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At salvation, God gives us spiritual gifts and benefits, He gives us the Holy Spirit, so that we are not alone.  He fills our heart with joy and gives us all we need to do His will.  

God gives us grace and protection to enable us live a godly life, and serve Him without fear in righteousness and holiness all our days. God does not give us money when we are born again, but He opens the door of spiritual power to us.  The bible says "You shall receive power when the Holy Ghost has come upon you"  

The Holy Ghost is the power that causes a Believer to arise and shine. The door of power is a very important for every Christian that wants to prosper because without power, prosperity will be hard.  The Holy Ghost is that power that teaches and guides you into all truth.  

The door of   power is also the door of holiness within and without, so holiness is a necessary requirement for the power of God to rest on us. Children of God  who wants to experience success must stop every backsliding behaviour and embrace holiness like never before.

The Door of Power
This is why many Christians are poor today, they have remained at the door of salvation and at such they have no power to confront the enemy, and obtain healing for their own body.  They do not understand spiritual authority and are unable to decree a thing that is established for them.

When you enter the door of power, you have to understand how to pray.  Prayer is necessary for the power you need to prosper in life, and the more your prayer, the more power, and if you decide not to pray at all, then there is no power.  Holy living and prayer draws you closer to God, so that you will begin to call forth thing that does not exist as though they exist.  This grace is profitable in every situation.

The Holy Ghost is the power to arise and shine for every believer who wants to experience success, such a brother or sister must stop every backsliding behaviour and embrace holiness like never before.

Present Realities
We live in a world of inequality, where some people are born rich and some are born poor.  People born into poor families start life struggling to survive.  With so much hardship, they think entering into a covenant with the devil will give them quick access to million of Naira.  But, that is not true money cannot buy a soul, again, the money from the devil comes with sorrow, sickness and untimely death.  

People who go the devil for money will have to sacrifice the most important persons in their life like mother or wife.  The devil is an expert in trade-by-barter.  He gives you money and collects your mother, or wife and or children.

But, I want you to see how you can become rich through the blessing from the Almighty God.  God is rich in silver and gold.  In fact, He created all things and whatever He permits is what happens.  There are many rich children of God, so being born again is not a License for poverty.  It does not mean you will end up being wretched in life.

Rich children of God owe their riches to God's favour and blessing in the works of their hands.  They are doing their work and business diligently, for the bible says in Colossians 3:23: “And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men.”  We must do our work and business to please the Lord and not man.

They do their work with the fear of God, love for God and man.  They are highly focused on achieving success, so they are diligent, creative and service-driven.

God's Plan

The plan of God for the people that belief in Him is found in Jeremiah 29:11, which says “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.”  That expected end is anything that you desire that is in accordance with His will for you.  You can desire anything in His will.  

To succeed in Christ, you must identify God's plan for your life and pursue it.  You should know godly provisions for your success and use them fully.  Some of the important tools include:

1. Faith in Him
2. His Word
3. The Holy Spirit to guide and instruct us.
4. Divine Protection.
5. He promises to make a way for us.

These tools and graces is for us to walk boldly and succeed in the works of our hand.  The Holy Spirit is with us to teach and guide us to success.  We are expected to work hard and diligent, walk uprightly and look up to the Lord a rare couple.

God expects us to do things differently from the worldly people.  Our hope and trust should be on Him and not our human ability or smartness.  He expects us to walk and speak kindly to people.  He expects us to walk in the spirit and make no provision for the flesh.  No cheating or taking advantage of people to prosper.

God expects us to be conscious that we are pilgrims and plan for eternity at the same time.  Eternity has its own requirements.  We have to be saved, and we also have to serve the Lord in the house of God and outside.  We are called to be disciples of Christ, whom the Lord called friends.

We are expected to know God and live in obedience to His word written in the bible, renewing and transforming our mind with the Word till we become like Jesus Christ.

God expects us to do the work of disciples, the work of soul-winning. He expects us to watch and pray, because we have an adversary that is very slippery and wicked. We have to live and walk like disciples of Jesus walked in the past, they devoted themselves to the Word, to preaching and teaching the Word and prayer.

How to receive Anything from God:

Whenever we need something from God, it will be good to remember that is a way we should approach the Lord for whatever we need.  That way is the way of faith.  We must believe that God is able and willing to give us what we need if we can trust  Him and only Him.

If we trust in human beings, no matter how close and connected, God abandons us to the man of woman we are trusting.  Whatever we may want from God is paid for at the cross.  We only need faith in God to draw from that well of heavenly blessings.

Faith: Faith is the spiritual laws for receiving from God.  It is a spiritual principle that works the same way for everyone who gets involved in it.  Christians who are born again have a level of faith inside of them.  What is required is to grow the faith and use it whenever there is need for it.  Believers who can exercise their faith in God will experience an abundance of blessing from God.

By faith, we gain access to what grace made available, and God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith (Romans 12:3), but it is up to us to decide how to use that faith.  We get the faith we need from hearing the Word regarding the specific need we have and meditating on it.

His Word: The entire kingdom of God depends on His Word. Trying to live as Christians without the Word limits the potential for manifestation of God's blessing.  The Word is incorruptible seed (1 Peter 1:23) that will always produce great harvest, it can never fail. 

We need to first study and meditate on the Word. The word of promises we want from God should be well planted in our heart and spirit. This is the first step to receiving from God.  When we meditate on the Word day and night, we are preparing our heart to receive what it says.  - (Joshua 1:8).

If we want a harvest, we must put the word of God to work in our lives.  As Pastors, we preach it without season and we will see the harvest of souls.  if we are Engineers, we do our work diligently and as unto the Lord, without eye-service, no cheating and lying to deceive people.  We must sow quality seed each and every time for a good harvest to appear.  God is not mocked. Whatever we sow, we will also reap (Galatians 6:7).  

Prayer: Prayer is another key to receiving from God.  Once the word is settled in our heart, we meditate and speak it, then we should ask for what we want from the Lord.  If we study and meditate on the right words, we will reap the harvest of faith. 

Prayer can be of three types.  It can be in asking for a particular blessing.  It can also be to ask and then go out to seek for the answers.  For instance, you are asking God to give you a good job, it is imperative that after your prayers, you should start applying for jobs for which you are qualified.  

It can be the 'Knocking prayers' - Which is the combination of fasting and prayer.  You can decide to fast and pray for three days for something special from the Lord.  One thing is sure, the Lord honours our faith.

Listen to hear from Him: When you ask for anything in prayer, please listen to hear His voice concerning your request.  Many times, the voice of the Lord will come as a soft still voice, with instructions of what you should do.  

Obey His Instruction: Whenever the Lord give you instruction, please attend to it quickly, whether it is convenient or not.  After obeying the instruction to speak positive words concerning your answer.  Words of affirmation praises to God for answered prayers is the next level.

It is important that you speak positive words because the world was spoken into existence through the Word. The worlds were framed by the Word of God who calleth those things which be not as though they were (Romans 4:17).

You need to speak what you want to see, rejoice and thank God for answered prayers and you will receive it in Jesus name.

How to Start
The first step to becoming a successful Christian in business or life is to:
1. Repent of all your sins and receive Jesus as Lord and Saviour
2. Discover God's plan for your life. 
3. Develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
4. Develop your spiritual man to hear from God and see visions.
5. Develop a believer's lifestyle of holiness, faith and Love.
6. Discover God's provisions for your success and use them
7. Learn how to get whatever you want from God.
8. Invest in yourself and your future


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