SECOND CORODANCE...Please forgive your children!

Immigration officers are being threatened with dismissal for participating in #BopDaddy challenge (Pulse)

Immigration officers are being threatened with dismissal for participating in #BopDaddy 'Lockdown' challenge



This interesting story caught my attention.  The ladies involved must be new in the civil service to know the implication of dancing with their official uniform.

I understand from the report that the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) is unhappy with the video clip, describing it as embarrassing.

The challenge, a sensation on social media during a coronavirus enforced lockdown and isolation in most cities across Nigeria, is one in which ladies flaunt different glowing images of themselves thanks to smartphone-enabled high resolution photography and editing.

According to the Assistant Comptroller General of the NIS, I am Haliru, the video of the NIS women “revealed a rather disturbing and embarrassing display of indecent flaunting of your bodies, desecration of service uniform/beret and the use of inappropriate language thereby, sabotaging the values upheld by the service.

“To state the obvious, your act has caused a lot of embarrassment to the NIS and in line with our standard as a paramilitary organisation is considered scandalous and an act unbecoming of an officer and therefore a violation of PSR 030401 and 030402. This is a serious misconduct liable to dismissal from service.
“In view of the foregoing, therefore, you are requested to make a representation, if any, within 72hrs on receipt of this letter, why disciplinary action should not be taken against you.”
A source at the office of the Minister of Interior, Rauf Aregbesola, tells Pulse that the matter will be resolved internally.

“It’s an overreaction from Haliru. Don’t worry, we’d sort it out. We don’t think the ladies did anything untoward. They neither exposed their bodies nor danced seductively,” the source offered.

However, a top-ranking immigration officer says the disciplinary action against the women is in line with extant laws of the organisation. "We have to instil discipline within the rank and file," he said.

Fireinthebone agrees with the honourable Minister.  However, they should be cautioned to desist from using their official uniform for such entertainment.  

Please forgive your children!



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