage has come to warn you that they will not allow you to have it.  Recover is by force, quoting my father in the Lord - Dr D. K. Olukoya.

Whenever you see such dreams, know that:
1. The enemy of your life has determined evil against you.

2. You should say a counter prayer immediately you wake up from that dream

3. You should embark on some additional days of fasting and praying, especially if you are led to do so, or your mind is still restless about the dream.

4. Be vigilant with people around you and others that could be used by the enemy to hinder or stop you.

5. Return every negative word spoken to you in the dream back to the sender in prayers.

6. Keep praying until you have peace of mind in the matter.

If you've ever been in a relationship, you're most likely aware of the fact that there will be times when you're faced with difficulties, issues, misunderstandings, and general feelings of confusion. You may even be asking yourself questions such as, "Has my Partner changed?

The first step to take would be to get rid of the desire to escape from your problems.  You should throw sentiments away and embark on aggressive fasting and prayer program, to first and foremost, deliver yourself from their bondage and captivity, and then for you to receive your forthcoming blessing.  If you refuse to fight, you will not recover what the enemy has stolen.

One beautiful thing about God is that if He gives you an opportunity to reverse a particular thing or situation. It is left for you to quickly take advantage of the opportunity or you blame yourself. 

The Bible principle is clear: “Whosoever asks shall receive; whosoever knocks, the door shall be opened unto him; whosoever seeks will find.” Meaning that if you do not ask, God will just be looking at you. And ignorance is not an excuse. Ignorance destroys with terrible destruction.  Here are some Prayers for you.

1. Start by giving God thanks for His love and mercies upon your life and for interpreting your dream
2. O' Lord, let every plan of the enemy backfire in Jesus name.

3. You the power that came to me in the dream, hear the word of the Lord, your evil word and threat backfire in Jesus' name.

4. By the word of the Lord that says that whosoever shall dig a pit shall enter it, I command your failure and untimely death to backfire at you in Jesus' name.

5. No weapon fashioned against me shall prosper, therefore, whoever wants me dead, shall die in my place in Jesus' name.

Ley your remaining prayer be according to the dream you saw and the leading of the Holy Spirit as you pray.

Friends, the King (JESUS CHRIST) is coming.  The question is "Where will you spend eternity - in heaven or hell". This is the time to work out your salvation...Now is the acceptable time.  

If you have not yet received Jesus as Lord and Saviour of your life, say this short prayer:

Raise your right hand up unto the Lord and say: “Father, in the name of Jesus, I come before you now. I confess that I am a sinner. Lord, forgive me and cleanse me with your blood. Lord Jesus, come into my life, take control of my life, in Jesus name.”


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