RAPTURE IS VERY CLOSE......Jesus is Inviting you to a Glorious life



Rapture is for the Saints, who persevered to the end.  Those who did not bow down and worship Satan, money or people.  Rapture is for those who lived a separated life, abused, mocked and forsaken.  Rapture is for those who are waiting for the second coming of the Lord.

As it was in the beginning when many people did not hear about His coming until He came, and while He was with them, they still did not know Him, and so they were asking "Is this not the Carpenter's son?", so shall it be at His second coming.  

Some will be in the marketplace that day, others will be arranging their multi-million dollar deals, oil traders, bitcoin and gold traders will be scheming to get a better price bargain when the trumpet shall sound.  And the dead in Christ as well as Believers in Christ, who are alive, shall hear it and be caught up with Christ in the air.  This is why we should be prepared and ready.

Some years back, I began to study and teach from the book of Revelation in the bible, and in the first sermon from Revelation, I saw an angel of the Lord come into the Hall and he came very close to me. I later understood it to mean that God is interested in the topic.  I believe the Lord is also interested in today's topic, which is  Rapture and how to prepare for the coming of the Lord.  

Jesus said He is coming back, and He will surely come back to take the saints with Him and I pray that the grace to endure till the end, the Lord will grant to you in Jesus Name.  I will be there, and I pray that your name will be in the Lamb book of life in Jesus' name!

Understanding Rapture

If you have that hope, desire, and expectation to see the Lord at His Return, then there are things to do, and actions of faith we must all take.  Rapture has two phases, in the first phase, the Trumpet will sound and Christ will appear in the air.  His feet will not touch the earth, the dead in Christ will rise to meet Him in the air.  The saints who are life also will be caught up to meet with the Lord in the air. 

The second phase is when His feet will touch the earth after the Great Tribulation, to establish His Millenial Reign on the earth with His Saints. He will come to judge the world in righteousness. 

I don't want you to mistake this message to mean that you are justified by works, No, it is not so.  However, you need to be reminded that the bible asked us to come out from among the world and be separate.  It is this separation from the world that makes us sons and daughters of God.  

How do we become the sons or daughters of God? The bible says "Come out from among them the native, sinful and evil people"  The teaching of separation from the world, is so important that the Lord says in 2 Cor 6: 17-18:

Therefore come out from them, and be separate, says the Lord.  Touch no unclean thing, and I will receive you."  "I will be a Father to you, and you will be my sons and daughters,   says the Lord Almighty." 

Anything that will make you unclean, touch it not, anything that will defile your mind, thoughts, or souls, touch them not.  Watch out for the temptations and defilement in the areas of adultery, fornication, and immorality.  

Countless secret sins like masturbation lesbianism, gay. Prostitution, occultism, devaluing your body with tattoos and all kinds of nakedness that people of the world do.  You must never allow any of these to stop you from making the Rapture.  You must present your body a living sacrifice unto the Lord!

Becoming a son or daughter of God
To become the son of God, repentance must come first. The moment you make up your mind to leave your sin and come to Jesus, He will receive, saves and pardon you. Your guilt, condemnation and all precious sins are forgiven and gone when you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Then you have to turn away from the sins in society and avoid anything that defiles your hands, ears and eyes, as well as your body.  You will have to also reject world patterns of pride, greed and idol worshipping and embrace the Lord Jesus Christ, then the Lord will receive and forgive you, and gives you the grace to continue in His ways and have victory over sin. 

Jesus Christ is the only way to God and we have to go through Him to receive the adoption of sons into the kingdom of God. There is no other way. Jesus is the only Way.  You must be born again, born of the water and of the Spirit. 

A Priviledge
It is a privilege to be called the son or daughter of God.  Don't ever forget that many sought to be so-called, but it did not happen for them.  Many prayed that God should allow them to make money first so that poverty will not lead them astray.  They had thought that when they make money, then they will come back to serve the Lord and it did not happen for them.

What a privilege to be called the sons of God in this present time. What a privilege this is. The world does not recognise nor appreciate it, but we celebrate it and guide our salvation with diligence. 

