In the kingdom of God, the most successful men and women are those who exercise their faith in God continually.  Faith is central to receiving anything from God, and exercising your faith will impact every aspect of your life, including your bank account.

If you are poor and desolate, check your faith level.  If there is nothing at home and you are going to bed hungry one day another day, please check your faith level.  This is because if you are exercising your faith, you can even call forth money, foodstuffs from any storehouse, and command strangers to bring them to your house.

You can command miracle money to appear because you need money urgently.  If you make that pronouncement by faith, just wait, it will come.  That is the faith that pleases God.  Anytime we exercise our faith and stand on our faith, the name of the Lord is glorified.  He has everything in abundance, but His children do not know How to use their faith to receive.

I hear preachers talk about grace to receive from God... What is that?  You do not need someone to lay hands on you, you only need to exercise your trust in God and His infallible words.

You need helpers of destiny so that your struggling will reduce, command them to locate you the mercies of the Lord and someone will call you to submit a proposal or come for a walk-in interview in his or her office, that how to operate in faith.  God is not far from you!

Seeking first the Kingdom of God

Putting God first in your life should be the priority of Christians today.  It is being Christ-centred and walking as Christ walked while He was on earth.  He started His ministry after receiving the Holy Ghost.  His attention shifted from his earthly family to the assignment of heaven and why He came down to earth.

There was no divided attention, NO!  He called His disciples and they all lived together from that moment, and the work of seeking for the lost souls began and continued for three and half years till His death, ressurrection, and ascension into heaven.

Putting God first in the life of a Believer means to re-order our priorities and make provision to serve the Lord with our time and resources.  It involves continuous spiritual sacrifices and works of faith.  It involves a well-thought evangelism plan and sponsorship of mission works as much as your resources can carry.

In the eyes of the world, seeking first the kingdom of God is not the first step to success, it is rather to get a good degree, and be connected to important people that matter in the society.  They forget that when you are doing the will of God, every other thing you shall touch shall prosper.

Serving God in His Will

Children of God who seek His kingdom are able to discover the plan of God for their own lives and pursue it.  If you are not in the place of your calling in business and work, it will surely affect your finances and ability to contribute to the work of God. That is why it is a priority for every believer to discover their purpose in life, and make sure you are in the business of establishment God has ordained for you at every point.

The reason you should understand this point very well is that if you discover that you are in the wrong business or employment, you can pray yourself out, into the place of your calling.  That is the place where you will be most fruitful, because the resources you need, the right people and support are made available by divine providence. 

It would not be on a platter of Gold, but your diligent hard work will be appreciated by the people that use your services or your employers.  You will find favour and success there.  Yet, your greatest joy is not the successes or the cars and houses, but that your name is written in the Book of life.

What I am saying is that it pays to serve God, while you are in the will of God.  There will be contentment, less struggle and less dislocation.  You are not thinking of relocating tomorrow, neither are you going to start another kind of business tomorrow...NO.  You are in the place of your destiny and call.  You will devote your time to working and serving God happily, and there will be stability.

Doing the will of God and staying in His will is the solution to worry and anxiety that people face while serving the Lord.  Seeking first the kingdom of God builds our faith and trust in God.  It comes with a feeling that we are not alone, neither are we using our own wisdom alone to handle issues, but, the Lord is helping us.  

Faith is Needed for your Abundance

Faith in God is the key to receiving from the Lord and make no mistakes about it, God is looking to see our faith in action each time we go to Him in prayer.  If you don't have faith, the command to 'Seek first the kingdom of God and its righteousness' will be difficult for you to understand, talk less obey.  

If you are carnal and think that it is by your struggles or hard work that success will come,  it will be difficult for you to trust the Lord for your supplies.  But, the moment you exercise your faith in God concerning anything you need, victory is sure and His name will be glorified.

The Lord was addressing one of the basic problems of man - fear and anxiety about the future.  People like to worry about what they will eat and drink, especially when there is no money and steady income.  

Faith is the remedy for fear and when you are in Christ, fear of the unknown will be depart from your heart, the moment you have revelation of the awesomeness of God, the creator of all things.  The God who fed a whole nation for forty years in the wilderness will have no problems taking care of you.  When you know your God, you will be bold to confront any mountain, and whatever mountain you can confront, you will conquer.

You must believe God for who He is, a great and mighty God, who is able to do everything for you. When you know Him and put your trust in Him, He will bless the works of your hands and you will stop worrying about what to eat and drink.

The challenge therefore is for you to be doing something, for His blessing will come looking for the works of your hands.  Make sure what you are doing is legitimate, honestly and excellently done.  God loves excellence, He hates mediocrity.

Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you - Mathew 6:33

Why should we seek the Kingdom First?

1. The simple reason is that God has a plan for each one of us.  He knew us before we were born.  He deposited talents and gifts in our lives to help us fulfil the purpose of His creation, and seeking Him first and knowing Him will enable us to identify our own purpose in life and pursue it.  

2. Another reason why we should seek Him first is that human wisdom is not perfect and sometimes, things are not what they look like.  The bible says in Proverbs 14:12 that “there is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death”.

3. He is the God that giveth us the power to get wealth, as well as the grace to sustain the wealth.  

4. He gives us the power to excel and prosper, and outside God there is no true success.  

5. Another reason for seeking the kingdom is that the time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand. Repent, and believe in the gospel - Mark 1:15.  To repent and believe is the first step to the kingdom, the salvation of your soul.It is only by repentance that our sins can be forgiven.  

6. Time is fulfilled because the trumpet can sound any moment now, and anyone not found in Christ may be lost permanently, for the bible says that “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” and the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord - (Romans 3:23, 6:23) 

How does God provide for your Needs?

For all the Christians crying to the Lord in secret and saying O' Lord, when will my day come, the steps to divine supplies below will help you.

What matters is your faith in God and your determination to succeed. A little illustration will help you understand how divine supplies will locate you unconditionally.

Steps to divine Supplies:
1. A person repents of his sins and receives Jesus as Lord

2. He acquaints himself/herself with the Word of God and receive the Holy Spirit

3. You inquire from the Lord, His will for your life.  What He created you to do on earth, profession, business etc.  If you are already in business, Find out from the Lord whether you are in the right business.  If yes, then ask for fresh ideas and direction.

4. If you get inspiration on the business or work to do, commit yourself to doing it excellently.

5. God is ready to bless the works of a believer when:

a. Become a Psalms 1:1-3 businessman or woman:  Who walk not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.  But, your delight is in the law of the Lord, and in His law do you meditate day and night.  The scriptures say the Lord will make you like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth its fruit in its season, and its leaves shall not wither; and whatsoever you shall do, shall prosper.

Take time to study and understand your business and how to serve your customers to their pleasing.  This means that your products should be of the best quality and the means of rendering your services excellent.  You must be the best in what you are doing if you want God to bless it. 

God may not bless a shoddy product or services that your customers are not happy with.  But when your products and services make people happy, they give thanks to God.  Then, the Almighty God will direct more people to your business and give you favour with men.

Please note that If your customers are not happy with your services, God is not happy too.  Until they begin to give Him thanks for your services, your kindness and the help you rendered to them; until the people you are serving begin to thank God for the problems you solved for them, don't expect abundance yet, God does not reward mediocrity.

b. You have to abide in Him, study and meditate on His Word and obey it.  Live according to the Word and pray without season for your family, business, the church and work of God.  Serve the Lord in a local Assembly.  Service has a reward attached to it.  The Lord has promised to bless your bread and water and take sickness away from you -  Exo 23:25-27.

Benefits of Seeking first the Kingdom

1. God doesn’t forget the needs of the moment: God will not forget your daily provisions and other necessaries like cars, houses and investments. But, you have to remember that your services in the house of God commit Him to bless your bread and your water.  It also proves your faith in God as well, so serve God happily in a local church.

2. God's words cannot fall to the ground: The Lord says what He will do and so, if we obey His command to seek Him first, all the blessing promised shall be ours. The Lord knows that if you receive Him, your fear and anxiety will vanish away, and the way forward for your life will be revealed to you.

3. When we make the kingdom our primary focus, whether we are in business or paid employment, the Lord will bless the works of our hands because we have known His name.


The Lord wants us to stop running around with fear and anxiety over the future like unbelievers who have no hope.  If we stay in His will, success will be our experience.  God has all things and He is at liberty to bless everyone that abides in Him and bears fruit.  He is the one that gives you the power to get wealth and the grace to sustain the wealth.

I don't know the trial you may be going through, I want to encourage you to persevere and keep your eyes on the Lord and He will help you.  Don't give up or murmur because the Lord has not forgotten you.  The trial will surely make you stronger and put you in a position to advise and help others in the future.

If you are not yet born again, please do it now. Say this prayer:

Heavenly Father, I come to You in Jesus name.  I believe that Jesus died for my sins and was raised up for my justification. I confess my sins and ask for Your forgiveness.  Having been forgiven, I open my heart to receive Jesus Christ, as my Lord and Saviour.  Thank You Lord for forgiving my sins, I am born again!


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