SUCCEEDING BY WISDOM.......Exceeding the Expectations of God and man



Knowledge is great, but the wisdom to apply such knowledge in problem-solving is profitable.  You can survive with anyone if you know what he or she expects from you, and you are willing to do it. 

Every time there is a relationship breakdown, it is either there is confusion or one of the parties is over-demanding or they do not understand themselves.  It is very important to know the person you are relating with, his likes and dislikes, his fears, strength and weaknesses.

That is the information that will determine if he/she will be your friend or not. Worthy to note is what people value most in life and why.  What they love and why.  If you have a friend who beats his wife at the slightest provocation, you must run, otherwise, he will infest you with that evil seed.

Everyone entering into a relationship should articulate an expectation. People have expectation from you, whether you know it or not.  Friends, relatives, husbands and wives, all have an expectation that should not be ignored.

If you ignore the expectation of people around you, your employers or even employees, there will surely be a disconnect between you and them that may affect the relationship.  If you cannot meet the genuine expectation of people you are relating with, they will downgrade your worth and look for help or assistance elsewhere.'

Human Expectation
When you enter into a relationship with any person, please imagine your responsibilities and the expectations of your partner.  When you are in doubt, ask for clarification.  This is because once you meet the expectation of anyone you are in a relationship with,  you will win his or her trust and honour.  

In the office where you work, one of the ways to earn a cheap promotion is to diligently identify the priority jobs and reports that come from your boss, pay attention to them, process them quickly and return back to him.

If you identify such jobs and attend to them timely and accurately, you will soon become the friend of your boss.  Why?  You are doing what he expects from you.  You are paying attention to the important jobs and helping him stay on top of his game.  He will give you more important assignments and also promote you regularly. 

You know some people say, “I don't know what to do to please him or her”.  The answer is simple.  Find out his or her expectation of you.  What does he want you to do and what are the things he does not want you to do or bring to his attention.  If you can discover this vital information and follow-through, you are about to be the best of friends.  

Remember, when you exceed the expectation of your partner, you become almost indispensable to him or her, try it and see.  Expectation is like hope, and hope keeps alive.  If you know where you are going is a better place, you will endure every temptation and trial along the way to get to that place of joy and happiness and then enjoy your life.  But, if there is no hope for a better tomorrow, people despair.

Professional Commitment

God has an expectation from all His children.  In the relationship with God, we are inexcusable because God has already documented His expectations in His Word and make it available to everyone on earth.  That is why there is a bible everywhere and every language, I mean every language in the world.

When you plan to get married to your fiancee, did you articulate his expectations of you?  Did you also calculate your basic responsibilities in the marriage union?  These are legitimate thoughts that a person that wants a cordial and friendly relationship should do willingly.  For instance:

1. When you decided to be a wife - There are expectations a husband would have on the wife, some of which includes, to be supportive, honouring, loving, and faithful.  The husband would expect that the wife will take full responsibility for organizing and getting food ready in the house, even if both of them works.  How she does it can be agreed.  Whether they need the help of a housemaid or engage a Caterer or she will cook varieties and stock the deep freezer full at home, whichever.

2. When you decided to be a mother - There are expectations also making out time to be with your husband, plan to reduce your workload during pregnancy period and be prepared to take care of your baby after birth.  Everyone would expect the mother to take care of the baby, to feed them, clothe them, nurture them, raise them, and protect them.  

These are genuine expectations, but the modality can be discussed with your husband.  

3. When you decided to an Evangelist - You should articulate some expectations before God and man.  You are expected to share the love and truth of Christ with people across age and religious barriers.  That means that you are expected to be a friendly and warm person, always smiling and not easily provoked.  You are not expected to be a proud or argumentative person, but one that is loving, sacrificial, giving, generous, and honest.

Godly Expectations

God has made everything clear in the Bible, His word.  He has documented how we should approach Him and what He expects from us.  He expects a change of attitude from us the moment we become born again.  We are not expected to continue in our old ways, the ways of sin, wickedness, pride and unfaithfulness.

God expects His children to walk in holiness, being separated from the world and its lifestyles, to walk, worthy of the new man-made in the image of God.  Because of the sin of Adam and Eve, we were born with the world in view.  That is why the greatest goal of many people is to conquer the world and become famous, instead of pleasing their creator and inheriting eternal life.

God has great expectations of us, born again Christians, bought with the blood of Jesus Christ at the Cross  He expects to serve in without fear, in holiness all the days of our lives.  He expects us to believe in Him, His Word and know He is the rewarder of man's actions.  He is the rewarded of them that diligently seek Him, and also the rewarder of every conduct of man.

Now, here are some of the things God expects from His children.
1. He expects us to surrender all our fear and anxiety to Him- Phil. 1:21
2. He expects us to know and believe Him (Isaiah 43:10)
3. He expects us to Love Him, His Son Jesus and our fellows - Matt. 22:37-40
4. He expects us to glorify Him daily, He is a great God (Ps. 86:12)
5. He expects us to trust and obey Him (Psalm 37:5, Jer. 7:23)
6. He expects us to Pray to HJim daily (I Thess. 5:16-18)
7. He expects us to follow after the footsteps of Jesus - Matt. 10:38
8. He expects us to fix our eyes and hope on the Lord Jesus Christ - Heb. 12:2
9. He expects us to be merciful (Micah 6:8)
10. He expects us to be Compassionate (I Pet. 3:8)
11. He expects us to be truthful (Pro. 16:13)
12. He expects us to have the mind of Christ (Rom. 15:5)
13. He expects us to guard our hearts (Pro. 4:23)
14. He expects us to be grateful (I Thess. 5:18)
15. He expects us to be ever forgiving  (Matt. 6:15)
16. He expects us to be faithful in every little and big things - I Sam. 12:24


God has not called any of us to serve Him in vain.  He is the rewarded of them that serve DILIGENTLY.  We must decide to be diligent in serving the Lord.  We must never murmur, though times may be hard, let commit everything to Him in prayer and trust He will answer us in due season.

There is a reward awaiting us here and in heaven, so let us strive to fulfil His expectations and it shall be well with us.


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