When you are born again, your sins are forgiven and the Spirit of God comes to help you will walk in a pleasing manner, but you must be ready and willing to obey the word of God and live by them.  When we receive this grace, how do we live, act and behave? 

Do all things without murmurings and disputing so, different from everybody else.  You must be sure that you are a child of God before the day of the Rapture, or before you die. Here is the place to be sure, there is no change of destiny after death, no change of place in eternity, now is the time to be sure that you are saved. 

If heaven is your goal, and you are waiting for the coming Christ then be ready to overcome temptations, trials, and troubles through fervent trust in Jesus, and the guidance and help of the Holy Ghost.   

If you are struggling with any temptation or addictions right now, cry to God for help.  Pray and continue to pray until you are broken from the curse.  Every addiction is a curse and there is a demon behind them.  There is a demonic purpose for every attack on your life and the purpose is to stop you from making Rapture. 

Living to please the Lord

There is a way to live an Excellent Christian life.  A life that attracts unbelievers and wins them to God, a life of purity, love, care and humility.  The way of righteous living is found in Christ when we surrender all to Him.  When we receive the grace to overcome sins.

This lifestyle is pleasing to God and acceptable to men.  Jesus encourages believers to prove they love Him.  In John 14:21 the Lord says "Whoever has my commands and obeys them, he is the one who loves me. He who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I too will love him and show myself to him."

1. Humble self-examination:  It starts with a humble self-examination of our lives to identify areas of weakness and amend them.  This is very important because the bible says, if we judge ourselves, we will not be judged.  If we can honestly assess our faith in God vis-a-vis the words we speak and the actions we take, it will help us make some necessary amendments.

2. Purity: We must ensure purity inside and outside. We know our areas of weakness, where the dirty are and so it is our duty to cleanse ourselves of every spiritual and physical filth. If we will make it to heaven, holiness is not negotiable. We must be holy within and without, for the unrighteous person shall not enter into the kingdom of God.  In the book of Heb 12:14, the bible says without holiness, no eyes shall see the Lord. 

3. Soul Winning: Thank God we are saved and redeemed, but what about our husbands, wives and children.  What about our friends and neighbours, and what about our relatives.  

Christians are ambassadors of Christ, His hands and Legs to continue the work He came to earth to do - To reconcile lost souls to God.  So, we should embrace evangelism and soul-winning, starting with our families, friends and friends and neighbours.  It may be hard in places where our behaviour does not agree, but we have to love those people and continue to pray for their salvation and occasionally invite them to our churches for God to visit them Himself.

4. Walking in Love: We have a duty to walk in love with all men.  If we say that we love our family, parents and siblings and relatives and they are not saved, our love is not genuine.  Your love for them should cause you to pray for them to be saved, no matter how far they have wandered away from God.  

Everyone living can be saved through prayer.  Pray for them and after praying, start ministering to them.  If we pray for God to intervene in life or many lives, God will surely answer, but beloved, if we refuse to pray, God will do nothing.

5. Pray: Pray against all the devices of the devil and against the activities of anti-christ. Pray for the grace of God to live a holy and pure life, so that we will not fall among the weak ones that will be won over by the agents of Satan.  The devil is daily recruiting people using money and immorality to initiate people into hell fire.  There is hellfire made for the devil and his agents.  We must resist the devil and his agents through prayer.

6. Evangelism: While we are endeavouring to live pure and holy, we must go into serious evangelism, be it at the grassroots, radio and TV evangelism.  We must be mobile tract distributors everywhere we go.  Preach in season and out of season.  This is very important because as we do this, souls will be saved.  We must go all out to win souls.  Preach to people everywhere.  

Unbelievers are preaching and talking about their fashion, about their body cream and lotion and you are hearing.  So, be ready to share the gospel with people.  Let's go and preach to everyone and if you are not teaching, you are disobeying the Word of God.  In 2 Tim 4:2 says we should preach the word in season and out of season. 

As you live this excellent life, God will answer your prayers and prosper the works of your hands.  

Remember that God's blessing is tied to His service and doing His will according to Exodus 23: 25-27.  When you serve God, He will take away bareness and poverty from you.  You shall fulfil your years and God will bless you.  


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