THE FEAR OF CORONA VIRUS......Danger is Real, stay safe, keep the Rules



The Corona pandemic ravaging the globe has brought so much apprehension and fear to many people because of the way the disease operates.  Nations and people started fighting the pandemic without knowing what it was and how to handle it.  

What we knew then was that it spreads by one-on-one contact with an infected person.  If an infected person shakes your hands or sneezes in the open, it was believed that people in close proximity to him or her may contact the disease, hence the social distancing idea, hand sanitizing and avoidance of large crowds.  

1. Social Distancing among friends:

But, when people started dying in large numbers across the world, especially the elderly and weak, wearing a face mask became wisdom.  Not just common sense wisdom, it is now a law in some countries and states.   It is still relevant now that countries are planning to open their economies again.  Everyone should keep the rules and play save until the pandemic is contained.

Here are some COVID 19 moments to remember:
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Lavish, but cheap Corona wedding 

With Corona, we have seen online wedding, parlour or family wedding and now, a social distance wedding with only a few people attending.

Social distancing Robot 

The silicon valley in Asia went into work and produced a social distancing Robot stationed in parks and busy places to direct and instruct people to space out.  The 2 meters marks became a reference point in public places.

Social distance Barber

Barbers were not left out of the social adjustment and change in view of the pandemic.  Above is a desperate attempt to comply with the COVID 19 rules in the saloon.  Great!


This is a strange face mask, and yet it has become the most uncommon corona face mask anyone can imagine.  The entire face is covered and an eagle's eye space is added.


The choice of the Bible as a shield can only be imagined by a Lady Evangelist.  They are very powerful women in the kingdom.  They can call-down fire now, and by tomorrow do things you will never expect from them.  

Many of them are powerful and I have a lot of respect for them.

These Wallmart shoppers are wearing what looks like a gas mask.

The women and children I believe have enjoyed this lockdown more than others, as the men have been bound to stay at home.  Moreover, there is no beer parlours opening and movement is allowed.  The woman in the picture is enjoying herself.

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Ideal COVID 19 public sitting arrangement

Covid 19 drive-in Cafeterias engages entertainers

Daily update: Hair salons, fitness centers to reopen next week ...

This is the trending practisefor Drive-in Cafeterias in Europe and America.  Many of them engage musical bands and other entertainers to sing and entertain their customers who are in their cars waiting for their turn or enjoying their meal.

As real as the threat of Corona Virus may be, our protection from the Lord is more real to all who believe.  So we should continue to pray for the afflicted for a speedy recovery and the rest divine protection.  Let no one lose hope, 

Jesus is Lord.


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