POST LOCKDOWN LIFESTYLE.......Pray for restoration of Normal life!

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 POST CORONA LIFESTYLE - Across the Nations?

The surprise and shock of the Corona Virus is still a shock to the world.  After weeks of Lockdown of cities and countries, there is better awareness of the virus and the basic management issues relating to it.

The Lockdown allowed nations to mobilize resources and put medical capacities in place and treatment of victims.  Isolation centres, respiratory machines and masks were put in place to treat people.  Wuhan in China was the first city to go into Lockdown.  It is also the first city to successfully open for business after the Lockdown with schools reopening for studies. 

Schools in Wuhan and other Chinese city reopened last week for teaching and here are the picture of the classroom configuration available for us.

These two pictures relate to two age category of Chinese children.

During Lockdown

One of the creative steps taken by governments across the globe was the establishment of drive-through  Coronavirus testing sites.  In Israel, they pioneered an unattended Coronavirus testing site.  The patient walks into the cabin and the equipment will 'examine the person'.

The first reported case of a drive-through in Ogun State, Nigeria is captured here:

Fever detection camera comes alive in UK

UK airport finally gets fever detection camera to screen passengers 

A UK airport has finally installed thermal cameras to detect if anyone arriving in the country has a fever – one of the symptoms of coronavirus. Despite measures set up at airports around the world, UK airports have so far not been taking temperature screenings of passengers – even ones arriving from high-risk countries – based on advice from Public Health England. 

First UK airport finally gets a fever detection camera

Now, Bournemouth Airport will start checking passengers for signs of the deadly infection with cameras that are capable of recording body temperatures and alerting border guards to anyone with a fever. The tripod-mounted cameras have been fixed to the airport’s staff entrance but will soon be installed at every entrance to the airport’s departures and arrivals terminals.

Moving Forward - Life after Lockdown

Wearing of face mask is now necessary and in some cities and states compulsory.  This is because it helps to limit person to person spread of the virus.  The question is no longer whether to wear a face mask or not, it is which type of face mask will you get.

High fashion face masks...

Finally on the way forward the fashion world will not be left out.  In the Paris fashion show done this week, we see many high luxury face masks on display.  From the price of the masks, it is obvious it is made for the rich.  

How vlogging, live-streaming and gestures of support could help ...
Corporate Staff

Is it true that wearing face masks is useless in preventing the ...

What Are the Benefits of Wearing a Face Mask? - WSJSydneysiders opt for high-fashion face masks to protect from the ...

In China,  and around the world, the general public has been encouraged to wear masks to prevent getting or spreading the novel coronavirus.  But, with the reality that the virus will take a longer period to control, Wearing of a mask is now a public health policy until the virus is contained.

Smoke is back, but for how long? | Mail Tribune

In the U.S., and across the world, there is a growing number of people now wearing a face mask.  Men and companies have also risen to produce cloth masks to make more mask available to the public.

  5 sets facemasks / unisex face masks / Ankara face masks by ...
Simple Hand-made Masks

Annual Mass Wedding clashes with Corona Pandemic - Love cannot be put on Hold!

Hundreds of brides and grooms kissed wearing surgical masks at ...
PRAYER: O' God, Take coronavirus away from us, in Jesus name!

Hundreds of brides and grooms kissed while wearing blue surgical masks at a mass wedding ceremony amid coronavirus fears in the Philippines.

The 220 happy couples were mandated to wear the masks as they sealed their vows by authorities in the city of Bacolod, following fears the virus could spread.

Attendees were also asked to complete health declarations detailing their travel history for 14 days, the maximum incubation time for the virus.

Stunning pictures show the lovers attempting to lock lips through the blue surgical masks as they attend the ceremony.

Annual mass weddings are a post-Valentine's Day tradition in the city, with a record 2,013 couples participating in 2013.  30,000 people attended this ceremony.

Picture of the day

Nigerian President receives his Vice with a surprising look at his coronavirus costume.  This picture is our picture of the day.

Face Mask Fashion -  Pic of the day
Designer face masks are going for $200 a pop online
New Slovakia President, Zuzana Caputova

Nigerian Celebrity 

Coronavirus: Nigerian celebrities wear blinged-up masks - BBC News
Actor and television presenter Ada Afoluwake Ogunkeye

Nigerian celebrities turned up to a glitzy award ceremony wearing glittery, jewelled face masks amid the coronavirus pandemic.  They said they are using the mask to make a statement rather than to prevent the spread of the virus.

Social Distancing Drama:

   Made in Nigeria

Real Social Distancing  - Lagos State Governor

Notice the Governor - on the Orange Podium


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