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Marriage is a covenant between a man, a woman and God and like every other covenant relationship, you have to be true to the covenant obligations before you can truly enjoy the bliss of the union.  Those vows made before God and man, should be kept with all faithfulness, that's the foundation for a happy home.

If God is not in your marriage, no matter how happy you may be, that joy will not last.  The devil will surely try to shake you out of place, and when you don't know how to turn to God in prayer, the devil will target whatever makes you happy in the marriage and remove it.  That's how wicked the devil is.

You should also choose a godly spouse, one that fears the Lord and genuinely born again.  When a person is in Christ, there is the restriction they feel because of the Word of God they study and meditate on daily.  They are not quick to think or do evil, knowing there will be consequences for their actions.

Happy Marriage -  What is it?

For me, a happy marriage is one that produces a happy and faithful couple, happy children and a godly home.  It is a marriage where there is a strong love existing between the couple as it was when they started.  Those moments when you cannot have enough of each other and certainly cannot stay away for a week without seeing eye to eye should remain the lifestyle of such a marriage.
A happy marriage is a cocktail of open communication, love, care and attention that flows naturally from both couples.  I have seen it happen in real life to a couple, who go to work together and return home together without any excuse or stories as to why the woman returned before her husband or the husband before the wife.

Many couples started that way before the enemy plants a seed of discord among them to disperse them.  It is a love experience full of honest hard work, commitment and care.  When people are planning to get married, they should primarily pray for FAVOUR. The Spirit of favour will guide you to the right spouse.

When you marry the right man or woman, your trouble and pain are reduced by 50%.  Marrying your own better half is the first step to a happy marriage.  A man or woman who loves you for who you are, who appreciates your person and is contented with you.  This is very important because, without contentment, there will be no joy.  

Lack of contentment is the reason why many people are not happy in marriage.  Many people are marrying other peoples husbands and wives, and there is trouble everywhere, irreconcilable differences, confusion and divorce everywhere; Let your marriage be different, be content with your spouse in all things.

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Planning your Wedding

Planning for weddings can be fun, yet at times frustrating. It is a time when we feel that you are on an emotional roller coaster in the midst of a multitude of unfinished tasks. Therefore,  you will do well by making sure that everything in the plan is godly and approved.  You should make sure every marriage rites, training and church procedures are totally complied with.

You should look at your wedding as an event, a worship service where you are inviting God and man to participate with you as you make some very solemn vows to each other. You must be saved in the first instance, and your spouse should also be saved.  It is a disaster for a born again brother or sister to marry someone who is not born again.  People in the world are in darkness, without conscience and self restraints.

Remember the vows you are going to make in the church are Christian vows before God and man.  But, if your spouse is not a child of God, he or she may never take the vows seriously to observe them after the wedding.  So, make sure you are both born again and heaven-bound.  Then claim God’s presence and His promises for your lives as you vow to live for Him and for each other, it is pleasing to God.

Things people do for Wedding

Woman lost 61kg before her wedding to avoid dress 'fat tax'

This lady here is one of the women that successfully reduced their weight before their wedding in order to make their spouses happy.  It is very important that your love is deep and you are willing to take the right steps to make your spouse happy and feel appreciated.

This lady was a plus-size woman when she met her husband.  Her husband prefers a slim lady and Upon their decision to settle down, she courageously decided to reduce her weight and make her husband happy.  That's love in action.

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She ended up being the happy bride, slim and pretty.

Focus on the Marriage Instead of the Wedding

With all the emphasis on a wedding being the so-called best day of one’s life, it’s no wonder many people hire the entire event to event specialists to ensure there is no hitch or excuses.  They want every plan they have made to fall in place, to the end that their quests will have a wonderful experience.

1. Marriage is committing yourself to build a future together, which is deeper and more involving.  A lot of people will be involved, especially parents and siblings on both side, so you need to be in love with the person.  Marriage will later involve children, homes, jobs and business and training and raising the children and much more.  You should be committed to every vow you make to your spouse and keep them.

  2. Wedding is an event of one day, but marriage is life long and a lot of skills, patience and love is required.  Consider and learn quickly how to communicate better, make a functional budget and how to keep your budgets to the letter.  Learn how to make joint decisions with your spouse.  If you are the man, you are the head of the woman and the home, but you are to love her even more than yourself and your mother.

3. Learn that in a happy home, submission is mutual, one to another in the Lord.  communication, no secrets to be hidden, no compromises, only love without condition.  Learn to listen to one another, and to adjust your positions to accommodate one another.

Therefore, consider your wedding day a happy kick-start to a new chapter of your relationship life and hope for better days, and they will come.  The coming of your first baby, their graduation and marriage and the day you become a grandmother, father etc.

There will be better days to come, so plan for a beautiful wedding and a happy marriage relationship.

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Requirements for a happy marriage:

1. Contentment: A happy marriage is being happy with what you have and not what you are expecting. Being content and grateful for what you have, instead of constantly trying to live up to some unrealistic standard set by strange people you don't know.

2. There is mutual submission:  "In a happy marriage, the two people submit to each other as unto the Lord.  That it's why it is easy for the man to enter the kitchen and cook for the family when the wife is not available or at home.  The same thing happens with sometimes taking care of the children.

3. Open communication: We talk about everything, and I think that's what a happy marriage is," says one wife. "I've had relationships in which I felt like I had to keep secrets from my partner, but I can tell my husband anything. I like that I can be open about my feelings, and know that we'll work through whatever it is together."

4. The honesty of purpose: "This is my second marriage and it's happy, unlike the first, because we are totally honest with one another," says another woman. "Whether we are concerned over money, the budget and how to improve cash inflow, we open things up and then work it out again."

5. There is forgiveness: "I think a happy marriage is about forgiveness," says one married woman. "No one is perfect and if you can just let go of the little things and move on from the bigger things, like arguments, with a forgiving rather than begrudging heart, you're in really good shape."

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Marriage is a relationship between one man and his wife under God all the days of their lives.  Marriage demand s  mutual respect, love and honesty.  It is dangerous to get married for any other reason other than love.  

Love is patient and does not despise.  Love is not puffed up or proud and love endure long.  Every aspect of love will be tested in a marriage relationship, so people planning to get married should study the Word of God relating to marriage and understand them very well.

Pray for the grace to obey the word of God and make it your standards.  Marriage is sweet when we obey the word of God and build our home on the word, which is the will of God for His children.  It is important that you have made Jesus the Lord of your life before marriage.

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