CONNECT WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT......Your Helper and Comforter



Its time for me and you to arise and shine in this dark world.  If we will seek the Holy Spirit and obey His promptings and instructions, our walk in the spirit will be easy and fruitful.  

The Holy Spirit is the Helper inside of the sons and daughter of God, who have received Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.  The Holy Spirit is not an anonymous force, He is God the Spirit, a distinct person in the Trinity, whom we can relate to in our daily life experience.

He was involved in the creation of the world and when the Messiah was to be born, the Holy Spirit was also involved in His birth and resurrection. 

Many times we look to the wrong places for help, instead of looking on the inside.  The greater One, Jesus Christ, lives inside of us by the Holy Ghost, but how many believers are conscious of the presence of the Holy Spirit in their lives?   How many of us depend on Him who is dwelling within us for help?  

When some believers need to hear the voice of the Lord concerning a particular issue in their lives, but instead of asking the Holy Spirit to help them, they will embark on days of fasting and praying for something the Holy Spirit could tell them at once.

I am not saying that fasting is not good, but if we have a lively relationship with the Holy Spirit, there are questions we will ask Him and receive answers immediately.  He is our Helper and guardian.

Who is the Holy Spirit?

The Holy Spirit is the other Comforter that Jesus promised us, which means that whatever the Lord would do for us if He was available, the Holy Spirit will do the same for us.  We may not be able to see Jesus face to face, today, but I can assure you that the Holy Spirit is near to you, even in the inside of you.  He comes to stay with us forever.

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth (John 14:17; 15:26; 16:13).  He teaches and brings the Word of God alive in your situation.  He is the Spirit of Christ, which the Lord said, “When the Spirit of truth comes . . . he will glorify me” (John 16:13–14).

As he rests upon you, the Spirit will sustain your love for Christ.  He does not merely reveal the truth of Christ, but the beauty, power, love and wisdom of Christ. 

This morning I was meditating on how best to pray for the sick and I heard the voice of the Lord, saying that whenever you don't know what to pray or the kind of prayer to say, "Ask the Lord for specific action to take".  

I understand that as someone familiar with the prophetic.  Some problems do not require prayer, it could be counselling or some prophetic actions to take. The Holy Spirit knows the best approach to resolving any problem, whether it is getting someone healed or delivered, He understands all things.  

If you are born again, the Holy Spirit is already inside of you.  He is called the Comforter and one of His duties is to comfort you when disappointment and failures come.  The Holy Spirit comforts you from the inside.  The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Christ - Romans 8:9.

He is resting on you as the Spirit of glory.  The Spirit of glory will cause you to experience the reality of suffering long and “after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you - 1 Peter 5:10–11: 

He is our comforter in the hour of trial.  The Holy Spirit will overcome your doubts and give you the assurance that you need.  He will comfort you like no man can.

Other duties of the Spirit of God
For the people who have not surrendered their heart to Jesus Christ, it is the Holy Spirit that pleads with them to change their ways.  He convicts sinners of their sins and warns them to accept the gospel and surrender their lives to Christ.

There are people who think they are not ready for salvation because they are young or still in the University.  He warns such young people against delaying their salvation, and not to wait for specific milestones in their lives, like after they are employed or married.  A preacher went to the University to preach.  After his message, he asked them when they will like the Lord to come back.  He was shocked to discover that none of the students wanted the Lord to come back immediately.

He decided to ask them why they are not expecting the Lord yet.  Simple, they were not ready.  Many of the students wanted the Lord to wait until they complete their degree, get married and have children before coming back.  Many people in the world say they are not ready for salvation yet.  Why?  They are not yet married, and cannot live a holy life yet until they are married.  The Holy Spirit will remind such people that the life they live is not theirs, anything can happen.

If you are not born again, you would have noticed the promptings of the Holy Spirit for you to give your heart to Christ. I plead with you to listen to the Holy Spirit and surrender their lives to Jesus.  When you do that, the Holy Spirit begins to pray and intercede for your needs.  When the Spirit of God prays for you, you will always get what you want.

How to Connect with the Holy Spirit
One thing is important for believers who desire to walk in the spirit and operate in the supernatural.  They must seek the Holy Spirit and have a lively relationship with Him.  He is found on purpose, when you desire and seek Him, you will find Him.

The Holy Spirit the key to the wisdom and knowledge of God, soul-winning and everything you want to achieve in the house of God.  When you know the person of the Holy Spirit and He guides and leads you, only then are you the sons and daughter of God.  The following steps will lead you to know Him.

1. Study and meditate on the Word of God.  The scriptures were authored by the Holy Ghost. When you study the word of God, you know about God the Father, the Son, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Moses wrote the book of Genesis for example, but he was not born when the events of Genesis took place.  It is the Holy Spirit that gave him the inspiration of what happened in the beginning and how it happened.

We are made by the Word of God. A Christian without the Word is empty and unable to achieve anything in the kingdom.  The bible says you should study the word to show yourself approved, a workman worthy of your calling.  The Holy Spirit wrote the Word and studying the Word will lead us to the divine revelation of the person of the Holy Spirit.

2. Believe the word. - We must believe the Word of God and whatever it says.  If we believe God and His Word, the Holy Spirit will work with us and for us, but if we do not believe God and His word, there is nothing the Holy Spirit can do for us.  

Galatians 3:14 says that we “receive the promised Spirit through faith.” So, as we meditate on the word of God, faith comes by that word (Romans 10:17), and in and by this faith we experience the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. So we seek him by meditation on the word, and belief in what we hear and see.

3. Obey the Word.  Obedience is the key that opens doors of possibilities for us the kingdom.  Whoever does not obey the Lord and act on His word is not His.  Such a person will hardly grow in the things of the spirit.  Jesus told His disciples saying  “If anyone loves me, he will keep my word, and my Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him” (John 14:23).

For those who love Christ and keep his word, there is a special intimacy of love given by the Father. And the Father and the Son draw close to him/her. If anyone keeps God’s word, the Lord will uphold such a person, so that the person will see the glory of God in the land of the living.

4. Desire the Spirit. We should desire the guidance, help and comfort of the Holy Spirit always. In our meditating, believing and obeying the word of God, we should desire all that God has for us - The Holy Spirit.  We should be conscious of His presence in our lives and the fact that our body is His temple.

The Holy Spirit is from the Father, He is God's greatest gift to man, Himself and His Son through the Spirit. The gift of the Holy Spirit is available to those who desire and ask.

Why we need to Connect with the Holy Spirit
We need the help of the Holy Spirit because there are many things we cannot do or achieve in the kingdom of God without Him.  We are sealed as believers by the Holy Spirit, meaning if He is not in us, we are not of God.  Only those led by the Spirit of God in whatever they do, that are children of God.

He recreates our nature to reflect the character of Christ (John 3:3). He convicts us of our wrongdoing and strengthens us to obey the will of God. Moreover, He gives us supernatural gifts that strengthen and edify our faith, including, tongues, prophecy, discernment, healing etc. (Acts 1:8).

Without the Holy Spirit, there will be:
1. No new birth,
2. No confession of the lordship of Christ,
3. No victory over sin,
4. No divine revelation
5. No spiritual gifts,


We all need the Holy Spirit to see the Lord.  There is no alternative to knowing and loving the Spirit of God, our teacher and instructor in the things of God.  No one can understand the bible without the help of the Holy Spirit, who authored it and gives a deeper revelation of the Word and their meanings.

Your starting point is to surrender your heart to Jesus and receive Him as Lord and Saviour.  If you have not received the Lord, do so NOW!


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