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Green Tea vs. Black Tea: Which Is Healthier?



Tea is beloved by people all over the world.

Tea is a good source of compounds known as catechins and epicatechins, which are thought to be responsible for tea's beneficial health effects.  These compounds belong to a group of plant chemicals called flavonoids.

Research suggests that flavonoids help quell inflammation and that in turn may reduce plaque buildup inside arteries. Green tea has slightly higher amounts of these chemicals than black tea. Both black and green teas also contain modest amounts of caffeine, ranging from about 20 to 45 milligrams per 8-ounce cup. 

Both green and black tea is made from the leaves, with the key difference being that black tea is oxidized and green tea is not.  To make black tea, the leaves are first rolled and then exposed to air to trigger the oxidation process. This reaction causes the leaves to turn dark brown and allows the flavours to heighten and intensify.

On the other hand, green tea is processed to prevent oxidation and thus much lighter in colour than black tea.  That's roughly half the amount of caffeine in the same amount of coffee.  Tea's purported health benefits—many of which are linked to the heart and blood vessels are known to be healthy for many people of all ages.

Short-term studies have shown that drinking tea may improve vascular reactivity—a measure of how well your blood vessels respond to physical or emotional stress. There's also evidence that drinking either black or green tea may lower harmful LDL cholesterol levels.

Several large, population-based studies show that people who regularly drink black or green tea may be less likely to have heart attacks and strokes. However, people who drink tea tend to be different from people who don't drink tea. "We can't quite disentangle whether it's their tea-drinking or something else those people are doing that lowers their risk of cardiovascular disease,"

How to Drink Green Tea for Weight Loss - HealthyWomen


With green tea, it is seeing and believing the benefits of taking it daily or regularly.

I have always taken the black tea until recently when I decided to know what is in the green tea.  I can tell that it has a lot of healthy active ingredients for a vibrant and active person.  For me, it is a good drink to break your fast, whenever you are breaking.

It will help you feel better, reduce your weight in the long run if you combine it with good dietary advice and exercises.  Green tea alone may not reduce your weight the way you desire, so for weight loss, you have to combine with other activities as mentioned above.

The health benefits of green tea are enormous.  It is said to give you a daily dose of vitamin C and E, some anti-ageing, anti-oxidizing and anti-inflammatory ingredients.  It acts as a toner and pore minimized and could stimulate hair growth and restore moisture to dry skin.  This is why women have discovered different ways to use green tea to treat facial skin rashes and related problems.

Green tea is common in Asia, Europe and America, but in our clime here, it is a new trend and it is catching up mostly with the elites, people who have tried it overseas and those who can read up its health benefits.

There is a refreshing it brings to your system, if you want to be awake for some additional hours in the night to study or work, you will like the feeling that the green tea gives. This is green tea, the best way to know it is to try it, served hot and your experience will it suites your body or not.  I mentioned suite your body because some people enjoy it more than others.

Benefits of green tea:
Here are some health benefits of green tea:

1. Can protect your heart - Green tea is rich in a group of protective antioxidants called polyphenols.

2. Green tea helps reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol and triglycerides 

3. Green tea boosts brain function - Green tea contains caffeine, a known stimulant. Caffeine stimulates your nervous system by blocking the inhibitory neurotransmitter adenosine. It also aids the release of mood-enhancing neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin, as a result, caffeine can boost alertness, mood, vigilance, reaction time, and short-term recall 

4. Green tea helps your activeness as a man.  It contains amino acid L-theanine, which helps the release of the mood-enhancing hormones dopamine and serotonin

5. Green tea does not make you restless.  It refreshes you and releases some strength into your system for you to work for a longer time, without being tired.  Green tea is a great alternative to coffee for those who want a mood lift without being restlessness.

How to maximize the benefits of Tea
1. Don't be tempted by green tea extracts or supplements that promise an easy way to get a concentrated dose of flavonoids. 

2. Though there are no known downsides to drinking a cup or two of tea a day. But excessive amounts of some teas may harm the kidneys, as described in a recent finding.

3. Avoid taking an overdose of tea on an empty stomach.  It is good to take tea as breakfast, but to consume much quantity of tea on an empty stomach is not ideal.

4. "Drink tea if you enjoy it, in moderation, and not because you're taking it as a medicine,"  Stirring in a little sugar is fine.

5. Drink at least a cup every day

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