Many knowledgeable ministers of God has described witchcraft as a fallen religion, but a lot of people do not understand what they are talking about.  Witchcraft has become a religion because of the large number of people practising witchcraft.

You will be shocked to discover that many of your close friends and nice uncles are in witchcraft and you do not know.  The number has grown because possessed women secretly initiate their children to the devil, in the same way as we Christians dedicate our children unto God.  This is why Pastors with deliverance mindset, will cancel every other dedication made on a baby on the day of the child's dedication in the house of God. 

It is amazing to know that as we fellowship on Sundays and Wednesdays for the mid-week service, the agents of the devil gather in the coven every night to plan evil against believers in Christ, how they might afflict or frustrate them.  This is why every Christian should be on 'fire' and prayerful should live a committed and holy life always.

Witches are people whose spirit have been perverted by the devil.  The devil has taught them how to control their own spiritual bodies.  They have conscious control of their spiritual bodies and they can see into the spirit realm as well as the physical world.  They can talk freely with demons, ask demons questions and take instruction from demons directly.  They can leave their physical body at any time, and travel with their spiritual body to do evil somewhere, even while awake.

Public Enemy No 1
They are regarded as public enemy No.1 because they 'Destiny Hunters' looking for people's glory to steal, frustrate or destroy.  They possess demonic ability to steal peoples blessings, hinder their breakthrough from coming to pass, at least for some times.  They are envious people who will do anything and everything to put their enemy in bondage and sometimes death.  They are very subtle and secretive, in order to deceive their victims.

Many times, they behave as though they cannot harm a fly, they can even show love to a person they want to destroy.  They are the foot soldiers of Satan, and the physical satan you can see physically.  They are as wicked as the devil himself.  No matter how much they love a person, if that person is not careful, they will eventually attack and destroy the person. They are so brutal whenever the spirit of witchcraft enters into them.

Witchcraft is one of the works of the flesh mentioned in Galatians 5:19-21.  It is indeed a good example of the flesh.  The spirit of witchcraft is responsible or a promoter of almost every item on the list.  The spirit of witchcraft sponsors adultery and fornication and all kinds of lasciviousness and nakedness.  They are the most envious of all men.  

They can be so secretive to the extent that you can vouch for a witchcraft agent if you don't have discerning spirit working in you.  The truth is that anyone that will encounter success in today's world must know how to destroy the works of witchcraft.  They are sold out for evil and the only language they understand is 'fire', consistent fire prayer with authority.

A woman insisted she will keep custody of her daughter when their marriage crashed, but unknown to her the family members of her husband vowed to destroy the girl's life since she refused to release her to them.  That was the beginning of trouble for the young girl. She manipulated her to meet the wrong boys and girls.  The plan was to turn her into a prostitute and waste her life. But the mercy of God located the mother through prophecy and secret plan of the enemy was revealed and destroyed.

Modern-day Witchcraft Warfare Tools
One of the strongest ways the agents of darkness, witches and warlocks deal with children of God is to manipulate them into spiritual defilement, thereby making them look bad in the eyes of God.  Many people are struggling with masturbation and watching explicit videos, without knowing that close-bye witches or warlocks are behind their addiction.  

Defilement: Some of these people are in the church and they know the brothers and sisters who are on 'fire' for God.  They will set their evil trap for them, usually through opposite sex to de-anoint them.  If they did not succeed, they 'fire' demonic arrow of lust against them, to defile themselves.  These are the powers behind many Christians who are secretly defiling themselves with toys men and animals.  Once they fall to into error and sin, a ladder has been created for demons to start visiting them in the dream to defile them continually.  

Whatever be the defilement, if it is not confessed and removed through prayers, the person will continue to struggle in vain and spiritual growth and progress will be hard for him or her.  Deliverance and blessings are far from such people.  Defilement makes people unworthy in the eyes of the Lord and renders their labour in prayer fruitless.

If a polluted person is asking God for the anointing to excel in their studies, business and ministry, its a waste of time.  God will not hear such prayers because the person is defiled.  Defilement is the modern way the witches are fighting against children of God, and I mean every child of God, men or women. 

Bewitchment: Many years ago, I was on a deliverance ground and a deliverance minister was shouting deliverance prayers and people are praying and suddenly, the Lord opened my ears to hear what witches in the midst were saying I against the deliverance minister.  They accused the minister of attacking them every day with his prayer, and vow they will surely bewitch and frustrate him in the church.

That was a serious threat. They were going to slow him down in the church, bewitch him into error and delay his progress and rising.  This is why Believers must pray against witchcraft bewitchment and live a holy and righteous life.  

