ANTI-MARRIAGE DREAMS.......Receiving a Flower, or Breast feeding a Baby in the Dream!

When Your Parents Disapprove of Your Marriage



Dreams are chosen ways through which God speak to us when we lie down to rest.  The Lord uses dreams to communicate instructions that cause people to avoid destruction.

Dreams reveal our spiritual state and what is happening to us and sometimes where the Lord is taking us to.  God uses dreams to give direction and to reveal the plans of the enemy to His people, and yet there are people who do not dream at all, there are others who dream and forget their dreams.  

Dreams can be a privilege in many instances as it reveals the secret of what is going on in the spirit concerning your life.  It is the kind of dream you have that will tell you why certain things are happening to you in the physical.

There are people who do not take their dreams seriously, as though they are not important.  This is an error because it means you are ignoring the instructions that may be coming to you from the Lord.  Such instructions are usually meant to deliver the person concerned from affliction and death.

What are anti-marriage dreams

Anti-marriage dreams are dreams that explain why you have a delay in marriage, delay in childbearing and even why it is difficult for you to meet a good suitor.  If you are single, or marriage without children, don't ignore any of these dreams.  In fact, don't ignore any of your dreams at all.

Anti-marriage dreams explain the difficulties a person is passing through in the area of marriage.  It could be trouble and disagreement s in marriage, if it is being motivated by the devil, your dream will show you.  In the situations of life, one thing is for God to show you a dream, it is another for you to understand the meaning of the dream and them pray the right prayers that will nip the problem in the bud.

When the Lord gives you a revelation, you need targeted prayers to destroy the plans of the devil.  You need direct prayers attacking the forces at works and destroy the altars and sacrifices they have made to get to where you can see their works.  You must be prepared to fight a good fight of faith.  We possess our possessions by force.

The two types of Anti-marriage dreams I am treating today are dreams you cannot ignore or forget.  
Hand Holding Beautiful Red Rose Flower Isolated On White Stock ...


This is clearly a dream from the Marine kingdom.  It appears to let you know that you are about to marry a member of the kingdom as your wife.  This dream is not a normal dream,  It is a strange dream when you see a lady giving you a flower in the dream.

If you have not seen and agreed to marry a particular lady, the dream is telling you that you have been initiated into the marine kingdom through a spiritual marriage that has already taken place or about to take place.

If you have proposed a lady for marriage and have concluded every plan to visit the parents to pay the dowry required. then you should know that the Lady or even man you are getting married to is from the Marine Kingdom.

This is a warning dream, the type you see, and put the marriage on hold and ask for more time to resolve certain things in prayer.  People misunderstand the dream to mean that, by receiving a flower in the dream, it means that the woman of Lady you have proposed is indeed your wife from God.  But,, it is not so.

The dream is, in fact, telling you that the Lady you are marrying is from the water, she was manipulated to you for a purpose, to stop your divine agenda.  Except you are in the kingdom of darkness, I mean being an Occultist, a Warlock or a Marine agent, you cannot handle the darkness that is coming to you.  It is a strong warning to you that the Lady you are engaged to is a Mermaid spirit, half-fish and half-human.

Triste, Froncer Les Sourcils, Jeune Femme, Réception, Rose, Debout ...

The Lord is telling you that, though the girl may be young and innocent looking, the power behind her is enormous.  In the years to come, you will be surprised at the negative power and influence of that young, beautiful and innocent looking girl.  Men always look for young and beautiful girls to marry, that one, upon which you have received a flower in the dream is evil.  

If you continue with the marriage, your destiny fulfilment is on the edge, your salvation and life of holiness is also on the cliff.  She may be humble, active in your local church and from a well to do family.  She may have a good education and job, all these points will not matter when the evil days shall come upon the person.  

The bible says whosoever breaks the edge, the Serpent will bite.  If you marry the daughter of Satan, get ready for a fight - Fight to maintain a job or business, fight to maintain your salvation, fight to live a holy and righteous life and fight to make heaven at last.  Let me add here, that if you marry the daughter or son of Satan, Satan will sure bite you.

Spirit Spouses - Divine Transformation

The fastest way out of an impending boom is to flee...

Put the marriage on hold and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal who the Lady is in the spirit to you.  Also, ask for the status of her parents.

This is not the type of dream you start speaking in tongues or ask God to deliver the Lady from the Marine kingdom.  She is an inner caucus member, and the devil is sending her/him to frustrate your destiny fulfilment.

Flee for safety, there are no prayer points!


Black Women Are Breastfeeding Less Than Any Other Group, But Why ...

This dream is organized and sponsored by the Marine kingdom to show that the lady or woman concerned belongs to them spiritually.  It also shows that she is married with children in the spirit world to the very extent that she recently had a baby in the spirit.

It means she has a spirit husband that would have been sleeping on the same bed with her in the dream.  This kind of dream means that marriage in the physical will be difficult without persistent prayers.  It also means that after the marriage, having children will also be a battle.  The joy of every woman is to conceive, bear children and nurse them.   To breastfeed a baby in the dream means the woman has spiritual children, which indicate a delay or no marriage in the physical.

Solution:  The dream is a good indication of why a lady may be experiencing a delay in marriage or why she is seen to be without children after many years in marriage.  
The solution is simple:
1. Give your life to Jesus Christ.
2. Repent from every known sin and confess them to the Lord
3. Receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost.
4. Love the Word of God and study it daily and obey what it says.
5. Live a holy life, run from sin and have a perfect hatred for the works of the flesh.
6. Begin to pray deliverance prayers to cancel every evil dedication done on your behalf.  Pray also against any evil covenant of your parents and separate yourself from the marine kingdom.
7. The specific prayers are attached below

Prayer  Points

1. Thank God for giving you the interpretation to your dream

2. Every evil dedication of my life into the marine kingdom done by my parents, by the blood of Jesus Christ I cancel the dedication.

3. Every material given to the marine priest for the covenant, be destroyed by fire in Jesus name.

4. Every parental covenant and vow dedicating me to the marine kingdom, catch fire and be destroyed by the fire of the Holy Ghost in Jesus name.

5. Every marriage done against me in the spirit, I cancel by the blood of Jesus Christ shed for my deliverance.

6. Evil spirit children resulting from the cancelled and nullified marriage, catch fire and die in Jesus name.

7. Every wedding gown, ring and pictures evidencing the nullified spiritual marriage, catch fire and be destroyed by the blood of Jesus in Jesus name.

8. O Lord, let every unconscious covenant or agreement between me and spirit children, be broken today, in the name of Jesus.

9. Blood of Jesus speaks deep deliverance into my marital situation, in the name of Jesus.
From henceforth, I cancel the visitation of strange children in the dream, they are no longer my children in Jesus name.

10. O' Lord, let the consequence of this evil dream be destroyed in my life and marriage.  Let delay in marriage or childbearing come to an end in my life in Jesus name.

11. O' Lord,  let all my virtues stolen through this breastfeeding dream, return back to me, in Jesus name.

12. Blood of Jesus flushes out every evil plantation in my body as a result of this dream, in Jesus name. My womb and breast begin to function perfectly, in the name of Jesus.

13. Every ungodly delay of my marital breakthrough, scatter by fire, in Jesus name. By the grace of God, I shall raise Godly children, in the name of Jesus.

14. Every ungodly counsel in my life affecting my marital plans, be nullified by the blood of Jesus. By the power in the blood of Jesus, I frustrate the works of the spirit spouse in my life, in the name of Jesus.

15. By the blood of Jesus, let every Marine covens holding my marriage or children, scatter by fire and release them in Jesus name.

16. I break every blood and soul-tie covenants with the spirit husband or wife, in the name of Jesus.


1. Every seed of darkness planted in my life in the dream, die, in the name of Jesus.

2. Every satanic dream I had in my past that is now affecting my future, die, in the name of Jesus.

3. Every power hunting for my star in the dream, what are you waiting for? Die, in the name of Jesus.

4. Every arrow of death fired against me in my dream, backfire, in the name of Jesus.

5. (Lay your right hand upon your head). Every dream sponsored by witchcraft power, die, in the name of Jesus.

6. Every strongman delegated to my dream, hear the word of the Lord: Appear now, in the name of Jesus.

7. O ground, hear the word of the Lord: open and swallow every strongman, in the name of Jesus.

8. All evil dreams against my destiny, be reversed, in Jesus’ name.

9. Thank the Lord for He had done it, in Jesus’ name.


Friends, we are living in the last days as the Bible prophesied.  Jesus is coming soon to rapture the Saints.  The Lord has prepared a place of joy and happiness for all who believe in Him and walk in His ways.  

If you have not yet received Jesus as Lord and Saviour, please do so now, tomorrow may be late.  Confess your sins to God in prayer and ask Jesus to come into your heart and reign as Lord and Saviour.

1. Give your life to Jesus Christ.
2. Repent from every known sin and confess them to the Lord
3. Receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost.
4. Love the Word of God and study it daily and obey what it says.
5. Live a holy life, run from sin and every appearance of evil.


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