Evil Voice: This is becoming very common nowadays.  This is very effective when the witchcraft enemy is near-by to you, like a close relation living with you, husband or wife living together.  The voice to do evil will always come after they have bewitched the person, so that when they hear the voice to do evil, they will obey at once.

This is why you should test every voice you hear against the word of God. A brother travelled to Lagos for business. For women hearing voice to dress like this or that, it is witchcraft, when they want to lure women into error.

Wrong Spouse: Again, no matter how holy and righteous you may be as a Brother or Sister, you MUST prayerfully wait on the Lord to direct you to a godly spouse.  If you marry the daughter of Satan for a wife, the Serpent will surely bite.  If you marry a wrong husband or wife, a witch, Warlock, or an occultist, your holiness days are numbered.

A firebrand deliverance minister married a young girl from the Church where he ministers without knowing she was in darkness - witchcraft.  The witches in the church were very happy and relieved he was marrying one of them. Immediately after his marriage, the battle started and by the time they have the second child, the marriage has broken down beyond repairs.  They separated and they pushed him out of the church.  Why? He married one of them and opened the doorway for them to destroy his marriage and ministry.

The Lord said the enemy came to Him and found nothing.  Why?  He is blameless and when the devil came looking for a legal ground or a ladder to climb to attack Him, they found none.  That should be the testimony of all of us who desire to see the Lord in glory.

Children of God who desire the power and anointing to destroy the works of witchcraft, which the public enemy number 1, should do the following:

1. Repentance: You should repent of all known sin, ask for forgiveness and receive Jesus as Lord and Saviour. There is no middle ground, its either you are on the Lord's side or you are on the side of Satan.  All men who are not born again are certainly under the influence and control of Satan.

2. Make a complete surrender to the Will of God.  This is usually shown through a commitment to the things of God.  You are sold-out to the things and work of God.  Whenever you give yourself to God, you become His property and no power can snatch you from His hands, neither can any power trouble again.

3. Destroy every witchcraft ladder in your life.  This can be pollution of the spirit, soul and body.  You must be honest to yourself to identify where you have fallen, where the rot is in your life, the secret sins, fornication of the heart, evil desires, claiming what does not belong to you in the name of faith etc.  Destroy every ladder the witches had projected into your spirit to pollute you through deliverance prayers and  then,

4. Trust in the Lord: You should have faith in God and abide in His secret place of the highest and the Lord will shield and protect you, give you victory over every evil work and cause you to see His goodness in the land of the living.

5. Get ready to Pray without season: Prayer is the life of a Believer in Christ.  Many Christians are living in comfort and forget that prayer is part of the Christian experience.  Some say Jesus has paid the price for their better life and why should they pray and fast again.  

Understand, child of  God that once you declare your interest in serving the Lord, the devil makes you his target of attacks, temptations and trials.  Without the ability to pray effectively, a person will be weak before long.  The moment anyone becomes weak in the battlefield, his defeat is imminent, God forbid.

Be prepared to fight and your fight is not against flesh and blood.  Your fight is not against that relation, your husband or wife, but against the devil causing the problem.  Prayer should be consistently in the day and night, it should also be targeted to the right sources.  You will have to identify the source of your problem and pray a direct and effective prayer to overthrow their wicked works.


1. Every witchcraft ladder assigned against my life, be destroyed by fire.

2. Witchcraft defilement in my life, be cancelled by the blood of Jesus Christ.

3. Every witchcraft voice speaking to my ears to manipulate me into evil die by fire in the name of |Jesus.

4. Every coven arrangement meant to pull me down, backfire in Jesus name.

5. Sin hiding in my spirit, soul and body, die in the name of Jesus Christ.

6. O' Lord cleanse my spirit, soul and body by the blood of Jesus Christ.

7. By the blood of Jesus, I silence every strange voice remotely controlling my life.

8. Every evil plantation projected into my body to destroy me, die in Jesus name.

9. By the blood of Jesus, I renounce every secret covenant and soul-tie with any power of darkness.


Sin in the life of a Christian makes the enemy very happy.  This is because they will have a legal ground to attack the person and their attack may succeed.  The devil knows that if they can get you to sin; if they can provoke you to anger, they can conquer the person.  Anything that gives the devil access to your life is a ladder and must be cut-off.

Give your heart to Christ if you have not done so.  Destroy every legal ground the enemy has over your life.  If you are struggling with a secret sin for long, ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the source of the problem to you.  If the witches have introduced the demon of lust into your life, you need the help of the Holy Spirit to overcome such addiction or sin. 

You must become a friend of God, and the Holy Ghost will take over the battle.  You have to embrace holy and righteous living.  You should also make a commitment to abide under the shadow of the Most High, that is to surrender your life totally to Jesus Christ.  When the witches introduce a demon into your life, you need the Holy Spirit's active involvement in the battle to come out.  It is by force!


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